Everest Base Camp Trek For All Seasons

Everest Base Camp trek, without a doubt is the best trekking experience ever. Watching the Everest massifs up close and 360 degree view of the best scenery of the world is a serene and unforgettable memory. You’ll be in awe as the marvelous Mt Everest stands before you. Your journey of a lifetime is filled with the beautiful features of Khumbu region. The breathtakingly stunning mountain ranges are unlike any you have even seen in your life. With the progression of your trek, its beauty outshines anything you have laid eyes on.  The terrain changes from green farmlands to lush forests, colorful floras and tranquil blue rivers. The top of the world will be standing right before you. No greatest achievement and adventure better than this! Nepal for all seasons isn’t an understatement. The weather god has graciously given its blessings. All four seasons, spring, summer, autumn and winter has graciously spread its wings in this country. This makes Nepal showcase its charms in every type of weather. Tourism is the main source of the country’s economy. And with favorable weathers mostly every year round, trekking has become one of the popular adventure activities in Nepal. EBC has much to offer in any given weather. The Everest base camp trek for all seasons, read more to choose the perfect season for you.

Autumn (September-November)

Everest base camp trek for four seasons

From September to November, autumn season spreads in full swing. It is the peak season for Everest Base Camp Trek because of the comfortable trekking weather. Autumn initiates the end of monsoon season. No rainfalls means smooth trekking schedule. Similarly, it is an ideal period to trek as the weather is neither too hot nor too cold. Weather consequences like summer heat haze and windy weather won’t be a problem. This offers clear blue skies and crystal clear views of the Mt. Everest and surrounding peaks. The temperature during this period reaches an average of 15-25 degree Celsius. With the increase in altitude, the temperature changes to 20 degree Celsius in the day and -10 degree Celsius at night. As the days pass, mornings and nights get colder whereas the days are comparatively warmer. A favorable weather makes trekking smooth, on schedule and hassle free.

Spring (March-May)

Everest Base Base Trek blog group at EBC

Everest Base Camp Trek in spring sees the 2nd highest number of trekkers. Spring brings with it the colorful landscapes and lush forests. The weather is the kindest when it comes to spring in EBC. The rhododendron trees garnish the trails making it insanely beautiful. Colorful flowers bloom in the houses of the locals and the parks. In Kathmandu the temperature is 15-20 degree Celsius. With the increase in altitude, the temperature drops to -2 to 10 degree Celsius. The chances of avalanche and heavy snowfall disturbing your hike are unlikely. There are comparatively fewer crowds in the trails. So, you can enjoy your trekking experience in peace and serenity. Similarly, during this season the snow capped Himalayas ignites the beauty even more. As the days are longer, you have ample time to walk slowly and still complete the days trek in daylight. Furthermore, it is a favorable time for the Lukla flights and Helicopter rides making spring a joyous period for a smooth trek.

Monsoon (June-August)

Everest Base Camp Trek winter

Monsoon in Nepal begins in June and lasts until the end of August or more. Nepal sees an average rainfall of 500-550mm. The temperature gets hot and humid. It reaches maximum of 10° C and minimum of -2° C. Due to the rainy season, the clouds cover the sky. Sometimes, the sky clears in the morning providing a serene view of the Mt Everest. Due to the rainfall, the vegetation is greener and the view of the forests and mountains is astounding.  Monsoon is considered an off season so you can expect more discounts and fewer crowd in the trails. There is more availability of the tea houses and facilities. However, the trails get muddy, wet and slippery so good quality boots with strong grips and waterproof clothes are a must. Everest Base Camp Trek in monsoon is a bit harder but you experience the unique biodiversity and the adventure of a lifetime.

Everest Base Camp Trek in Winter (December-February)

trek EBC in winter

Winter in the Everest Base Camp is extremely harsh. The temperatures changes constantly and ranges between -10° C to -15 ° C at night. It cannot be predicted as the climate might change from sunny day to a snowstorm. Weather is a lot colder during this season but the snow capped view of the Mt Everest and the surrounding peaks is amazing. As the days are shorter, there is less time to trek per day. However, the trails are less crowded which makes it easier to walk and spot the best views. If you are well prepared and can endure the harsh weather, trekking in EBC in this season provides the best unobstructed mountain visibility. But you need to choose the perfect month. 3rd of December is ideal as the trails encounter less traffic.  However, as risky as it is you need to gather as much information and a proper guide to go through this adventure. You require warm clothes as the weather gets pretty harsh and trekking equipment.

But in order to be part of Everest Base Camp Trek is the best trekking experience for a travel enthusiast.  this unforgettable journey, you need to research the proper suitable seasons. Nepal Hiking Team is always prepared to help you with your trekking venture. If the mountains are where you belong, contact us.

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Balaram Thapa, an executive director at Nepal Hiking Team had a long journey before making NHT one of the revolutionary tour operators in this competitive field of Tourism. He finished his Bachelor’s degree in Travel and Tourism from Tribhuwan University in the year 2000.

He started his career as a trekking support staff in 1998 and gradually earned a status of trekking leader. He has trekked several trekking routes such as Annapurna, Manaslu, Langtang, Everest, Kanchenjunga, Mustang, Makalu, etc. Thus has immense knowledge about the trekking routes of Nepal. Alongside this, he has also organized several tours to Bhutan and Tibet as a tour guide. He has traveled to Germany, France, Switzerland, Poland, Italy promoting Nepal’s tourism.

After earning lots of experience in this field, he wanted to explore his own business ideology. He along with his brother- Ganga Raj Thapa start their own company, Nepal Hiking Team in 2009. He is friendly and works side by side with the staff inspiring and motivating them. He is an expert travel consultant and handles all the concerns of travelers regarding their trip. He inspires people to travel new and unique destinations and implement the same ideology on himself as well.

He started his journey 22 years ago and has immense experience in this field. His passion for traveling has made his 22 years of working journey, a precious phase of his life. And he plans to continue doing this and add more years in it.

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