Mr. Prakash Sapkota

Prakash Sapkota

Having joined Nepal Hiking Team as a rookie guide in 2014, it will suffice to say that Prakash Sapkota has grown with our organization. Sincere, hardworking, dedicated, loyal, patient, and humble, you can be assured that Prakash will have your back while you are trekking in the most difficult trails.

A native of Dhading Besi, Prakash has trekked through all the trekking regions in Nepal. A decade-long experience in guiding has led him to anticipate the client's needs. He has guided clients of different age groups and nationalities.

Traveller Review

  • Upper Mustang Valley trek

    I had the incredible opportunity to embark on the Upper Mustang Valley trek as part of a research expedition with three fellow professors from a US university. Our purpose was twofold: to conduct research and also assess the feasibility of bringing students on future trips. During our time in Nepal, we undertook two treks, first exploring the Khumbu Valley and then venturing into the captivating Upper Mustang region.

    Throughout our entire journey, we were fortunate to have the exceptional support and guidance of the Nepal Hiking Team, led by the remarkable Ganga Raj Thapa. Even prior to our departure, they were instrumental in assisting us with numerous inquiries, diligently answering our emails, and helping us craft the perfect itinerary tailored to our specific interests.

    During the treks themselves, we were accompanied by two exceptional guides, Arjun and Prakash. Their extensive knowledge, thoughtfulness, and flexibility made our experience all the more enriching. As the days unfolded, they transformed from our guides into what we hope will be lifelong friends. Their warm and considerate nature ensured that we felt cared for every step of the way.

    The scenery along the Upper Mustang Valley trek was nothing short of awe-inspiring. However, it should be noted that the terrain presented its challenges, with steep paths and demanding hikes. On some days, we covered over 15 miles in a single day. Nevertheless, our guides were attuned to our capabilities, knowing when to encourage us to push our limits and when to allow us time to rest and regain our strength, often enjoying leisurely two-hour lunches amidst the captivating surroundings.

    I wholeheartedly endorse both the Upper Mustang Valley trek and the Nepal Hiking Team. Their unwavering commitment to ensuring our satisfaction and their genuine hospitality left an indelible impression on us. If you are seeking a remarkable trekking experience amidst breathtaking scenery, I strongly recommend embarking on this journey with the Nepal Hiking Team.

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    - Excellent
    Mrs. Jennifer Brice
    US   |   18th Jun 2023
  • Khumbu Valley Trek

    Oh, where to begin with my incredible experience in Nepal? I was part of a group of four professors from a US university, and we went to this breathtaking country partly for research and partly to check out the possibility of bringing students back with us. The entire experience was just something out of a dream, and I have to give massive credit to the Nepal Hiking Team for that.

    Our guide, Prakash, was an absolute star. I can't emphasize enough how much he took care of us during our trek to Khumjung village. It's hard to put into words how much his knowledge, flexibility, enthusiasm, and kindness meant to us, especially when the going got tough with the altitude and the steep paths. He was always there, encouraging and guiding us.

    And then there was Ganga and the whole Nepal Hiking Team team. They thought of everything! From picking us up at the airport to booking hotels, planning meals, arranging flights, and even making sure we had hot showers waiting for us after a long day's trek - they nailed it all.

    I mean, everything was just so smooth. We were able to focus on our research and enjoy the stunning views without worrying about the logistics. They handled it all, and they handled it brilliantly.

    I have to say, if you're thinking about going to Nepal for hiking, these are the people to go with. Their attention to detail is unmatched, and they really make you feel special. It's not just about the hike; it's about the experience, the culture, the kindness, and the memories that will stick with me forever.

    So, a big thank you to Prakash, Ganga, and everyone at the Nepal Hiking Team. You guys are the best, and I can't wait for the next adventure!

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    Mrs. Jennifer Brice
    US   |   21st May 2023