Best Family Treks in Nepal

Best Family Treks in Nepal

Praised for its spectacular mix of adventure and nature – Nepal Mountains are sought out by all types of travelers. An escape to Nepal with your family for a breath of fresh air along the Nepal Himalayan Mountain trail is a splendid experience. This is why there are plenty of trekking routes for family treks in Nepal.

What are the best family treks in Nepal?

To say Nepal’s grand Himalayas have long been an escape for adventures wanting to summit the world’s highest mountains. But the very same mountains are firmly attainable for people wanting a glimpse of mountains with their loved ones and a family. An easy hop around the trekking trails of Nepal promises adventures and an enlightening trip for the little ones. Every year thousands of families visit Nepal to seek mountain refuge and to have a lifetime experience with their family. Considering this, we have rounded up the seven best family treks in Nepal.

Everest Base Camp Trek

best family treks in Nepal

Nepal Hiking Team offers splendid itineraries for parents who want to share the fascinating Mt. Everest experience with their children. It is an almost three-week journey in the Himalayas of Nepal for children as well as older people. Typically, the trek to EBC goes on for 16 days, but this 20-day EBC trek itinerary is built thinking about the walking capacity of children and senior citizens. Most do not think EBC is a family-friendly trek but people every year do it. And that too with their small children.

It is indeed a strenuous journey, and most parents are skeptical about taking their kids to one of the highest places in the world. Despite its high altitude and difficult hike status, if it followed the correct itinerary and tips, the journey is possible to any person despite their age group. Besides its doable status, the EBC trek, in general, is an exciting journey to be on with your family.

Similarly, it is also a perfect retreat for parents wanting to share their favorites with their children. More than that, the journey is filled with striking and appraisal aspects suitable for a child’s brain. As much as the natural scenery on the trek is splendid, the legendary Sherpa community, which children will get to associate on the hike, is simply remarkable. Therefore, as it combines nature, adventure and knowledge, the EBC trek is one of the best family treks in Nepal.

Ghorepani Poon Hill Trek

This 12-day journey in the foothills of the Annapurna locale is one of the beautiful and famous destinations for family treks in Nepal. Ghorepani Poon Hill Trek takes trekkers all the way to the height of 3210 meters, an attainable altitude for people of all ages. The journey goes through wonderful rural villages of diverse ethnic settlements of Nepal.

Besides, the journey allows travelers to experience an exquisite Himalayan culture and majestic mountain views. Ghorepani Poonhill trek is a profoundly chosen destination for family treks in Nepal. Likewise, this trekking journey is famous for its essential inclusion of Mother Nature. It goes through forested paths most of the trip, allowing an excellent opportunity to reconnect with Mother Nature.

Overall, it is a beautiful journey that is doable for all age groups. More than that, it gently approaches the journey as the trekking itinerary was built thinking the walking pace of children and older people.

Langtang Valley Trek

Langtang valley trek

Traffic-free, altitude friendly, spectacular scenery and an excellent way to learn about the remoteness of the mountains- Langtang Valley Trek is one of the enthralling family treks in Nepal. It is near the capital city and aligns unique cultural assets of the country all along the trekking trail. Other than that, the elevation gain is constant and gradual. Henceforth, trekkers of young age would not have much difficulty adapting to the surroundings of the trail.

Similarly, the valley is mainly inhabited by Tamang and Sherpa people who are very much dependent on domestic and pastoral life. And for young minds, exposing them to a different life than they usually know about will be an exciting aspect. Hence, the combination of engulfing scenery and the rich culture of the Langtang valley makes it one of the most exciting family treks in Nepal.

Everest Panorama Trek

Everest Panoram Trek

Massive green hills, snow-clad mountains, and stunning landscape are what Everest Panorama Trek is mostly about. It does take place in the Everest region but does not go to Everest Base Camp. Regardless, this trek will prepare your kids if you intend to trek to EBC within the next few years. The maximum height reached in this trek is 3860 meters at Grand Tengboche Monastery, which is an easily reachable height.

Due to its attainable altitude, most parents prefer Everest Panorama Trek for a quick family trek in Nepal. Seeing a mighty mountain unclose will be a remarkable experience for kids simultaneously; being at a remote yet fulfilling place is another exciting experience. Take your children for a stroll around the Sherpa ethnic settlements to gape over their life in the mountains. And afterward, hike to the nearest view to share the adoration towards the mighty mountains. Whatever experience you would like to pursue while in Khumbu Valley, everything will be majestic and momentous.

Annapurna Base Camp Trek

Annapurna Base Camp Trek: easy family treks in nepal

One of the highlights of Annapurna Base Camp Trek is its gushing waterfalls, lush green landscapes, tropical flora, and fauna. Apart from these unique natural elements, reaching the base of the 10th world’s highest mountain and that with your kids is another striking aspect of the journey. In general, it is a moderate hike but also one of the family-friendly and kid-friendly hikes in Nepal. The journey continues seamlessly from the beginning to the end of the trek at an acceptable speed for children.

Also, on the trek towards picturesque Annapurna Base Camp, kids get plenty of opportunities to socialize with the people on the mountain trail. Along with people interaction, encounters with their herds and cattle of goats and sheep are pretty frequent. This greenery path is gorgeous and assures terrific memories for family treks.

Upper Mustang Trek

Upper Mustang trek

Well, green paths following deep forests are not the only interaction parents like with their children. Some parents with passions are ancient ruins and medieval cities, which they would love to share with their kids. Hence, if you are that parent, you should definitely visit Upper Mustang for an extraordinary journey with your family.

Upper Mustang Trek is an ideal family trek in Nepal that offers a chance to see the mystical kingdom of Nepal, which once used to be a part of Tibet. Mustang is filled with startling ancient cultures and artifacts. The incredible wall caves, forts, overlapped stone houses, and culture and face different from typical Nepalese culture is what Upper Mustang promises. This mystical land is imbued with bygone memories, which still relives in the stones and walls of the mustang. This Himalayan adventure is thoroughly adventurous and exciting for kids as well.

Mardi Himal Trek

mardi Himal trek, best family treks in nepal

Mardi Himal Trek is an excellent combination of gorgeous mountain views and exhilarating forest walks in the Annapurna region. This particular journey reconciles trekkers with nature and relishing mountain scenery. Mardi Himal Trek is a remarkable journey that promises a rewarding time amidst the deep woodlands of the Annapurna locale. You will reach picturesque and timeless towns with fantastic adventures and lovely memories along the trek.

Apart from that, as the journey mostly goes through verdant forest, wildlife interaction is highly possible.  All the more, Mardi Himal is relatively not known for being family treks. It is only recently that this trek has gained recognition as one of the stunning treks in Nepal. But with dense patches of subtropical forest, fluttering rare birds, and playful streams, this is suitable for family treks in Nepal.

Best time for family treks in Nepal

The best time for family treks in Nepal are spring and autumn season. But short walks are doable all through the year. Nonetheless, below here, you can read a brief overview of what each season looks like, and you can decide the best time for your best time for a family vacation in Nepal.

Spring (March to May)

Spring is another incredible season for family treks in Nepal. The mellow, warm climate makes trekking more fun and enjoyable. Also, it is time for brilliant blossoms to sprout, which is great for kids. The weather is flawless, with clear skies and flickering mountains. The rhododendrons of red and white hues are in full bloom during spring which makes the path brilliant. The more vibrant surrounding is a livelier and lovely time for kids and an excellent time for observing diverse floras.

Monsoon/summer (June to August)

Monsoon and summer simultaneously coincide with each other and might not be the perfect time for bringing kids for trekking. However, it would not be wrong to get kids for short treks in Nepal if your kids are outgoing and outdoor lovers. Moreover, during monsoon, nature thrives at its best-allowing kids more chance of interacting with natural creatures. All the more, the weather when it’s not raining is perfect, which will turn out to be ideal for trekking. Similarly, when heavy clouds dissolve in the sky, a clear Mountain View is visible after the rain. The trails are pretty empty, with no trekkers on the tracks. So you will get the perks of enjoying the route to yourself.

Autumn season (September to November)

Autumn is the ideal time for family treks in Nepal. The weather is favorable, and mountain views are more transparent than ever. More than that, the temperature during this time of the year is moderate, with warm days and chilly mornings and nights. Also, it offers certainty as the weather does not change frequently. Besides constant lovely weather conditions, the mountain scenery is more evident during this time of the year. Overall, it is a beautiful time for family vacations, be it trekking or just some tours.

Winter (December to February)

Family treks in winter are a bit challenging due to cold weather conditions. Kids may not cope with the minus degree temperature while in the higher altitudes, so trekking with little kids to the higher altitude is not recommended. Nevertheless, short treks such as Everest Panorama Trek, Ghorepani Poon Hill treks are absolutely stunning during winter and suitable for kids. The sky remains flawless all day, and crystal-clear sky-piercing mountains become unmistakably visible.

Difficulty Level of family treks in Nepal

All these treks are family-friendly treks. Thus, it is attainable from children of 5 years old to early teens. Besides, the trek itinerary is expertly built so that trekkers would be able to complete the journey without feeling much difficulty. Daily elevation gain of all treks is carefully set, as well as its walking hours. Overall, considering a child’s walking ability, everything is arranged and prepared so that no matter what journey the family plans to do, they have a safe and memorable vacation.


Wherever you go with your family, it ultimately becomes your haven. Family vacations have always been about sharing and creating memories. But if you are parents who have immense admiration for mountains and trekking, then definitely plan a family trek in Nepal for great memories.

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