Be Our Travel Partner

Nepal Hiking Team is a dedicated and esteemed local travel agency that has the sole focus of providing the absolute best travel and trekking services to our customers. We have the satisfaction, safety, and comfort of our customers as our first and foremost priority. We are always striving towards achieving new records, improving ourselves, and bettering our work. With well-rounded and carefully crafted tour and trekking packages that span all across Nepal, Tibet, and Bhutan, our cornerstone quality is based on the reliability and trust of our valued customers. We are also the winners of the Certificate of Excellence from 2012 to 2020 consecutively and comprise a dedicated team who are professionals with passion and zeal for the work. With licensed (granted by the Ministry of Tourism of Nepal) and highly professional English-speaking guides and leaders from many different parts of the nation, ours is an experienced team who know the various trails and different locations like the back of the hands.

With great joy expressed through the brilliant and professional introduction and guidance to Nepal’s many wonderful and amazing sites and destinations, our customers are subjected to the best time of their lives where the country’s many layers of natural, historical and cultural elements are presented in a nuanced, pleasant and fascinating manner. One of the top leading trekking companies in Nepal, the Nepal Hiking Team, is also tied with many leading means of transport, hotel,l, and airlines to provide our customers with efficient services. With an impeccable sense of moral and social responsibility and work ethic, we are always adhering to responsible tourism that includes sustainability, practices cohering to the law, and self-regulating standards of management and competence.

With aims to expand our range and broaden our horizons, we have extended forward our partnership proposal. Continuing to work with different agents and suppliers, we have put forth a partnership request where mutual benefit is reached through reciprocated co-operation. So if you like what you see and would like to work with us together, then you may contact us at any time for further open discussions.

Why Partner with us?

Dedicated Team

Comprising of the very best professionals in the field, our team is dedicated to providing the best services and doing so with enthusiasm and avidity. Our travel experts are always willing to help our customers at any time; response from us is a matter of fast-tracked and swift communication.

Quality Services

 Our agency is best known for its best quality services in all aspects of the tour and trekking journeys at all places. Our customer’s satisfaction and comfort is our topmost priority.

Best crafted Tour and Trekking packages

All of our tour and trekking packages are crafted with careful considerations and factors that cater towards safe and well-rounded experiences for our customers. All of our packages are devised keeping our customers’ security in mind and providing them with the most memorable of times.

Trekking and Mountaineering Experts

We have been in the industry since 2009 and have guides and leaders who have been working in the travel, tour and trekking business for more than ten years. We have team members who have submitted Mountains like Everest multiple times as well.

Health and Safety Conscious

Nepal Hiking Team operates under a strict health and safety protocol of all of our clients during all trek and tour journeys that we organize. All of our guides and leaders have professional experience with giving First Aid and dealing with Altitude Sickness. All of the team members are trained and have received professional teaching and instructions regarding this and know how to handle any accidents in a prompt and skillful manner.

Sophisticated Infrastructure

All of our facilities, like transportation provided to our clients and customers are extremely sophisticated and facilitated for optimal services. Our camping, trekking and climbing journeys and trips are fitted with equipments and items of the highest quality available. Our office infrastructures are also the best, well-suited for the most favorable of work outcomes.

Best Rates for Partners

We are one of Nepal’s best and leading local travel agencies and provide various tour and trekking packages to our clients from different parts of the world. Our ties with leading hotels, airlines and transport help us provide efficient rates to the agents who are in mutual cooperation with us and growth is an ensuring prospect in this competitive business environment.

Safe Environmental Policy

Our way of conducting services is always based on and conscious towards improved and best travelling scopes and perspective through minimal environmental impact, through the use of available energy-efficient mechanisms in the office and out in the field. Our environmentally responsible services serve to protect and elevate the environmental conditions of our beautiful country and everywhere else that we cater to.

Reliable Social Responsibility

Our awareness about our role in societal responsibility is based on our strong moral and ethical standards that everyone in our team abides by. Our policies are built on self-regulating mechanisms where the monitoring of all our business practices are adherent to the law and are done with impeccable standards towards norms and sustainable practices.