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    15 Best Viewpoints in the Everest Region

    Balaram Thapa
    Balaram ThapaUpdated: May 28th 2023  |  View Point

    Are you eager to discover the breathtaking beauty of the Everest region and its majestic mountains? If so, we have compiled a list of the top 15 viewpoints for you to explore.

    The glimpse of the gigantic White Mountains from these viewpoints is likely to make your trip worthwhile without reaching the Everest Base Camp. The journey to reach these viewpoints will also be an unforgettable experience. You'll be awed by the stunning landscapes, towering glaciers, and fascinating wildlife throughout the journey.

    So are you ready to embark on a journey to witness some of the world's highest mountains with us? Let's begin this adventure together!

    Sagarmatha National Park Museum 

    Sagarmatha NP

    Sagarmatha National Park Museum offers the best glimpse of the Khumbu region with Mt. Everest.

    Sagarmatha National Park Museum is the favorite viewpoint of many trekkers and is just 20 minutes uphill from the center of Namche Bazaar. Situated in the Sagarmatha National Park, home to the mighty Mt. Everest, this museum offers one of the best views of Mt. Everest along with Mt Ama Dablam, Mt. Nuptse, and Mt. Lhotse. 

    Since this museum is just a few minutes walk away from the heart of the Khumbu region, Namche Bazaar. You can also enjoy the beautiful view of  Namche Bazaar village. During the sunrise, you can witness the first ray of sun striking the snow-capped tip of Mt. Everest, turning it into bright golden color before shining warmly upon the Namche Bazaar village.  

    Everest View Hotel

    Everest View hotel

     Everest View Hotel provides the best 360º View of Mt Everest and a panoramic view of the surrounding mountains.

    Living up to its name, Everest View Hotel certainly brings one of the best views of Mt. Everest from every room while providing a comfortable rest point for all the trekkers. The mesmerizing view from this hotel will make you not want to leave your eyes off it and take your breath away. This hotel is also famous for being one of the highest-settled hotels in the world. 

    The Everest View Hotel also offers a must-witness view of other surrounding peaks, such as Mt. Changtse, Mt. Khumbutse, Mt. Nuptse, and Mt. Lhotse. A walk around the hotel will surprise you with the panoramic view of these gigantic mountains.

    Kongde Ri


    Kongde Ri undeniably presents you with breathtaking panoramas of the white giants, including the mighty Mt. Everest. 

    From this viewpoint, witnessing the magic of the magnificent mountains will take all your tiredness away and make you want to sink in the beautiful sunset amidst the glorious mountains. Located four kilometers away from the heart of the Khumbu region, Namche Bazaar, this peak is situated at an altitude of 6187 m. 

    You can see four of the tallest peaks in the world from Kongde. The first is Mt Everest itself; this viewpoint lets you behold Mt. Lhotse, Mt. Makalu, and Mt. Cho-Oyu. Since this village is deep into the Sagarmatha National Park, you will also explore the rare flora and fauna. 

    Tengboche Village 


    Tengboche village offers one of the best views of the Khumbu Valley, mt. Amadablam and a glimpse of Everest.

    Tengboche village, home to the largest Buddhist Monastery, Tengboche Monastery in the Khumbu region, is considered a sacred place where many trekkers seek the blessing of the “Rinpoche" before continuing their trek. 

    Tengboche is a small settlement of sherpas located uphill across Imja Khola. You can also witness and experience the unique cultures and traditions of sherpas and get lost in the awe-inspiring views of the white giants. The backdrop of Mt. Ama Dablam from the front yard of Tengboche Monastery is something that any place cannot rival. Apart from Mt. Ama Dablam, you can spot the surrounding peaks such as Mt. Taboche, Mt. Nuptse, and Mt. Lhotse. 



    Pangboche village offers the best view of the Imja Valley and Mt. Ama Dablam.

    Pangboche is a traditional village inhabited by Sherpa people and is located high in the Himalayas in the Imja Khola valley, about 3 km from Tengboche. It is nestled amidst such Himalayan giants that photographs can’t record what your eyes see. 

    This village is the perfect spot to acknowledge the glory of Mt. Ama Dablam. The vistas of giant mountains smiling right before you will only add a thrill to your journey. Along with offering the best view of the surrounding mountains, you can also witness the scenic landscape of Imja Valley from this village. Pangboche village also has one of the oldest Buddhist monasteries in the Khumbu region, rumored to have purported yeti scalp and hand.

    Nagarjun Hill, Dingboche

    Nagarjun Hill, Dingboche, presents you with the awe-inspiring range of Lobuche East and Lobuche West. 

    The Nagarjun Hill in Dingboche will undoubtedly make your wish to witness the best panoramic view of Mt Everest and the surrounding mountains come true. You can also view the gorgeous range of Lobuche East and Lobuche West. The beautiful landscapes from this hill will make you fall in love with the place. Even the sight of picture-perfect Mt Ama Dablam will make you glad that you’ve come this far. This hill is situated at 5,050 m and will take your breath away with its beauty.

    Chhukung Ri 

    Chhukung Ri

    Chhukung Ri provides the best view of Imja Valley and Mt. Makalu.

    The trail to the Chhukung Ri is quieter and less crowded than the busy trail of Gokyo Lakes and Kala Pathar. You will be able to enjoy this trail on a more personal level. The view from Chhukung Ri is also as astonishing as it is from the Gokyo Ri and Kala Pathar.

     It is perfect for the beginner trekker looking for some challenge. The trail of this trek will test your determination and willpower to reach one of the most beautiful acclimatizations climbs with all the beauty in the Everest region. You will also witness the beautiful sunrise amidst glorious Mt Ama Dablam, Mt Makalu, and Mt. Nuptse, turning the tip of the white giants into bright golden colors. The view of the gorgeous Imja Valley from Chhukung Ri will only add beauty to your already exciting trek.

    Kongma La Pass 

    Kongma La Pass 

    The viewpoint at Kongma La Pass presents you with a sight of the entire Khumbu Valley.

    The Kongma La Pass in the Everest region is considered one of the hardest passes to cross. Nevertheless, the stunning sight of Lobuche peak and the surrounding peaks from this viewpoint will make the trek worth it. 

    Let’s not forget the view of the entire Khumbu Valley from Kongma La Pass. It will definitely be a sight to hold. Resting at the high altitude of 5,535 m, Kongma La Pass is located even higher than the Everest Base Camp and has much to offer. The outstanding landscape along the trail to Kongma La Pass will surely leave you in awe and have you experience the best trip of your life.

    Thukla Pass 

    Thukla Pass 

    Thukla Pass offers the Best View of Mt. Ama Dablam and Pheriche Valley nearby Lobuche.

    Situated at 4800 m, Thukla Pass offers a beautiful view of Mt. Ama Dablam and Pheriche Valley. The trail then leads to a tiny hamlet of Lobuche. It is also considered the saddest viewpoint along the Everest Base Camp trail. 

    This viewpoint features the memorials of legendary climbers Babu Chiri Sherpa and Scott Fischer, a famous mountaineer who died on Everest, along with several brave climbers who have lost their lives in the Himalayan peaks. You can also witness several prayer flags at the top of Thukla Pass.

    Even though this viewpoint is a salutary reminder about how dangerous the mountains can be, the view from this place will get you high on adrenaline and leave you astonished. 

    Kala Patthar 

    Kala Patthar 

    Kalapathar in the Everest region allocates the perfect View of the Khumbu Valley and Everest Base Camp.

    Even though Everest Base Camp offers the chance to be in the foothills of the world’s highest mountain, trekkers often climb up the Kalapathar to get a glimpse of the summit. It is also the highest viewpoint that the trekkers can reach without a climbing permit. 

    The view of Mt Everest from this peak is surreal. It provides you with a close-up look at Mt Everest and makes you feel like you can reach and touch it. Being on Kala Pathar is as close as you can get to reaching the top of the world. The sunset reflecting on the snowy tip of the World’s highest white giant from Kalapathar will be the best sunset you have ever witnessed. 

    This viewpoint also gives you a panoramic view of other surrounding white giants- Mt Lhotse, Mt Nuptse, Mt Changtse, and Khumbu Glacier. Located at an altitude of 5,644 m, you can also see a perfect picture of Khumbu Valley and Everest Base Camp from Kala Pathar.

    Mount Everest Base Camp 

    Mount Everest Base Camp 

    Mount Everest Base Camp offers an outstanding view of the Khumbu Glacier and Icefall. 

    The view from the foothill of the world’s highest mountain will charm you in many ways and make your struggles worthwhile. You will be astonished by some of the gigantic mountains standing tall right in front of you. 

    Like other peaks, you can still have the best views of your life from the other point as well, but to witness the beauty of the Himalayas in Nepal directly from the Everest Base Camp is a whole different experience. The view from the Everest Base Camp isn't just limited to the sight of mountains. You can also behold the eye-catching sight of the world’s highest Glacier- Khumbu Glacier and its large icefall. 

    Even though you may not be able to see the glorious Mt Everest reaching the base of the world’s highest white giant is an accomplishment in itself and will make you feel proud about your journey. Located at an elevation of 5,364 m, it is the first camp for mountaineers attempting to climb the mighty Mt Everest. The scenic landscape along the trail of Everest Base Camp will make you witness the paradise in Nepal.

    Gokyo RI  

    Gokyo RI  

    Gokyo Ri provides the best view of the Khumbu with glaciers and some of the tallest mountains in the world.

    Gokyo Ri in the Gokyo region is located at one of the highest settlements in the world and lies right next to Ngozumpa Glacier, Nepal’s longest glacier. The top of the Gokyo Ri offers the best views of some of the tallest mountains, including Mt Everest, Mt Cho Oyu, Mt Lhotse, and Mt Makalu. 

    This climb itself is highly fulfilling and doesn’t have to be a part of the traditional Everest Base Camp Trek. The view from this will leave you satisfied and fully content. You can also see the perfect picture of Gokyo lakes from this viewpoint in the Gokyo region. Breathing in the fresh Himalayan air from this viewpoint will make you feel alive and blessed. 

    Gokyo Ri, also known as Gokyo Peak, is the highest point of the Gokyo Valley, which rises at an elevation of 5,483 m. Climbing up this peak will amaze you with the stunning panoramic view of Mt Everest and Gokyo Lakes. It was even once described as the best viewpoint in the Everest region.

    Gokyo Fourth & Fifth Lakes

    Gokyo Fourth & Fifth Lakes are known for the excellent view of Mt. Everest. 

    The fourth and fifth Gokyo lakes are one of the top highlights of the Gokyo region.  Taking in views of the surrounding mountains as you reach these beautiful turquoise lakes, you will also witness the Ngozumpa Glacier.  It is the longest glacier located right below the world’s sixth-highest peak, Cho Oyu, in Nepal. The view of Mt Everest from these lakes is equally astonishing and liberating. The feeling of relaxing at the shore of these magical lakes will make you feel like you’re in Heaven. 

    These lakes are also the highest freshwater lakes in the world and are considered sacred by both Hindus and Buddhists. The locals have been preserving these lakes for ages and believe that these lakes are linked to lord Vishnu and Shiva.

    Renjo-la Pass 

    Renjo-la Pass 

    Renjo-la Pass offers you an outstanding view of eight of the world’s highest mountains.

    Renjo-la Pass falls under one of the highest passes in the Everest region. This pass also allows access to Gokyo lake. Falling under one of the highest passes in the Everest region has its perks. You can behold eight of the tallest mountains in the world, including Mt Lhotse, Mt Makalu, Mt Cho-Oyu, and Mt Ama Dablam. Crossing this pass will definitely be a unique experience and an upgrade for you. Lastly, capturing the sunrise from Renjo-la Pass will blow your mind, and you will be among the few privileged ones to boast about it.

    Dole Village 

    Dole Village 

    Dole Village offers the best view of Mt. Ama Dablam and Green Khumbu Valley.

    Dole is a small village in the Khumbu region of Nepal and lies in the Dudh Koshi River valley. This village is often a stopping point for trekkers on the way to the Gokyo Lake village or the Mt Everest route. This village presents you with a stunning view of the green Khumbu Valley. The fresh air in this village will give you the authentic feel of the Himalayas. You can also see the glorious Mt Ama Dablam from this village.


    To summarize it all, now you can have the Everest experience from the different viewpoints of the Everest trek. You can observe and view some of the tallest mountains in the world from these different viewpoints. 

    These viewpoints in the Everest region will surprise you with some of the best panoramas of your life and make you have an unforgettable experience of your lifetime.   

    You can contact our team if you are interested in visiting these viewpoints. Our team will be happy to assist you. 

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