Trip Grade

We have graded each trip carefully according to the climate, duration, and topography. The easy and moderate treks are suitable even for beginners who love adventure. Whereas, difficult and strenuous treks, requires physical fitness and prior experience.

NHT’s trekking packages are fit for adventures with good health and a love for the outdoors. Still, physical health is highly necessary and you need to choose your trek wisely keeping your fitness in consideration.

Easy: Easy walking on even ground or good paths for 2 to 6 hours with rest stops in between. Suitable for people in good health. No previous hiking experience is required and beginners, as well as families with kids, can easily do it. The trail can be around heritage sites inside the city or on hilly trails that are well maintained. During an easy trek, there’s no risk of altitude sickness as you will be walking at low elevations. You can expect some gentle ups and downs and a maximum elevation of up to 3200 meters.

Easy to Moderate: You can expect an easy walk on hilly terrain with some occasional steep ascents and descents. Each day you will be walking for about 6 to 7 hours on well-marked trails. Though no previous experience of hiking experience is required, you need to be physically fit. The maximum altitude you can expect to reach is 4500 to 5000 meters. Wear a good pair of hiking boots.

Moderate: Several days of walking involved on well-maintained gravel paths. One needs to be fit and active. Previous trekking experience will be helpful. You can expect a daily walk of about 6 to 7 hours with some difficult ascents and descents at high altitudes. You can expect fluctuations in temperature. The maximum altitude you will reach is 5500 meters.

Strenuous: Ideal for those looking for a tough hike in rough terrain and high altitude. Involves daily walks of around 7 to 8 hours and camping at high altitudes above 5500 meters. Expect to cross mountain passes and glaciers on icy or snow-covered paths.  Previous trekking experience is a must and one should be physically fit.

Challenging: Suitable only for experienced trekkers and climbers. A high level of fitness and endurance is required to walk across difficult terrain. Expect technical routes and the use of climbing equipment. The days will involve long walks of about 7 to 8 hours in extreme cold. You will be sleeping at altitudes above 6000 meters.