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    Accommodation on Annapurna Base Camp Trek

    Balaram Thapa
    Balaram ThapaUpdated: Aug 17th 2023  |  Accommodation

    Accommodation on the Annapurna Base Camp Trek is completely different than in Kathmandu. It is significantly more difficult to get better accommodation during peak trekking season due to the enormous number of trekkers. However, you can find the different basic standard (almost all trekking routes) types of accommodation during Annapurna Base Camp Trek.

    The standard lodges will provide delicious meals, a clean room, and attached or common bathrooms. This is all a hiker ever wants while trekking for an adventure, isn’t it? The happiness & success of approaching the Base camp of Mount Annapurna is very important.

    If you want to join in the guided trip, select the most appropriate trekking group or agency that provides the best service for your food & accommodation. Remember that you need good sleep to save energy for further days and destinations at higher altitudes. That gives you a safer and more enjoyable trek in Annapurna Base Camp.

    How to pick the right Annapurna Base Camp Trek lodges?

    Before embarking on this wonderful trek, it's a good idea to know what to anticipate, particularly in terms of lodging. Normally, there are two types of accommodation you will find in tea house lodges along the route to ABC. First & foremost, common share toilet facilities with a separate sleeping room. , you also can find accommodation with attached bathroom & toilet facilities along the trek in some tea houses except at the higher altitude.

    However, as you ascend up the route, you will find fewer teahouses that provide attached bathroom facilities.

    If you have a habit of adjusting to any type of accommodation during any adventure trip, a twin share bedroom with a common share outside toilet facilities is good for you. This service is available in almost every place & destination of Annapurna Base Camp Trek.

    On the guided trip, you'll stay almost in the same lodges. There will be no guarantee that you will get good accommodation with an attached bathroom for your overnight stay. It all depends on the cost you have paid for the trek. However, your guide or tour leader always tries their best for your good services.

    Types of accommodation on Annapurna Base Camp trek

    Many trekking agencies have been operating the trek to ABC for a long time. Every agency strives to provide great services so that travelers may enjoy once-in-a-lifetime adventures. Therefore, there are different types of accommodation for travelers that the agencies offer to make them happy and healthy. Now, let's talk about the accommodation category on the Annapurna base camp trek.

    I. ABC Trek Teahouses

    Maurice Herzog (French) in 1950 organized the first trek in Annapurna, Nepal. Their group sponsored a camping trek to climb the Annapurna (8000 m) trek. After that, a group of tourists began trekking in the high Himalayas, where they first stayed in village homes. Eventually, the number of trekkers increased, and village homestays evolved into teahouses.

    Due to the popularity of trekking in the Annapurna region, many teahouses are slowly changing their type of standards.

    The facilities you get in the Annapurna region lodges are more than you expect in the mountain area. There are private rooms in a few teahouses with attached bathrooms, WiFi services, and a hot shower( extra charge).

    Many teahouses are excellent places to stay if you want to recover and relax after trekking around the Annapurna Base Camp Trek. These can be fantastic places to interact with other hikers walking along the same route, searching for an adventurous experience.

    The teahouse service is usually of basic standard with regular toilet facilities. The toilet will be outside and away from where you are sitting. Rooms are also basic standards. For instance, a modest wooden bed with a minimal foam pad mattress, pillow, and blanket is available. Almost every tea house in Annapurna Trek has solar or electric hot shower facilities. In the winter season, at higher altitudes, all tea house lodges provide a lukewarm bucket shower because the pipe is frozen. They heated the water over a wood fire using wood or horse dung.

    Annapurna Base Camp is one of the popular trekking regions in Nepal. Therefore, in almost every popular trekking region of Nepal, the toilet facilities are Western-style. Keep in mind that the Teahouses with squat toilets are only found off the beaten path, such as at higher elevations.

    II. ABC Camping Trek Room

    Finding the perfect place while trekking is not that important then you need temporary resting for good sleep. Staying in a remote area is more difficult than staying at home or at a hotel. While trekking to various parts of the world, finding acceptable accommodations is always challenging. Therefore, some trekkers would like to go for a camping trek to feel the difference.

    Typically, the expedition crew usually uses tents to stay for the night. Although, some travelers would like to enjoy the camping trek even if the convenient availability of tea houses on the ABC trek. If you're thinking of experiencing something different, many agencies also offer the camping trek for ABC packages.

    Generally, a tent is utilized for sleeping quarters, food is prepared by kitchen staff, & large crew members are recruited for various tasks. It is even a quite an expensive type of trek in the Nepal Himalayas.

    Why there are Limited Teahouses Enroute to the ABC

    As you trek along the routes of Annapurna Base Camp, you will enter the Annapurna Conservation Area, the first and largest protected area in Nepal. The Annapurna Conservation Area Project is home to 1,266 species of plants, 518 birds, and other rare mammals.

    The Annapurna Conservation Area is an area protected by the Government of Nepal. They work with the objective to develop tourism in such a way with minimum negative impact on the natural, socio-cultural and economic environments. Therefore, in order to achieve this objective, the villagers or other individuals are not allowed to construct any new lodges in this protected area.

    The preferred lodge will be one-story building, and the owners cannot add more than that.

    Therefore, these are the reasons why you will find limited teahouses along the route to the Annapurna Base Camp.

    Accommodation Enroute to the Annapurna Base Camp Trek

    In the ABC trek, the quality of accommodation varies greatly. The accommodations are specifically constructed to give the hikes with minimal amenities for relaxation & rest sleep.

    The lodges are nice, cozy & quite well. As you ascend, the rooms are even more basic. Accommodations are twin a share basis (Two beds per room) and do not have an attached bathroom unless you upgrade at extra cost, which is only available in specific lodges.

    While trekking to ABC, you should be cautious about your health & hygiene to guarantee a joyful trek. Bring a pillow cover, utilize your own sleeping bag & stay away from eating meat.

    Tikhedhunga Village

    Tikhedhunga is the first place to stay in the Annapurna base camp trek. Many trekkers stay at Tikhedhunga on the first night. However, some people like to proceed to Ulleri or Banthanti for their first night. However, most people prefer to stay in Tikhedhunga.

    The accommodation in Tikhedhunga is typically much better than what you'd find up in the mountains. There are also several standard teahouses, which are slightly more costly than the other lodges. The lodges provide basic facilities like clean rooms, dining, and food.

    Please know that there are no private bathrooms available in Tikhedhunga. You’d have to use the common bathroom.

    Ghorepani Village

    Ghorepani is a small town that is 6 to 7 hours of walking distance from Tikhedhunga. Most trekkers prefer to stay in Ghorepani after hiking from that point. As this area is very popular due to the poon hill viewpoint, there are many lodges here.

    The teahouses provide basic facilities like a comfortable dining hall, clean rooms, blankets, sheets, and private bathrooms available

    Accommodation on Tadapani

    Tadapani is one of the popular small villages before heading towards Annapurna Base Camp via Ghorepani Poonhill. This town is one of the gathering settlements along the Annapurna Base Camp trek route.

    Here, you will find limited teahouses with different rates. The teahouses provide Nepali cuisine, rooms, and a common bathroom.

    Note: There are limited accommodations and rooms with three to four beds that you must share with your mates. Moreover, there are no private bathrooms, meaning you must use the common bathroom.

    Chommrong Village

    Chommrong is a small village that is the major destination along the way to Annapurna Base Camp Trek. Most hikers lodge in this village before ascending to the toughest section of Sinuwa. This village is a good place to see the stunning view of the South Annapurna ranges. The early morning view from Chommrong is awe-inspiring.

    There are limited lodges in this area as well. The lodge owners are mostly local villagers who willow welcome you warmly. All basic facilities like rooms, common bathroom, and dining room will be available.

    Please remember that there are no private bathrooms in Chommrong village lodges.

    Sinuwa Village

    Sinuwa Village is another village that you will come across on the way to Annapurna Base Camp. It is located beside the banks of Modi Khola. The guesthouse in this village are scattered and are limited as well. It is about 1.5 hours further to Chhumrong.

    You will find all the necessary facilities being provided by the lodges. This means a dining room, hygienic Nepali cuisines, rooms, and a common bathroom.

    The accommodations available in this area will not have private bathrooms for its guests.

    Teahouses on Bamboo

    After Annapurna base camp, Bamboo is where you should stay for the Night. There are only five lodges which are always packed. Pre-booking is essential.  The quality of accommodation is the same as you stayed like before. You should expect a multi-share basis room.

    We often see the other hikers adjust to sleeping in the dining room. The lodges are a popular gathering place for trekkers, guides, and porters in the evenings.

    Due to limited accommodations, it is more congested than other lodges on the route. The rooms are at a moderate temperature at night, and the bathroom/toilet is outside nearby from the room.

    Note: They have a few accommodations and rooms with 3-4 Beds, which you must share with your friends. As the lodges are not very fancy, you won’t find a private attached bathroom.

    lodges in Dovan

    Dovan is a village where you will find no settlements because the villagers are running the lodges just for the tourist. There are in total 5 lodges run by both men and women.

    The lodging facilities provided by the tea house are minimal. The rooms are completely basic standard with common share toilet facilities. The food served will be mostly Nepali cuisine like Dhaal Bhaat, Noodles, Curry, and more.

    Many trekkers stop over at Dovan at least to acclimatize their bodies from high altitude. You may have to share a room with members during the high season. Sometimes you may need to adjust in the dining hall.

    Take Note: You must share one of the few lodgings and rooms with three to four beds with your friends. No attached private bathrooms in the lodges.

    Guesthouses in Himalaya

    During the Annapurna Base Camp Trek, Himalaya is also a well-known place to stay. As you go higher, you can only find a certain number of tea houses. In the village of Himalaya, there are only three teahouses where you can stay in a normal room and use a western bathroom with a hot shower.

    During the busy season, you might have to share a room with a friend. After a long hike, you're tired and don't feel like doing much. If you have to share a room or sleep in the dining room, you might not care. If you want a better room on the Annapurna Base Camp Trek, book your lodging as soon as possible.

    Please note that there will be availability of private bathrooms in the lodges here.

    Machhapuchre Base Camp

    Machhapuchre is a final stop before heading the two-hour toughest section to Annapurna Base Camp (4130 m). This is the last stop if you cannot move onwards to ABC. Do not push your body if you cannot go ABC.

    In MBC also, there are few lodges to accommodate travelers. People stop at Machhapuchre base camp for lunch before climbing to ABC. This is the best place to energize your body at a high altitude.

    Accommodations are a fairly modest style with plywood or stone concrete on each side of the room. This is a shepherd home that was converted into a tourist guest house.

    However, there will be no choice for your accommodation at that altitude. You must have the ability to be flexible that arises during the trip. Remember that "accomplishing the target is not always an easy Journey".

    Note: There are a few rooms with 3-4 beds that you'll have to share with your roommates. Additionally, you will have to share the common bathroom with everyone.

    Accommodation on Annapurna Base Camp

    The accommodations in Annapurna Base Camp are mostly basic standard lodges run by Gurungs. Lodges are stone cottages, and an inner layer of each side room is plywood & plaster fence. It will be very cold during the night. You must bring a -15-sleeping bag that could make you warm enough. Although, the teahouses provide warm blankets and beds.

    You can easily hear the people talking in the next room. But It is very difficult to get a room during the peak season. You can see people with tents along the way near the Annapurna base; they are coming there to climb the Annapurna peak.

    However, the lodges in Annapurna base camp are also fairly modest in style and amenities. In recent years, additional contemporary facilities and services have been added, including 4 newly-built lodges with approximately 200 twin & multi-share bedrooms. Although, internet facilities & oxygen are also available in every lodge at a higher altitude.

    The accommodation in Annapurna Base Camp has a simple bed with foam mattress & cozy dining halls. You will find basic rooms with two or multi beds, a table, and a wastebasket. Many trekkers, except expedition groups, stay in lodges.

    Do remember that they only offer a few rooms and accommodations, each of which has three to four beds, and that you are required to share these beds with your companions. Moreover, there are no private bathrooms available for the guests.

    Teahouses in Jhinu Danda

    Jhinu is a famous place for the Hot spring. In Jhinu, a few dozen lodges offer accommodation with attached toilet facilities. In the winter season, it is a popular stop due to the hot spring before heading towards another destination.

    Jhinu is a forestry place with many trees; there are hard grasses and other flora. The mountain view is excellent from Jhinu. This place is quite popular for its green landscape & is about 400 meters down from chommrong.

    Many residents have converted their houses into lodges to accommodate the flood of international tourists. Jhinu was originally an agricultural community, but the tourism sector appeared to take over, and many people have entered this sector.

    Note: Few lodges provide attached private bathrooms. The rooms are well maintained, with Wi-Fi services as well. Enjoy!

    Ghandruk Village

    Ghandruk Village is a beautiful village popular for its majestic views of the mountains, amazing Gurung culture, and uphill landscapes.

    The village has varieties of teahouses that you can choose from. As this is quite a popular village, the facilities provided are much better than the other lodges on the route. You will find yourself in lodges that provide better rooms, dining halls, food, attached bathrooms, and Wi-Fi services.

    Pothana Village

    Pothana is a place where you can see the magnificent, white-clad mountains and feel the sky just above your head. The nearby jungles provide such a distinctive exploring opportunity. The area is home to beautiful birds, butterflies, and natural animals. A trekker's paradise, that place. Additionally, the diverse populace and their excitement for mingling with new people will melt your mind.

    The accommodation in Pothana is a basic – room with a separate bathroom. Most of the lodges build with a zinc rooftop & have simple bedrooms with twin beds, but a hot shower & internet facility are available.

    In Conclusion

    We hope you enjoyed our blog about the accommodation on the Annapurna Base Camp Trek. When you are trekking through the mountains, it is important to remember that you need to make nutritional and dietary supplements and make sure that you have an appropriate packing list.

    If you are going to be trekking, you may want to contact a trekking company to ask further questions! If you have any further questions, please contact us.  Thank you for reading. We would love to hear from you!

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