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Explore The Himalayas by Helicopter

One of the most prominent features of Nepal would be that of its beguiling nature and of its sapphire Himalayan tapestry. The congeniality of the mountain peaks in the northern region of the country play a proficient role in the overall natural beauty the country possesses. Trekking in the mountain peaks of the country has become one of the most prolific adventure activities that are undergone by many each year. Among the many ways one can enjoy the glory of the Himalayan peaks, the easiest and the most comfortable way would be the mountain helicopter tours. It is one of the best available options for travelers who wish to experience the majestics of the mountains in the quickest way possible without having to undergo the hassles of long term trekking and the requirement of putting forth the physical strenuousity. It is also quite suitable for people who are under the pretext of a limited time frame. Taking a tour of the ivory mountain peaks from a helicopter provides magnificent aerial views, which- needless to say, is a different experience entirely from trekking. Then what you wait? let’s Explore the Himalayas by Helicopter.

EBC trek by heli

The helicopter tour starts from the Kathmandu airport; and as the helicopter soars over and away from the city, the sceneries down below changes from bustling metropolitans to greener terrains embedded with smaller valleys situated on the foot of the emerald hills accompanied by the ebullient flow of jovial silver serpentine rivers. The coruscating landscape alters again from chartreuse acreages to lighter shades of cobalt and magnolia as the helicopter nears the cerulean mountains. The glistening mountains look perplexing from a bird’s eye view; the jarring of their peaks loom up as if to pierce the celestial sky itself. At present, helicopter tours are one of the most popular luxury tour options for nature lovers. Chosen mostly by people who do not wish to have long exhausting walks or turbulent trekking experiences, the helicopter tours is the one preferred because of its presentation of the Himalayas in quite a relaxing way. There are different destinations for a helicopter tour throughout Nepal. Among them all, the Everest region, the Annapurna region and the Langtang region are the most famous ones that exhibit illustrious vistas of the mountains and the region’s unique landscapes. The sublimity of the Mountain Alps from the view point ranging at around 16,000 feet is venerating and utterly admirable.

Helitour everest

The helicopter tour for the Everest region starts off from the Kathmandu airport and flies towards the Khumbu region, completing the aerial journey in an hour. The feeling of being over the tallest mountain in the world, Mount Everest, is breathtakingly beautiful. The helicopter tour around the Everest region lets you have the opportunity to experience the jaded land terrain of the region encompassed with the ambiance of invigorating precocity of mountain air, the mélange of amethyst and teal terrains and the assemblage of turquoise pinnacles. The helicopter tour also has the presentation of the views for the famous Tengboche Monastery and the Syangboche airstrip. There are many other attractions that the Khumbu region possesses, and the helicopter tours also provides you the sights of the Khumbu Glacier, the azure Gokyo Lakes and the vistas of the surrounding mountains of Everest like Mount Ama Dablam, Mount Lhotse, Mount Nuptse and Mount Cho Oyu among many others. The luster of the shimmering mountains as the rays of the golden sun touches the opal snow on the mountain ranges from the helicopter as it soars above the cordillera of the Everest region is divine.

The helicopter tour of the Annapurna region includes the views of the Lake side city of Pokhara bristling in its picturesque quintessence, the sight of the crystalline quiddity of Fewa Lake and of the Begnas Taal as well- along with the vistas of the Annapurna massif. The view of Pokhara city is outstanding; the city looks like a Monet painting of superimposing buildings with the emergence of cyan lakes and various water-bodies. The sights of the surrounding peaks of the Annapurna Mountain are also quintessentially fascinating, with peaks like Machhapuchhre, Nilgiri, Gangapurna, Dhaulagiri, Hiunchuli and Manaslu among many others providing a prepossessing sight of pinnacles covered vastly in pearl-like confetties of glimmering snow and slanted terra firma tinctured in lapis lazuli. The icefalls and the glaciers also add to the exquisite glamour of the tour.

The Langtang region has its own idiosyncratic flora that decorates the landscape of the region. Known as the Valley of Glaciers, the Langtang region also has the offering of beautiful sights of natural quirks and peculiarities. The helicopter tour of the Langtang region provides you the enticement of the stunning essence of natural beguiles. With the distinct appurtenances of mountains like Dorje Lakpa, Langtang Lirung and Ganesh Himal among many more, the Langtang region helicopter tour is aesthetically pleasing to undergo. Soaring over the destination of the Kyanjin Gompa, you can also have a look at the sights of villages and small settlements down below that look like sundries taken straight out of a fairy tale book.


The Mountain Helicopter Tours are an easy travel option that let you explore and have a look at the peaks in close proximity without you having to go through the exhaustions of trekking on the terrains. It is the most comfortable and the fastest way to explore the natural capers of different regions and provides a widely different experience of being close to the mountain peaks than trekking. Excluding the quirks of trekking at high altitudes, like altitude sickness, the helicopter tours are an easier and an alternate way to encounter the mountains and the terrains of the regions.

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