Today, Nepal Hiking Team stands as one of the best tour operators in Nepal by providing quality services that any genuine customer would seek for. But this achievement is not a credential of single person but an output or joint efforts of its devoted and enthusiastic team members. Nepal Hiking Team as a whole is a collaboration of its hardworking and passionate staffs and field members who deliberately put their efforts in promoting tourism in Nepal. They work for making tourism service better and better. Each of the team member is a good person, not only professionally but personally too. A friendly, joyful, understanding, caring and a sense of responsibility for any task is some common that that they behold which is a necessity to survive in the field of ours!

Know about some of our valuable team members!

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ganga raj thapa image

Ganga Raj Thapa

Founder and Managing Director

Mr. Ganga Raj Thapa, young entrepreneur, recognized his place in the tourism industry in a short period. He earned his experience through the ups and downs in his professional career. He has been in the Nepal travel industry for more than a decade. His years in the tourism trade helped him to achieve a plethora of experiences in making striking tour/trek packages. Additionally, his extensive travels add realistic and practical knowledge to all the tour packages he commences.

Ganga also travels internationally to promote and endorse Nepal as a tourist destination amongst his friends, patrons and tour operators. He is multilingual with a high aptitude to comprehend western as well as eastern cultures. He assists westerners in understanding Nepali culture properly and stimulates individuals to support Nepal in different ways, either by visiting Nepal as tourists or initiating different development projects, which will help Nepal and Nepalese for a better future.

Balaram Thapa

Balaram Thapa

Executive Director

The travel industry veteran, Mr. Balaram Thapa says, “Travel is not only my profession, it’s my passion. I enjoy encouraging my clients to try new and unique destinations.” Mr. Thapa began his travel industry career working for one of the leading business travel management companies in Nepal. His role as a senior trekking guide was considered an immense boost for the company. Mr. Thapa gained considerable experience of 11 years on handling assignments at the senior level. His extensive experience about Nepal treks and tours, timekeeping and cordial deeds are the focal instrument for his success to give satisfaction to our clients. Over the years, Mr. Thapa gained a valuable insight to the corporate travel market and has built up an extensive network of contacts and relationships in the travel industry, which paved the path for him to become our Executive Director.

sabina thapa image

Sabina Thapa

Head of Customer Care Service

Sabina has been an integral part of Nepal Hiking Team for three years by now after completing her bachelor’s degree in the field of travel and tourism. With a cheerful and helpful behavior, she is amongst the most wanted member of Nepal Hiking Team. She has learned to accept and seek responsibility in the field. She delivers an excellent customer service and creates a warm and welcoming atmosphere for all our guests with the primary aim of attracting and retaining new clients. Along with the queries of our valuable clients, she even handles some finance related matters.

Passionate about travel and tourism, she finds her job very rewarding and ensures the comfort, safety and satisfaction of our clients.

akrity paudel image

Akrity Paudel

Travel planner/ Travel Writer

Akrity is a business graduate turned travel writer. No one can stay in a same place for long! Her passion for travel made her step in the world of tourism. Nature and travel has always been her topic of interest. Her writing is able to convey her vast range of travel experience. Her flair for adventure, sparkling curiosity and knowledge on variety of travel destinations has made her a skilled writer and a travel planner. In conjunction with her position at Nepal Hiking Team, she has learned how to escort travel packages to the clients. She finds it very rewarding to be able to help our clients design the holiday of their dream.

jenny muller image

Jenny Muller

Europe Sales Director

Jenny Muller has been part of Nepal Hiking Team after completing her treks in different regions of Nepal. As an enthusiastic traveller, she has travelled to various parts of Nepal. She is now well acquainted with the Everest, Annapurna, Langtang and Mustang regions of Nepal.

Passionate about nature and travel, Jenny loves outdoor adventures. Being our sales director, her favorite task is to help travel lovers arrive Nepal to embark their long anticipated adventure. Originally from Switzerland, she keeps knowledge of various languages namely, English, German, Spanish, French and Italian as well as little bit of Portuguese. Jenny is kind hearted and friendly by nature, therefore, travelers find it easy to plan their trip with her.

You can contact her at

Jenny Muller

Burgstrasse 22, 8610 Uster (Zurich), Switzerland

Phone: 0041 (0) 76 390 90 12




Trekking and Tour Leader in Tibet

With over 20 years working in the field of travel and tourism, Mr. Dorji is a highly qualified English-speaking trekking and cultural tour guide operating in Tibet. His many years in this field has made him quite the expert on the aspects of travelling and cultural destinations throughout the country. With his professional persona, he brings deep knowledge and insight about sites and cultural settings while on the tour. His trekking knowledge also is very vast and comes into play while trekking on the trails on remote and isolated places in Tibet. He brings fun and joviality to all of his customers.

bhim adhikari

Bhim Adhikari

Trekking Guide/Field Leader

Mr. Bhim Adhikari, with over 25 years of expertise in this field, has been serving for our company since the year 2007. He is one of our oldest employees and aims to provide assistance of superior grade. Trained by the Ministry of Nepal Tourism, he has acquired a substantial amount of experience in the field of trekking. He efficiently commences trips and is responsible for ensuring the safety and comfort of our clients. With a good command over the English language and effective communication, he assures a pleasant journey towards your destination. He bears a sound knowledge of local areas and under his leadership; your holidays are made easy and memorable

rajendra dhamala

Rajendra Dhamala

Trekking Tour/Leader

A lighthearted and dexterous individual, Mr. Rajendra Dhamala is a notable trekking guide. With a broad inventory of trainings received, he is a licensed guide and has validated his skills, throughout his association with our company. He is well-recognized in the tourism industry, due to his vast experiences in corresponding fields. His professionalism, diligence and desire to our serve clients is exemplary. Well acquainted to the areas he is stationed at, his knowledge of the localities is informative and convenient. He is a reliable and hospitable person, and has our highest regard for his work ethics and bona fide character.

arun sapkota

Arun Sapkota

Trekking Guide

Serving in association with our company for over 6 years, Mr. Arun Sapkota is a distinguished and enthusiastic guide. With considerable amount of experience in the field, he is willing to trek through different routes, regardless of the difficulty.
His ease of working in varied situations and the ability to resolve issues is his strength, which he utilizes during the execution of trips. Fond of vigorous travelling, he takes his personal form of leisure, as his full-time profession. With an amiable nature, he works towards making every trip, a wonderful adventure. He is a dignified employee and a good asset of our company.

paban trekking guide

Baban Khadka

Trekking Guide

Baban Khadka has been guiding tours and treks in Nepal for over 5 years. As an enthusiastic and devoted guide, he possesses a wealth of local knowledge, both historical and cultural. As a keen explorer and mountain walker, he enjoys the outdoor lifestyle that Nepal offers and spends his time working as a guide in Nepal Hiking Team. He is an ardent hiker who shares his passion with his work which makes him an excellent guide to team up with. Being blessed with pleasant and charming behavior, he has been able to get along very well with all his fellow travelers.

bal magar trekking guide

Bal Kumar Magar

Trekking Guide

Affable, simple and delightful in nature, Mr. Balkumar Magar has been serving our clients for more than 10 years. His understanding of the locales, combined with the willingness to provide quality service, classifies him as one of the best guides we have. His fascination of working in the tourism industry and trekking to the routes less travelled, has brought him to our company. His simplicity and genuine warmth, is appreciated by everyone known to him. Diligent and thoroughly professional, he seeks to help travelers value the raw appeal of Nepal. He believes in making them feel content and comfortable, the attributes of the citizens of Nepal. Trekking under his guidance ensures a stunning holiday in the picturesque locales of the icy Himalayas.

Prakash Rai

Prakash Rai

Trekking Guide

Prakash Rai is a highly professional guide with above 12 years of experience. He has been working with Nepal Hiking Team since 2009, and his travel experience- along with his professional standpoints, makes him the best at what he does. He has vast knowledge about the mountains and the trekking trails and he uses this to make trekking trips into enlightening journeys. Prakash is an accomplished and a competent trekking guide who likes travelling and knows the trails in the mountains like the back of his hands. With a friendly vibe, he gets along with people and is very out-going. With many years of trekking and guiding in the trails of the mountains, Prakash is an amiable person who is very fun to be around.

narayan trekking guide

Narayan Dhamala

Trekking Guide

Working for over 10 years in the tourism industry, Mr. Narayan Dhamala has been guiding tourists from different parts of the world. He aims to further advance the prospects of tourism in Nepal. The adoration for his country’s culture and geographic allure has influenced his spirit for trekking and making travelers perceive the beauty of Nepal. He is immersed in this field of work and assisting people to gain knowledge of everything Nepal has to offer. He wishes to see Nepal as the best place to visit, as a fact recognized by the majority of the world. His fervor to trek and to lead trekkers through the trail, he considers this profession to be surreal and the fact that every day is a beautiful holiday in the Himalayas. His hospitable nature makes the journey relaxed and pleasant.

chudai magar trekking guide

Chuda Mani Thapa Magar

Trekking Guide

With over twenty years of trekking experience to all the regions of Nepal, Chuda Mani Thapa Magar has a sense of travel and adventure in his blood, leaving no landscapes of Nepal unexplored and no mountain unclimbed. It is hard to sum up the achievements and experience that he has gained in such a long time frame. He has lead many tour groups through the most challenging terrain and has some extraordinary experiences to share. Travel has been a big part of his life and challenges his obsession. As a keen traveler he has spent his life exploring the beauty of Nepal and sharing it with visitors to the country. Chuda Mani Thapa Magar is a responsible and caring person who has been able to win hearts of his fellow travelers by his responsible and warm nature.

Dorchi Sherpa

Dorchi Sherpa

Climbing Guide

Dorchi Sherpa is a highly experienced climbing guide who has many mountain-climbs under his belt, most of them being above 8,000 meters. His impressive accomplishments regarding mountain climbing are nothing short of outstanding. He has climbed Mount Everest 7 times, the Cho Oyu Peak 3 times, Mount Manaslu 3 times, Mount K2 2 times among various other mountains. His passion for mountain climbing stems from his love for nature and adventure. He believes that going through adventures makes you a better person in terms of endurance and capabilities. His affable nature makes him a great companion to have.



Trekking and Tour Leader in Tibet

With over 20 years working in the field of travel and tourism, Mr. Dorji is a highly qualified English-speaking trekking and cultural tour guide operating in Tibet. His many years in this field has made him quite the expert on the aspects of travelling and cultural destinations throughout the country. With his professional persona, he brings deep knowledge and insight about sites and cultural settings while on the tour. His trekking knowledge also is very vast and comes into play while trekking on the trails on remote and isolated places in Tibet. He brings fun and joviality to all of his customers.


Kinga Tshering

Bhutan Tour Guide

Mr. Tshering is an enthusiastic cultural guide operating in Bhutan. His passion for history and Bhutan’s antiquity thrives in his passionate cultural tours. With a highly friendly nature, Mr. Kinga Tshering lets his compassion for historical destination around Bhutan be reflected on his professional cultural tours. His knowledge about the lore, story and the history of the destinations and the sites in Bhutan makes the cultural tours have more erudition in their perception. His enthusiasm about his work makes cultural tours very enjoyable and knowledgeable as well. With over 6 years of experience, Mr. Kinga Tshering conveys his proficiency of the sites and destinations to the customers in an entertaining and informative way.