Top 5 places you must visit in Nepal

Top 5 places you must visit in Nepal before you hit the bucket

Posted By Nepal Hiking Team | 19 Jun

Nepal is a beautiful country that has many diverse features in many different aspects. Albeit being relatively small, the country is home to a vast array of mountain ranges, various animal and plant life, copious amounts of river and water systems and the persistence of religious harmony among its people. Bordering China in the north […]

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Top ten best treks in Nepal

Top Ten Best Treks in Nepal

Posted By Nepal Hiking Team | 12 Jun

Nepal- the country of the Himalayas, offers beautiful locations and destinations for trekking and many other activities. Famous for being a home to the world’s tallest peak- Mount Everest, Nepal also has many culture and customs that reflect the country’s diversity beautifully. Rich in culture, history and natural landscapes, Nepal is a prefect destination for […]

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Lumbini -The Birthplace of Lord Buddha

Posted By Nepal Hiking Team | 05 Jun

Lumbini is a Buddhist pilgrimage site in the Rupandehi District of Nepal. Being rich in cultural and religious diversity, Nepal has many people who live together in harmony who follow different culture and religion and have their own rituals and practices. The majority of the people in Nepal follow the Hindu religion with Buddhism coming […]

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Kathmandu Valley the epicenter of the Himalayan Kingdom

Posted By Nepal Hiking Team | 29 May

Known as the city of Gods and Goddesses, Kathmandu is the capital of the largest Himalayan Kingdom in Asia. Standing at an elevation of approximately 1,400 meters, the bowl shaped valley of Kathmandu is historically termed as the “Nepal Proper” and has been the home of numerous cultures concentrated in the cosmopolitan. An ever-expanding urban […]

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beautiful trek

Why the Autumn Season is the best time for Trekking in Nepal

Posted By Nepal Hiking Team | 20 May

Nepal is known for its beautiful mountains and ivory peaks. Trekking in Nepal has become a famous adventure activity to do for travelers. People in numbers of thousand visit the country every year for trekking in the cerulean mountains. For a large majority of the time, Nepal experiences four seasons the whole year round. The […]

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peak climbing equipments

Peak Climbing Equipments

Posted By Nepal Hiking Team | 20 Apr

Peak Climbing in Nepal tends to require a bit more effort and a higher level of physical fitness than regular trekking journeys. If you are thinking about Peak Climbing in Nepal any time soon in the future, then you might want to make sure that you have enough preparations for this adventure. Along with good […]

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Peak climbing

5 Most Famous Peak Climbing Destinations in Nepal

Posted By Nepal Hiking Team | 09 Apr

Cerulean terrain and high summits make for an amazing adventure in the Himalayas. Nepal definitely does not have meagerness when it comes to Himalayan beauty and trekking destinations. With the world’s highest peak with an altitude of 8,848 meters, Mount Everest is the tallest mountain peak in the world. If you are wondering about the […]

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Ghode Jatra

The legend of Ghode Jatra

Posted By Nepal Hiking Team | 27 Mar

The celebration of Ghode Jatra is done in the wide open ground of Tundikhel every year in the heart of Kathmandu. Organized on the no-moon day of Chaitra, “Ghode Jatra” translates to “Horse Parade” in Nepali. Organized and performed by Nepal Army and Police together, Ghode Jatra has a historically rich lore that centers on […]

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trekking in mustang

Why the choice of trekking in Mustang is a perfect decision

Posted By Nepal Hiking Team | 26 Mar

Mystical Mustang in the summer – trekking in Mustang and its sublimity. If Mustang were to be described, “Mystical” would be the perfect word that encapsulates trekking in Mustang wholly. This lesser-known part of the country is a perfect destination for summer trekking. With traditions not found anywhere else on Earth- Mustang region is one […]

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