Off the Beaten Trails

In a hunt for thrilling experiences in the remote mountains of Nepal? Then you at the right spot. Here, we have brought several Off the beaten trails in Nepal to end your quest for the best remote trekking destination in Nepal. Our Off-the-beaten-treks gives you a unique chance to explore the stupendous beauty of unexplored and undisturbed regions of Nepal. They are an eye-opening journey that goes through the remotest places in Nepal. No roads nor good wifi internet connection are available however, a chance to connect yourself is plenty. In recent times, with the high demand for trekking, few infrastructures are available for the pleasure of trekkers. But nothing that is luxurious or very comfortable. Hence, if you are ready to compromise your comfort, do opt for an Off the beaten trails.

Adhering to its remoteness, what one would get to see is undisturbed culture and topography. All treks take place in far-off settlements where no proper means of infrastructure have reached. But as said earlier, untarnished beauty is what awaits you. Moreover, with raw natural beauty, our off-beat-treks introduce you to unfiltered cultures and traditions. Some of the popular off-beat-treks of Nepal are the Upper Dolpo trek, where travelers get to encounter fading Bon po religion. Likewise, hidden in the north of Annapurna, Nar Phu valley trek, takes you to the villages tucked under the Trans Himalayas. Likewise, there is Ganesh Himal Trek, a true remote trekking trail in the laps of Mother Nature. There are few more such treks which you can explore in the below section.

Nepal Hiking Team offers custom-made trips as well, so if you have any destination in mind or a particular idea, please share it with us. We will blend your ideas with our expertise and built you a nice and memorable journey in the remote mountains of Nepal.

Off the Beaten Trails

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