Top 5 Adventure Activities in Nepal

From mesmerizing mountain peaks and amazing natural terrains to a myriad of multicultural attributes, Nepal is embedded with a variety of remarkable components. It is the home of many of the world’s tallest mountain peaks, including Mount Everest, and harbors a diverse topography in just a span of 250 kilometer breadth from north to south.

The country is also occupied by a multifarious cultural quintessence, making it a spiritual hotspot for the Hindu and the Buddhist people of South East Asia. It is a beautiful destination that has a lot to offer to its visitors; there are many things to do here and people of all preferences can certainly find their penchant among the many idiosyncrasies of Nepal.

However, one of the most renowned adventures in Nepal is trekking. Since Nepal is home of Mount Everest and a number of high Himalayan peaks, trekking in Nepal has gained a momentous popularity among enthusiastic trekkers from all across the planet.

Every year, thousands of trekkers, both novice and experienced, visit Nepal for amazing treks in the country’s many Himalayan valleys. As such, among the many treks that are available to do in Nepal, the most famous one is perhaps the Everest Base Camp Trek, an extremely popular trekking adventure in the Khumbu region.

Besides, Nepal also presents many other adventures for holidaymakers. The country is also known for its many thrilling capers. As most of the exhilarating adventures involve a natural setting or backdrop, adventures in Nepal always involve galvanizing terrains and landscapes. Here are the top 5 best adventure activities to do in Nepal-

Bungee Jumping

Adventure Activities - Bungy

Bungee Jumping in Nepal is one of the best side-adventures that thrill-seekers prefer to do. The adventure takes place in the middle of a huge suspension bridge that is situated above the Bhote Koshi River. The swiftly flowing Himalayan River gushes past huge cliffs on either side, letting the jumper fall into the Bhote Koshi River Gorge. It is absolutely breath-taking and exhilarating!

The bridge itself, which is the site of the Bungee Jump, was designed by New Zealand’s Consultant, making it one of the safest thrill-seeking hangouts in the country. The bridge lies about 160 kilometers over the Bhote Koshi River.

The journey to the Bungee site usually starts with a short drive from Kathmandu along the Araniko Highway to the Bhote Koshi Valley. One of the best places to relax there is a resort, named “The Last Resort” where adventurers can enjoy a relaxing meal and a swim in the resort’s vicinity after the Bungee Jump.      

Rock Climbing

Rock Climbing Top 5 Adventure in Nepal

Nepal is known for some of the most wonderful natural rock formations in the world, especially in the Mustang region where the erosion of cliffs by Himalayan winds and long-term exposure to the sun has led to alien-looking rock formations that look like they don’t even belong to our planet. Rock Climbing is one of the more extreme adventures where climbers scale natural or artificially-made rocks up, down and sideways.

The main quest of rock climbing is to get to the end-point of a pre-destined route without falling. It is an adventure that requires endurance from its climbers, and that is what makes rock climbing so heart-pounding! Due to Nepal’s many amazing rock formations, rock climbing is a marvelous affair, embedded in an emerald canvas filled with natural treasures like waterfalls and Himalayan tapestries decorating the skyline.

One of the best places in Nepal for rock climbing is at the Nagerjun Hill. It is situated about 3 kilometers from Kathmandu. Usually, climbers make the journey from the capital to Nagerjun in the morning to witness the view of the sunrise amidst the distant mountain peaks that can be seen from there; Nagerjun is also a famous vantage point preferred by the city people of Kathmandu.       

Rock Climbing

Rock Climbing

Ultra-Light Flight has been gaining popularity among Nepal’s visitors in recent years. Taking place in Pokhara city, the ultra light flight lets people experience the Annapurna Mountain Range from the sky. Aerial views of the sprawling Pokhara city below situated beside the sapphire Phewa Lake is also quite wonderful. A bird’s eye view of the Annapurna Mountains is something that really sticks in the mind.

Ivory peaks of the Annapurna range, like Dhaulagiri peak, the Machhapuchhre, the Gangapurna and the Annapurna I, II and II among many others are situated in close proximity to Pokhara- the tourist hub of Nepal. The Phewa Lake also adds more natural charm to the place. Ultra Light Flight is a great way to enjoy the city in a new perspective- flying in the sky with the eagles!

Not only the city, but the whole of Pokhara valley can be seen from the small plane that flies over. Ethereal views of the valley’ many waterfalls, the emerald pastures and chartreuse pine and maple woods are presented in a captivating display. The duration of the flight varies according to the price; about 15, 30 and 90 minute ultra light flights are available. The plane rises to about 5000 feet in the sky. 


Paragliding in Pokhara

Paragliding in Nepal is one its most appealing adventures. Because of Nepal’s spellbinding Himalayas, paragliding has quickly become one of the must-do adventures in the country for people who want an unforgettable experience with the mountain peaks. Like Ultra Light Flights, Pokhara is one of the most famous paragliding spots in the country. Besides Pokhara, another popular paragliding spot is the vantage point of Sarangkot.

Flying a light-weight foot-launched glider in the air above the valleys presents a view that is simply hypnotic. Not only that, but paragliding in Nepal also presents fantastic Himalayan sights. The adventure is hauntingly exceptional.     

Zip Flying

Adventure Activity - Zip Flying     

Zip Flying in Nepal is a relatively new adventure sport. Nevertheless, it has quickly become an appealing prospect for many of the country’s thrill-seekers. Understandably so too, as the Zip Line, which is situated in Pokhara, is one of the highest-located, steepest, longest and the fastest zip lines in the world. The zip cable is 1.8 kilometers long and the speed of the zip-liner can reach up to 140 kilometers per hour.

The site of the Zip Lining adventure in Nepal is located in Sarangkot. This thrilling escapade has been in operating in Nepal since 2012. Designed by TM LLC, USA, the Zip Line is the ultimate grail for thrill-seekers!   

In conclusion, Nepal is one of the best destinations for adventurers. Moreover, traveling to Nepal is relatively cheaper as well. Albeit being a small country, Nepal has a lot to offer the world. It is a beautiful country with many hallmarks pertaining to the high mountain peaks, its cultural complexion and a sundry of natural tenor, making it one of the must-visit places on Earth.

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