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    Upper Mustang Trek Permits

    Balaram Thapa
    Balaram ThapaUpdated: Feb 1st 2023  |  Trekking/Hiking

    Upper Mustang, the arid deserted heaven of Nepal is a dream for people with various tastes. Upper Mustang offers the pleasant essence of trekking in Nepal. The journey is full of a perfect mix of beauty of the Himalayas and authentic Tibetan Buddhist culture. Similarly, it offers a golden chance of learning the medieval knowledge regarding the religious aspects of Nepal as it is home to many mythological figures. Moreover, here a visitor can explore the unique cultural landscape and traditional earthen architecture. Additionally, trekkers also can get insight into the integrity and authenticity of the Medieval Earthen Walled City of Lo Manthang. Henceforth, even though the region is distant from the mainland and deprives of developmental infrastructures, the region is alluring to visitors due to its pure and intact natural as well as cultural beauty. Here in this blog, we are highlighting the topics that most aspiring visitors want to know regarding trekking in Upper Mustang. We shall discuss trekking permits to Upper Mustang and its difficulty factor. So let's get into details regarding Upper Mustang Trek permits and difficulty factor in the following section.

    Trekking Permits Required for Upper Mustang

    Mustang is a restricted area circumscribed by the Tibetan Plateau and protected by a portion of the world's tallest pinnacles, including 8000-meter tall Annapurna and Dhaulagiri. Therefore, the upper Mustang presents you the similar landscapes and akin cultural similarity with Tibet. From the religious as well as culture, customs, dresses, foods, and language they speak, most of these two regions have similarities.

    Upper Mustang was not even open to tourism until 1992. Therefore, it has not been many decades since tourism has started in this secluded region. Similarly, as it is isolated from the outside world, its authentic culture is still preserved. Henceforth, to enter Upper Mustang, trekkers are required to purchase a special permit which is expensive than normal trekking permits for other trekking regions of Nepal. Similarly, there are some criteria for the visitors of Mustang which they should know before planning the trek.

    Upper Mustang Trek Permits and Fees

    Annapurna Conservation Permit (ACAP): For the ACAP, it costs USD 30 per person. And it does not have a limit on the days.

    Restricted Area Permit (RAP): It is also called as special permit by many trekkers. It cost USD 500 per person which is only valid for 10 days. And if your journey entails staying for over 10 days, you will have to pay an extra USD 50 per person for each day.

    Trekkers Information Management System (TIMS) card: For a TIMS card, it cost USD 10 per person. And like ACAP, it also does not have a limit on the number of days. But it is not mandatory, unless, you are joining your upper mustang trek with any other trek in Annapurna region. For instance, if you are looking to do Annapurna Base Camp Trek and Upper Mustang trek, then TIMS card is necessary.  Otherwise, it is not necessary to acquire one.

    Criteria for Trekking in Upper Mustang

    • You must go through a government registered trekking agency.
    • There have to be at least two people in a group.
    • Independent trekking or solo trekking is forbidden.
    • Trekkers cannot go with independent guides as well.
    • Travelers are obliged to respect the culture and the tradition of the region and should not indulge in the activities that go again the norms and rules of the region.
    • Hikers must follow the designated itinerary. Alternation in the itinerary in between the journey is prohibited.
    • Trekkers ought to conform to guidelines given by approved Officials in the trekking zone (Restricted Area).
    • Mountaineers with expedition permit ought to get trekking permit also if they need to go through Restricted Areas to ascend tops. For this situation, they don't have to pay charges for (Trekking) Permit.

    To apply for the trekking permit, trekkers are required to submit some documents. The name list of the trekkers, travel insurance, copy of passport and copy of visa sufficient to cover the trekking days. You need to submit these documents to trekking agency and they will apply for the restricted area trekking permit.

    So if anyone is looking for hiking in upper mustang, then your travel permits as well as organizing the trek all with be handled by the trekking agency.

    Mustang is very different among other trekking regions of Nepal. This rain shadow area is one of the easily accessible restricted trekking routes in Nepal thus many trekkers opt for this isolated region. Upper Mustang trek not only allows travelers an opportunity to explore the authentic Buddhist culture but also a chance to see the glorious and unique cultural landscape with stunning earthen architecture. We hope the above information provided information regarding trekking permits and difficulty level regarding trekking in Upper Mustang.

    Henceforth, if your query was answered then don't just ponder and start prepping for your next adventure.

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