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Mr. Paban Panta

Paban Panta

Mr. Paban Panta is a trekking guide working in Nepal Hiking Team for more than 10 years. He has served exceptionally well, and his contributions are portrayed by his excellent reviews from our clients.

Mr. Panta has a trekking guide license issued by the Ministry of Nepal Tourism. He has successfully attempted all the courses and has acquired all the skills needed as a trekking guide. He is fluent in English, communicates well, and gives clear instructions to clients.

The clients have described him as a simple, delightful, friendly, and knowledgeable guide. They are impressed by his knowledge of Nepal’s culture and traditions, especially about local villagers. Nepal Hiking Team is amazed by his work and looks forward to more of his future endeavors.

Traveller Review

  • Amazing EBC Trek with the Best Guide Ever

    I had such an incredible time with my father and brother on the Everest Base Camp trek, thanks to the planning and support of Nepal Hiking Team. In the lead-up to our trip, we communicated most with Ganga, who was incredibly helpful in answering our many questions and receptive to our requests for slight changes in the trek itinerary to better suit our travel schedule. Then, from the moment we landed in Kathmandu (at 2am!) to our departure a couple of weeks later, we had our experienced and knowledgeable guide Paban to see us through the entire trek experience.
    Paban was extremely kind, helping us carry some of our bags when the trek got too strenuous, and he was also unfailingly patient with us whenever we had to proceed slowly. He expertly guided us all the way to Base Camp, even when the weather got unpleasantly snowy and windy, and he generously pointed out all the special points of cultural and environmental interest for us along the way too. Paban made sure we always had enough food and water to continue our journey, and he even taught us the card game dhumbal, which was always a great source of entertainment whenever we waited for dinner. Our porters Chandra and Tula were also supremely helpful, carrying our duffel bags from teahouse to teahouse and even accompanying us on the final 3-hour stretch from Gorakshep to EBC to carry our water so we'd have an easier time hiking at the high altitude.
    I am so grateful to Paban, Chandra, Tula, and Ganga for helping us experience the Everest Base Camp Trek. We could not have gotten to Base Camp without them. :)
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    - Excellent
    Ms. Izabella P
    US   |   5th Jun 2023
  • Awesome experience with the right team - Nepal Hiking Team!

    This was one awesome and unforgettable trek that I embarked on with two of my kids. It was hard, don't get me wrong, but it was worth every ounce of energy you put into it. Of course kudos to the Nepal Hiking Team led by its leader Ganga who made sure to accommodate our every request.
    From tweaking our schedule to get us there sooner than planned to making sure to get us a chopper ride back as planned despite bad weather and a logjam of hikers that were also waiting with us in the last couple of days. Most of all, however, in the mountains - bulk of the credit goes to our guide - Paban who tirelessly helped us, took care of our needs, motivated us, and more importantly was a friend to us (he even taught us how to play a Nepali card game - Dumbal).
    He was very supportive and understood our limitations and worked around those to make sure we reach our goal. He regularly checked on us as we hike everyday and gave us interesting facts and stories as we traversed the scenic route to EBC.
    Finally, our porters - Chandra and Tula, we worked in the background making sure our duffle bags got from one point to the next. I am not sure how they do it but without them, it would have been impossible to get me and my kids through this trek.
    I would highly recommend this trek to all nature loving adventurers out there - and of course do it with the Nepal Hiking Team!!! THANK YOU!
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    Mr. James Pastrana
    US   |   5th Jun 2023
  • Once in a Lifetime Experience

    My family had an amazing time on this trip! Our guide, Paban, made sure to keep us comfortable (as much as you can be on a mountain) and happy! Everyone was extremely accommodating, the views were beautiful, and the trek was worth it. Paban helped us a lot with carrying some of our bags when we were too tire and even giving me some medicine when I started to get sick. Honestly, we wouldn't have made it to base camp if it wasn't for Paban and our porters, Chandra and Tula, and the whole Nepal Hiking Team has our sincerest thanks!

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    Ms. Nico Pastrana
    US   |   5th Jun 2023
  • Nepal Hiking Team is the best

    My partner and myself recently completed the Everest Base Camp trek with Nepal Hiking Team and I am 100% confident they are the best company available. From start to finish they were there for our every need.

    During our time in Kathmandu, Ganga, the Boss, was always at the hotel in person greeting us with a warm welcome and a friendly smile. Before our arrival he was always on hand by email and replied almost instantly to every single question or query I sent him, even with the significant time difference between UK and Nepal. I really don't know how he does it.

    Paban, our guide during the trek was an absolute Pro and was always on hand to answer questions or organise meals, permits or any other need we might have. His knowledge of the Everest region and how to navigate it physically was second to none and it was apparent by the many other guides and porters who stopped to greet him that Paban is a very experienced and well respected member of the trekking community.

    A special thanks to the Porters in our team, Acash and Bicash (sorry for spelling), who powered up the trail every day carrying close to 40kg each. Never complaining and never without a smile or a fist bump. Bicash in particular who is working toward being a Assistant Guide in the coming seasons was also on hand in the evenings arranging our meals and came along on acclimatision days.

    Our group of 3 made it to Everest Base Camp. Many did not. I am certain this came down to the expert guidance and support given by the guys at Nepal Hiking team. Should I ever return to undertake another adventure, it will be with Ganga, Paban and the team.

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    Mr. Marc
    GB   |   23rd Nov 2023
  • Amazing experience

    My experience with the Nepal Hiking Team on the EBC trek was nothing short of incredible.

    Pawan and his team extended unparalleled patience and support. They enveloped every one of us in care, attentively ensuring all our needs were gracefully met.

    Pawan, alongside the extraordinary assistant guides Nima and Shabeen, showed remarkable dedication throughout our journey. With Pawan’s guidance, we were encouraged to pace ourselves gently to stave off altitude sickness—a decision I’m convinced played a pivotal role in our entire group finishing the trek seamlessly and in good health. The accommodations were comfortable, and to my surprise, the food consistently delighted me, surpassing my expectations.

    Once back in Kathmandu, boss Ganga proved to be an invaluable asset, always available and incredibly swift in responding to any queries I had regarding the trek.

    With a heart full of gratitude, I wholeheartedly recommend the Nepal Hiking Team for the EBC or any trekking adventures in Nepal. Their empathy, expertise, and unwavering support have etched this journey in my memory, making it profoundly special.


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    Mr. Joseph
    AU   |   9th Apr 2024
  • 3 day trek excites us for further Nepal adventures

    We had an amazing time on our recent 3-day trek to Chisapani and Nagarkot. My husband, daughter, and her friend were accompanied by Paban, their guide, and two dedicated porters who were exceptional travel companions, ensuring every aspect of our journey was perfectly managed.

    Throughout the planning stages, we exchanged numerous emails—each responded promptly and thoughtfully, allowing us to customize our adventure to accommodate our schedules and diverse physical abilities.

    When an injury prevented me from joining the initial trek, Ganga, ever so thoughtful, arranged for a driver on the second night so I could still experience the majestic Himalayan views.

    This considerate gesture deeply moved me. Should we be fortunate enough to visit Nepal again, it is without hesitation that we would book with the Nepal Hiking Team, whose dedication and care turned our trek into an unforgettable family experience.

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    Mrs. Kerry
    US   |   29th Apr 2024