Thursday, 15 February 2018

Top 7 Travel Tips for Visiting Nepal

Nepal is a culturally rich country where ‘Namaste’ or ‘Namaskar’ is used as a formal greeting. The culture here is tolerant of tourists, despite only receiving them for 4 decades or so.  Due to the demographic, cultural, environmental, and political disruption that occurs in Nepal, this can act as a hurdle in your journey. Traveling to any new place can be challenging, as you are unknown to the particular place’s requirement and conditions.

Traveling-it leaves you speechless, and then turns you into a storyteller.” With reference to the afore-mentioned saying we try our best to make your story the best one to recite. Therefore, as your travel guide and fellow well wishers, here are Top 7 Travel Tips for Visiting Nepal that can act as a travel tip to the trekkers and visitors planning to visit Nepal.

1) Visa and Trekking Permits in Nepal

Trekking agencies or the Nepal Tourism Board can be consulted in order to require a permit called Trekking Information Management System in order to visit various popular trekking regions of Nepal. Various kinds of visa ranging for different prices and validity are available for the tourists. Nepal Visa can be granted at the immigration office in Kathmandu airport. The only requirement for the visa is a passport with minimum of 6 months validity. Furthermore, Travel insurance is a compulsion for undertaking any of the trekking routes in Nepal.

2) Proper Healthcare

Staying healthy can be challenging in a developing country like Nepal. Due to the dusty roads and various constructions taking place post-earthquake the capital city is highly polluted, thus you should always wear a mask while traveling the city. Likewise, the varying climatic conditions and temperature may result to illness. An antibiotic, hand sanitizer, tissue paper, mask are some of the essential health care products you should carry while traveling to Nepal. Furthermore, for solo travelers, some places along the trek may not have well equipped medical shops so, we suggest you to carry some antibiotics and a small first aid kit along with you.

3) Proper clothing

Depending upon the four seasons that Nepal experiences, there can be various climatic changes. Therefore, you need to properly study the weather of Nepal for your traveling period and pack accordingly. However, there are clothing shops at your service available here if incase you need some extra clothing. Correspondingly, good hiking boots is a must for every traveler planning to trek. We suggest you bring good quality boots in order to avoid injuries and possible sores.

4) Expert guide

Traveling in a country alone has various disadvantages for the traveler in order of safety as well as expenses. A good and trust worthy expert travel and trekking advisor is an essential for your travel and stay to be smooth and safe.  Furthermore, an expert guide will provide you plenty additional and knowledgeable information about the area you visit. Expert Guide will ensure your safety along the dangerous and adventurous trek routes that you might intake. We advise you to contact a flexible agency capable of expert execution and planning of your stay so that you get the most value out of your money in addition to an impeccable experience of your journey.

 5) Foreign Currency

Travelers should exchange the local currency of Nepal in various foreign exchange offices available in the area before their departure. Nepalese currency is not only unacceptable outside the country but cannot be exchanged too. Thus, exchanging all your currency here at Nepal before you leave the country is a necessity. Furthermore, carrying Nepalese currency outside the country is considered illegal.

6) Street kids

You can see various small kids begging for money in different parts of the country. Their innocent face and bubbly behavior of the children makes it hard to ignore them. However you should not give any money to these street kids as many of them may be working for adults who collect money from them. Therefore, if you really want to help the poor and needy children donate some money to various NGOs’ and INGOs’ working in the country.

7) Miscellaneous accessories

It never hurts to carry a little more, precisely if it will come to your maximum use in travel. A detailed map of the area you are about to travel, small pad or combination lock-to-lock flashlight, first aid kit, universal plug and voltage adaptor (Nepal uses 200v), passport size photo in case visa needs to be extended, large plastic bags (keeping items dry inside the bag), trekking poles etc are some of the extra accessories that you need to carry with you while traveling Nepal.

We strive to provide our fellow visitors and clients with maximum satisfaction as well as valid and proper advice. We encourage all prospective clients to read more information about our company and our services, including previous client testimonials on our website and the review of trip advisor. Hope this little effort from us helps you makes your travel safe and memorable. Happy Traveling!

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