Climbing Guide

Mr. Pasang Sherpa


Pasang is one of the most brilliant climbing guides who has been in the industry of trekking and travel since 1998. Because of his extended involvement in the field, he is one of the top professionals in this industry who truly has done almost all available trekking trips with people from all around the planet. He is a climbing guide who is now working as a trekking guide, continuing his profession and still fueling his passion for travel. Pasang has been with us since 2014. He has an impressive resume under his belt and many peaks under his name as well. He has climbed several peaks over the course of his career as a climbing guide. His impressive accomplishments include climbing Mount Everest 4 times, the Manaslu Himal 3 times, the Dhaulagiri Mountain 2 times, as well as climbing Mount K3 and K2 among many others. His knowledge and experience, plus his amazing personality and kind nature, is what makes him an important part of our team.