Festival of Nepal

Nepal is a culturally rich country with many exciting festivals that are enjoyed and observed with great tradition. The main festival, Dashain, celebrates the triumph of good over evil. Tihar, known as the festival of lights, illuminates the country with vibrant colors. 
During Holi, everyone celebrate with colors, waters and fun activities involving friends and loved ones. Temples are filled with visitors flocking in, while the Indra Jatra festival in Kathmandu is characterized by masked dances and religious processions.

Nepal Hiking Team can provide you with guided tours during which you can observe these marvelous festivals firsthand. This offers a wonderful opportunity to engage in celebrations and acquaint yourself with the traditions and essence of true Nepalese culture. Traveling during these festivals in Nepal adds to the beauty and the overall experience. Come celebrate with us and learn more about the rich culture of this beautiful country called Nepal.