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    Unique Souvenirs from Nepal

    When traveling to Nepal there are many souvenirs that may catch your eye. Throughout Thamel, there are hundreds of stores selling pashmina, tea,

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  • Nightlife in kathmandu

    Nightlife in Kathmandu

    Kathmandu is the largest city in Nepal and is rapidly growing and evolving. With this growth comes new culture, which includes a rise in the

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  • Making Momo

    Making Momo

    If you have been to Nepal or talked to someone who is Nepali, you will almost certainly know about momo or mo:mo. It is one of the most popular

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  • What to expect on a trek in Nepal

    What to expect on a trek in Nepal

    You’ve booked your trip to Nepal and are getting excited about your trek, but… what should you expect? What will the food be like? Who will you

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