Risk Free Booking Policy

As the world is slowly and steadily opening up, we are sure you are looking forward to traveling again. And to elevate your travel experience post-COVID-19, we are here to help you. Unfortunately, the pandemic is still looming over us, but at some time, we had to arise from this shutdown phase and do the things we had been looking forward to doing. So, to those waiting for Nepal to open up, the country is finally ready to welcome travelers. And with our Risk-Free Booking Policy, travelers can book their future trip to Nepal with added travel benefits. Our next segment explores what benefits one can experience with our now book with confidence policy.

However, we must inform you that this policy applies to new bookings only on Nepal trips.


  • Book your favorite trip at just 20% of your total trip cost; the remaining payment can be made upon your arrival in Nepal.
  • No fee will be charged to you if you postpone your trip at least 1 day before the previously allocated dates.
  • It is totally secure, risk-free, and postponing the trip beforehand (minimum prior notice of 1 day) will not incur any additional cost.
  • Worry not when picking a new date for any tour if you cannot make time for your previous travel commitments! You can find suitable dates to travel again. But please note to inform us at least 30-days before your new finalized travel dates.
  • This policy is applicable from the current period and is entirely unbounded (until you finalize the tour). So, you can benefit from the time flexible policy for any tours or treks you book between the mentioned time.


Now more than ever, it’s time to book your trip to Nepal with Nepal Hiking Team. And let us explain why!

By booking your trip with the Nepal Hiking Team, you secure your holiday experience. We assure our clients of an unforgettable, trustworthy, and beneficial holiday experience. All our trips are now available for booking with now book with confidence policy, which means that even with COVID-19 travel constraints in effect, your trip can be extended without charge from the original departure date to the future. You must contact us at least 30-days in advance of the new departure date as we may require adequate time to facilitate the proper logistics. We need a written notice in case of any trip cancellations within the abovementioned time frame as a process.

The flexible, risk-free policies allow you to postpone a tour without additional costs even after finalizing the tour. We understand it is hard for all of us, and there may be unseen issues or any contextual problems arising out of the blue. Please let us know at least a week before your finalized dates in case of any such claims. We assure you that this is a perfect way to lock your future trip in the current prices for a later date!


However, please note that any trip cancellations (includes cancellations of all time periods and last-minute ones) will still incur you the initial 20% of the total trip amount given to us as a deposit. The 20% security deposit is subject to any trip cancellations. As you know, after a planned tour, the logistics will already have been arranged in full swing, so we are bound to stick by the cancellation policies. As unfortunate as it may be, the facilitated arrangements in Nepal cannot be undone, and we will be unable to return the deposit money. Therefore, you will be liable for bearing the amount mentioned above as a trip cancellation fee.

If you have made a payment of more than 20% while booking the trip with us, the cancellation payment will be reduced to 20% and the remaining money shall be refunded via the original payment method. The 20% deposit is non-refundable and is applicable right from the time of a confirmed booking.

But, if you do not want to cancel the trip and lose the secured deposit, it is highly recommended to opt for the option of postponing the trip for the future without any additional charges. Hence, we encourage our travelers to make full use of the free trip postpone policy.

To discover our booking policy, click here.

And lastly, if you have any further doubts regarding this new policy, please feel free to reach out to our support team. We are always available to assist you with any queries and confusion.