Top 7 Best Reasons to Choose Langtang Valley Trek

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Top 7 Best Reasons to Choose Langtang Valley Trek

When obsession to explore the hidden Himalayan gem finds the determination to yomp towards the northern terrain, the Himalayas promise of rewards greater than your expectation calibre could ever fit! While this phrase is a metaphor, trekking in the glaciated valley of Langtang is a reality.

Located only 19 miles directly north of the happening city Kathmandu, Langtang valley is a perfect elucidation to the best destination reached over an interlude. The cerulean of glaciers here from the last ice age are a parody of the blue shades of bright daylight sky. While in dawn and dusks, they blossom to mock the cyan of the sky. More to this terrain is a rugged valley floor seated on the lap of glaucous tall hills. Surmounted at the backdrop of such formations is a vista of imposing mountains.

Marching along the Langtang Valley trail is like traversing the rapid change in vegetation from lush tropical to scattered alpine. Somewhere you are blinded by the bright-pink, shimmering white and ruby red pastels of the rhododendron and somewhere you get dazzled by forever emerald pine forest. On this march, the river and streams seldom leave your side. You go for the views and the mountain majesties but you come back falling for the people instead. That is how welcoming the Tamang hospitality there is.

Langtang valley has so many grandeurs to incline your choice of trekking destination. Here are the top 7 best reasons to choose Langtang Valley Trek:

1. The Valley of Glaciers

Kynging Gompa with beautiful Prayer flags
Kynging Gompa with beautiful Prayer flags

Located at the northern vicinity of Kathmandu, Langtang valley borders to Tibet. The valley boasts exotic terrain patched by cerulean glaciers. The tapering moraines are believed to have been active glaciers during the last ice age. Furthermore, the valley is an abode of beautiful land formations. The dated land formations will surely catch your attention. Trust us; these are not craftsmen’s products! Instead, these are nature’s work of art displayed at their authentic domain. This very formation makes the valley home to many wonderful glacial lakes like Gosainkunda and Bhairav Kunda.

2. The Langtang National Park

Langtang Np
Trekkers are heading to Kyanjing village

Langtang valley is lodged in the vast perimeter of Langtang National Park- the first Himalayan national park of Nepal. The trailhead is at the entrance of the park and is mapped to revolve the park throughout. Excursion through the serpentine Trishuli river from Kathmandu will take you to Syabru Bensi. You will barely miss the gushing of rivers as you stick with the trail. You will be crossing the intimidating suspension bridges of over Bhote Koshi, Langtang Khola, and Laja Khola.

Langtang National Park is habitat to rich biodiversity. The lush tropical forest and verdant green alpine vegetation have forested nearly 25% of the area. You will not have to long for the sight of bulky bamboo.  And, as you ascend, vibrant rhododendron forest shall bedeck your sidewalk along with Oak, Maple, and Cedar. The valley has plenty grassland that blooms in spring blossoms of white daisies and purple foxgloves.

Langtang Valley is a protected home to many Himalayan rare animals. Himalayan Thars, Himalayan Black Bear, Rhesus Monkey, and Red Pandas make up the wilderness of the valley. While you may observe Himalayan Thars gentle than your farm goat, once in a blue moon has to be on your side for Red Panda to cross your path.

<3. The Langtang Panorama

Langtang Panorama Trek
Langtang Himalayas

The trails in Langtang Valley Trek passes through excellent vantage points where the shimmering beasts of the regions like Mount Langtang Lirung (7,227 m), Ganesh Himal (7,422 m), Dorje Lakpa and many neighboring peaks will be overlooking at you. You’ll be ascending passes like the Kyanjin RI (4773 m), Tsergo RI (5,150 m), and Chorkari RI (5050 m) which will quench you panoramic thirst. Chorkari RI (5050 m) is the highest altitude in the trek.

4. The Kyanjin Gompa

Kyanjing Village in Winter Season

The trail to Langtang Valley Trek takes you through lively Tamang settlements, across gushing and streams before it leads you to Kyanjin Gompa. Across the Laja Khola and past a moraine, this Buddhist monastery is the highlight of the Langtang Valley Trek. The location of this rich history-laden cultural host is a boon for overlooking at the magnificence of mountains.

In order to explore the Gompa and its stunning periphery, you will need a day for the least. A day hike from the Kyanjin Gompa will take you to Kyanjin RI (4773m) which is a vantage point for the sight of surrounding glaciers and icefalls of Langtang Lirung (7246m), Kimshung (6781m) and Langshisha RI (6370m). The enchanting views of Langtang Himal form here is bliss to your eyes.

5. Tamang Heritage

Langtang Valley in Dry Season.

Once a trade route to Tibet, Langtang region is now a residency to ethnic Tamangs. Having influenced by the primitive Tibetan verdicts, the cultural ethos of the Tamangs in this area stands out among its type. On the religious aspect, people here follow Buddhism.

The Tamang villages en route to Langtang Valley are coveted for producing Yak Cheese. You will most likely get served with this delight during your meals. If not, don’t forget to take the courtesy of asking for a block or two at your stops. You might need to purchase them, which will be totally worth the coin indeed.

6. Amazing side trip options

Langtang Region

Langtang Valley probably has the richest concentration of glacial lakes. So, you have the freedom to drift your trip towards either, Gosainkunda or Bhairav Kunda, or both at a time. Both are glacial lakes and possess immense religious values in Hinduism. People trek to these holy lakes entirely for the purpose of pilgrimage.

Apart from glacial lakes, you can opt to wander in the cultural riches offered by the village of Helambu and get immersed in the heritage of Tamang villages.

7. The best-kept-secret Destination

Hiking to Chorkari Ri
Hiking to Chorkari Ri

Despite being easy and exuberantly rewarding, not many people undergo the Langtang Valley Trek. Although you may not find this trek in the list of off-the-beaten treks, you’ll be surprised by the isolated trails you’ll walk. The trails are tranquil which perfectly complements the majestic landscape. In addition, the valley lies far from settlements. So, this promises of best-preserved formations at their best form. You should definitely choose this Trek for a wonderful remote trekking experience.

There is so much more to Langtang Valley that the words can barely express. Trekking through this wonderful valley is like witnessing living version of the Himalayan gem. There is no missing in this journey; no internet, no fancy living! There is only discovering; the secret life in the secret land at the country’s northern edge. You need to walk the path to actually feel what it feels like! If your decision comes to terms with you sheer willingness, do inbox us and we will prove how best the decision you’ve made.

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