Flight Cancellation

Nepal is a landlocked country with a unique and varied geographical location. Flight cancellations and delays depend highly on weather conditions that vary according to seasons. In this section, we will explore more about flight delays and cancellations in Nepal.

Why are there frequent flight delays and cancellations in Nepal? 

Nepal has a topography mixed with varied terrains, gigantic hills, and dense forests. As it is geographically challenging, taking off flights in remote areas can be unsafe for these reasons. Hence, when it is rainy or foggy, pilots do not risk flying under these weather conditions. 

Especially in remote areas, the airports are situated at high altitudes; hence due to strong winds and heavy rainfall, there are high chance of cancellations in these areas. 

When is the best time for domestic flights in Nepal? 

Flying domestically in Nepal is better than it sounds. If you book the flight in the right season, chances are you’ll have a safe flight. 

The best time for domestic flights in Nepal is spring and autumn. This is in the month of March-May, and September-November. For other seasons, weather cannot be guaranteed. The monsoon season (June- August) is highly prone to flight delays and cancellations. The strong winds, rain, and patchy clouds make the view unclear. Also, in winter, flights may get canceled due to thick fog.

If there are cancellations, what are the alternate options? 

In case of flight cancellations, we can opt for alternative options. 

Road Transport - You can travel via road to a destination that has road access.

Helicopter - You can take a helicopter ride to  Lukla, Jomsom, Phaplu, and Juphal, depending on availability. 

Note: To tackle this situation, it is recommended to apportion one or two days to spare if your flight gets canceled and you are short of the scheduled time.