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    Everest Base Camp Trek in October

    Balaram Thapa
    Balaram ThapaUpdated: Feb 10th 2023  |  What do do in Nepal

    October is the beloved month of every practised trekker or an aspiring one for the Everest Base Camp Trek. The surreal mountain views and autumn color in the alpine of Khumbu all makes sense to the popularity behind this particular month. This must be the reason why mountain lovers covet October as the best time to trek the Everest Base Camp. The Everest has its varieties of beauties to showcase just about every month in a year. Apparently, the best of its beauties bloom in October. With monsoon sided for the year and winter in standby, October fosters autumn, which is a celebrated season in the mountains. The terrain remains dry (not that it is super damp during monsoon) and the temperature is finer than ever. The fading green into brown and cyan sprays a soothing color in the forested vegetation. You will not ask for the weather to remain clear than it already is. Bestowed by the clear weather is a magnificent mountain view. You go for the views and views are what you’ll get. The enchanting mountain town of Lukla and Namche will be pumped up to greet the trekkers’ arrival. Trekking to Everest Base Camp is October is rewarding in so many ways. Here are the highlights of Everest Base Camp Trek in October:

    1. The stunning sight of the mountains during October

    Everest Base Camp Trek in October guide

    The autumn weather in the Khumbu region is blissful. October is in fact a celebrated month for absolutely amazing views of the Himalayas. Starting off with a thrilling flight to Lukla, you will get to relish the stunning views of the hills and mountains surmounted at the horizon. At Lukla, you will immediately feel your closeness with the mountains. As you walk along the trail, you may stand anywhere in between the vista behind you will be adorned with mesmerizing views of the mountains including, Lhotse, Makalu, Cho Oyu, and many more. The sight of almighty Mount Everest in the backdrop is an all-time epic. Not only you will enjoy the sight for the moment, but you will take away the memory back home. You may try and tell of your experience from the trekking journey back home, you will for sure run out of adjectives!

    2. Everest Base Camp Trek Temperature and weather in October

    Everest Base Camp Trek in October, Tengbuche

    The temperature during October is as pleasant as it can get. At Namche (3,440m), the day time temperature remains 10 degrees Celsius on average and can drop to as low as 0 degrees at night. Likewise, at a higher altitude, say at Lobuche (4,940m), the day-time temperature remains fairly around 7 degrees while the night can get chilly with the temperature dropping to negative 10 degrees. The similar pattern of temperature can be observed in Gorakshep and the Everest Base Camp. Besides the temperature, October weather brings the best of wind blow, which can be your worst case scenario if you don’t set off for the trek with right gears. This temperature pattern in the Everest region in October also demands for a warm and cozy night while providing excellent conditions for day hikes in the trails sketched through the dry land. You will be mesmerized at the sight of ocean blue sky hovering above your head captivating all the attention

    3. Mani Rimdu Festival

    Everest View Hotel

    Mani Rimdu Festival, the ultimate cultural attraction of the entire Khumbu region mostly falls in the month of November. It is determined by the Tibetan calendar. However, sometimes this festival also falls during the full moon day of late October. The festival is a three-day affair of major celebration and runs for a total of 19 days at Tengboche Monastery, the spiritual hub of Khumbu. Celebrated in the full moon day of October, Mani Rimdu Festival has a prominent significance among the Buddhists in the Everest Region. Lamas perform sacred ceremonies and the monks perform Buddhist dance drama every year during the festival. Everest Base Camp with Mani Rimdu festival is worth waiting to commence the trek.

    4. Himalayan landscape clad in autumn colors


    While the effects of post-monsoon are likely to cause drizzles in September, the month of October remains drier. As the year prepares for pre-winter in November, late October can get quite chilly at higher altitudes. This means the trails are dry with neither rain nor snow. It will make the trek surprisingly easier. Decorated at the sidewalk of the lovely trails is the alpine vegetation that paints the landscape in autumn colors. Somewhere you might even find the remains of summer rhododendrons. The autumn in the mountains are not as vibrant as spring, but this cannot defy the beauty of settling autumn shade.

    5. Natural attractions in October

    Everest trek

    Owing to the autumn weather, the view of the mountains will be at their best during October. You will be able to see a few of the matured flower species in tarnishing vegetation. The interesting phenomenon you can witness during this season is in birdlife. As the migratory birds fleet in pursuit of southward migration for the winter, the sight of their light will be lively.


    Trekkers from all over the world look forward to trek the Everest Base Camp during October. So, this month is regarded as the peak season. So, the trails will remain busy and tea houses packed. So, you need to get as wise as you can and make early reservations. When you choose to book a trip with the Nepal Hiking Team, we take care of your accommodation and food at the best available tea houses for a very reasonable trip cost.

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