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10 Best Things to do In Nepal

Nepal is a landlocked country in between two giant countries namely India and China. Though Nepal has meager area of 1,47,181 sq. km., it supports astounding geographical variations since it rises from as low as 59 meters to world’s highest peak Mt. Everest,  8,848 meters above sea level  offering suitable habitations from tropical to alpine vegetations. In addition to this, Nepal has proved to be enticing destinations for back packers since over 7 hundred thousand tourists from all around the globe visit this country annually to explore its pristine natural beauty and diverse ethnicity of its people.

Despite of Nepal’s coverage of paltry land area within its territory, it has wide varieties of experiences to offer for the one seeking for adventures, pilgrimage, ancient architecture, ethnicity, peace, you name it.

Though there are many pleasant things to do here in Nepal, we have tried to condense them to 10 Best Things to do In Nepal:-

Trekking through Himalayas

Trekking in Nepal is one of the unmatched experiences in Nepal as it is blessed with pristine landscapes, rugged mountain trekking trails and culturally rich villages along with the view of spectacular lofty mountains. Trekking here is a wholesome experience one can experience unlike in any part of the world.

The major trekking trails here in Nepal are Everest Base Camp Trek Annapurna Region Trek, Langtang Region Trek, Manaslu Region Trek, Mustang Region Trek, Kanchenjunga Trek and many more which are equally challenging and will definitely push ones limit of strength. Trekkers need not fear of being lonely throughout the trek because they continuously encounter local villagers and fellow trekkers passing by.

Hiking in Hills

Hiking Hills

Hiking is one of the best ways to explore the welcoming beauty of diverse cultural aspect and true sights of Nepal within few days especially in hilly regions. Since there is provision of home stay, one can have an ample opportunity to amalgamate with amiable Nepalese people. In addition to this, the regularly spaced tea houses offer good opportunities to rest and recuperate to regain energy on the way while hiking.

Some of the popular hiking destinations are Dhulikhel-Balthali hiking, Chisapani-Nagarkot Hiking and Kakani-Nagarkot Hiking. These hiking can last from couple of days to 8 days.

Cultural Tours

Cultural Tours

Nepal is inhabited with more than hundred of ethnic tribes each tribe with their own dialect. There are mainly Hindus, Buddhists, Muslims and Christians living together with religious tolerance. Nepal is blessed with ten world heritage sites of Nepal listed in UNESCO, out of which seven is located in Kathmandu valley itself. Kathmandu is also regarded as city of temples since there are more temples than houses making the country itself undoubtedly one of the best tourist destinations for cultural tours as well.



Mountaineering started gaining popularity all over the world when Sir Ed. Hillary and Tenzing Norgay scaled peak of the world Mt. Everest in May 1953. With eight of the ten highest peaks of in the world, Nepal lures thousands of mountaineers to scale its peaks. Nepal has been open to around 175 peaks out of 326 peaks for this challenging and persevering sport. Moreover, veteran Mountain and trekking guides of Nepal facilitate in the expeditions of the mountaineers.  

White Water Rafting

White Water Rafting

Nepal is also the second richest country in water resources. Rivers originating from majestic Himalayas fed by monsoon rain and melting snows on their way to the plains offer world’s most jaw dropping rapids to raft along. Based on the difficulty level, the rivers of Nepal are classified from class one to six (class one being the easiest and six being the hardest); one can choose the river to raft as per their convenience.

Wildlife Tours

Wildlife tours

With 0.1 percent of global land area, 23% of Nepal’s landmass area falls under protected areas conserving exotic floras and faunas making it fascinating country in wildlife tours as well. Especially, the southern plains of Nepal are well suited for jungle safaris, since the protected areas are easy accessible.  As one can spot the endangered animals while passing through the core regions of the forests riding either domesticated elephants or jeeps, it definitely is a treat for one seeking for close view of natural wildlife habitat.

Adventure Sports

Adventure Sports

Along with natural beauty, Nepal also offers heart pumping and adrenaline rushing adventurous sports like bungee jumping, paragliding, zip lining, mountain biking, mountain flight, sky diving, Canyoning, rock climbing and jungle safari  in order to overcome the fear imposed by nature’s ferocity.

Religious Tour

Religious Tour

Nepal is mostly inhabited by Hindus and Buddhists. Here lies a very revered Hindu temple, Pashupatinath where millions of Hindu devotees visit every year. Likewise, there are sacred stupas like Bouddhanath and Swoyambhunath. In addition to this, Nepal is also the birth place of Lord Buddha. The rubbles of the sacred palace, where he was born, are still preserved in Lumbini. There are many more beautiful monasteries built by different countries here in Lumbini.

Exploration of Ancient Art and Architecture

Exploration of Ancient Art and Architecture

The beautiful palaces and temples built Malla rulers during medieval period with intricate wood carvings in doors; pillar and woods are certainly very fascinating. Legend has it that the popular temple, Kasthamandap was built out of single timber. Stone carvings are equally alluring. Nepal is still very famous for wood carvings and stone masonry leading to their demanding export all over the globe.

Enjoy the traditional cuisines

Enjoy the traditional cuisines

With rich traditions and culture, Nepal also has delicious traditional cuisines to offer. The epicurean can enjoy rice, lentils, pickles, different varieties of meat, sel roti (made of rice flour), bara (made of lentil flour), yomari (made of rice flour stuffed with molasses), homemade wine and beer, momos (especial dumplings), King curd of Bhaktapur, Newar’s feast with 84 items and many more which are palatable as well as rich in nutrient values.

Nepal is primitively embellished with majestic mountains, clean and warm water bodies, green forests, diverse culture, ancient art and architecture and cordial people living in harmony. The potential adventure stored here is found nowhere else in the world making it worth a visit. 

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