Mustang Region Trek

Deep in the heart of the Trans Himalayas in Nepal, there is a mystical kingdom that has been hidden and preserved for centuries - the Kingdom of Mustang. Exploring this kingdom will take you back in time.

Unlike many places, modern technologies are unfriendly to the people of Mustang. But interestingly, they are content with this way of life by being limited to agriculture and tourism. This means that the culture, tradition, and rituals of Mustang are still intact and as mesmerizing as ever. This ancient culture is a rare gem that few travelers have had the privilege to discover. But for those who do, it's a journey like no other.

Having said that, the preserved cultures aren't the only thing that's charming about this region. Away from the modern world, its natural beauty is equally alluring. As you trek through the rugged terrain, you'll be mesmerized by the beauty of this enchanting land. The landscape is vast and arid, with deep gorges, lush oases, and monasteries dotted throughout. The Annapurna range casts a grand shadow over the region, adding to its overall charm.

Mustang is a place of stark contrasts. At the same time, Lower Mustang offers a glimpse of the authentic and beautiful Mustang Region. Upper Mustang is where you'll witness genuine cultural traditions and customs that have been preserved for centuries. It's like taking a step back in time to a world unaffected by modernity. However, entry into this area requires a special permit for foreigners.

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Mustang Region Trek

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