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Nepal welcomes most tourists in the autumn and spring seasons. However, summer and winter is the time when tourist who prefers less crowded trails likes to travel. In Nepal, the summer season falls from May to August, and this is when Nepal experiences the monsoon season as well. As trekking is the most favorite thing to do in Nepal, thus monsoon is not much of a hindrance for trekking in Nepal. Therefore we have summer treks in Nepal for all the trekkers who want to avoid the crowd and want to enjoy the trail to themselves.

Indeed, Nepal’s trekking destinations are not appropriate to trek during monsoon season, but some trails are perfect for doing all year round. Nepal’s favorite summer trekking routes are Upper Dolpo Trek, Upper Mustang Trek, Annapurna Circuit Trek, Rara Lake Trek, and others. All of the places mentioned above are rain shadow areas, thus rarely experiences any sorts of rainstorms. These areas are surrounded by Trans Himalayas so the regions are arid and on the leeward side of the mountains. The mountains which cover these vast regions block the rains, and thus the soil of this region is not fertile for agriculture. Furthermore, these regions experience warm, dry, and windy climatic conditions.

Moreover, since the precipitation in these regions is less, the trekking paths, unlike other routes that pass through jungles, are not affected much due to the season’s heavy rainfall. During monsoon season, regular trekking routes get blocked due to landslides, so it is not recommended to travel around this time. But, as these regions do not experience heavy rainfall, they are good to travel even during the rainy season. Therefore, anyone who are interested in seeing dry and arid regions of Nepal under the lap of Trans Himalayas, do opts for wonderful summer treks in Nepal.

Nepal Hiking Team offers several amazing summer treks full of exciting and thrilling experiences. Do go through our summer trek packages and plan a trip to a remote region surrounded by massive mountains. Also, if there is any particular trip idea, then do let us know. We will organize a customize trek as per your requirements.

Summer Trek Packages

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