Trekking in Nepal for elderly

Trekking Tips for the Elderly

Posted By Nepal Hiking Team | 18 Mar

Some useful ides and thoughts on trekking in Nepal for elderly people. As we get older, our bodies aren’t able to exert as much stamina as we used to when we were younger. We tend to get tired a lot faster and our bodies start to ache on places when we do certain tasks for […]

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How to Prepare for trekking

How to Prepare for Trekking

Posted By Nepal Hiking Team | 16 Mar

A simple guide on how to prepare undergoing trekking in general… Trekking in Nepal has become one of the most adventuresome activity to do for many people for their vacation. Indeed, with Nepal’s canvas of Himalayas in the north, undergoing trekking is an amazing experience. In this article, we are going to be discussing about […]

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Explore The Himalayas by Helicopter

Posted By Nepal Hiking Team | 01 Mar

One of the most prominent features of Nepal would be that of its beguiling nature and of its sapphire Himalayan tapestry. The congeniality of the mountain peaks in the northern region of the country play a proficient role in the overall natural beauty the country possesses. Trekking in the mountain peaks of the country has […]

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A Brief History of Trekking in Nepal

Posted By Nepal Hiking Team | 05 Feb

In 1965, trekking was introduced in Nepal for the very first time by Colonel Jimmy Roberts. Lieutenant Colonel James Owen Merion Roberts (1916–1997) was one of the greatest and most prolific explorer of mountains of the twentieth century; a highly decorated British Army officer who achieved fame as “The Father of Trekking” in Nepal. His […]

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7 Best Short Treks in Nepal

7 Best Short Treks in Nepal

Posted By Nepal Hiking Team | 31 Jan

Nepal being a little kaleidoscope of diversity has lots to offer in terms of motley collections of people who follow a vast medley of cultures and traditions, unprecedented heterogeneity in landscape and absolutely beguiling natural surroundings. We will be explaining and discussing seven of the very best short treks to do in Nepal, suitable for […]

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Top ten best treks in Nepal

Top Ten Best Treks in Nepal

Posted By Nepal Hiking Team | 25 Jan

Nepal is a country of Himalayas, and it houses the world’s tallest mountain among many others within it. Presenting many opportunities for experiencing the many diverse culture, tradition and customs of the people living here and the vast expanse of natural beauty that it posses, Nepal is also famous for trekking journeys in the snowy […]

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Januarys in Kathmandu

Posted By Nepal Hiking Team | 08 Jan

The Januarys are cold and crisp in Nepal, especially in the capital, where the mornings are greeted with fog and mist, and we can see our breath when we look out the window into the city. A perfect time to snuggle in the warm duvets with hot coffee (or tea or chocolate!) with a book. […]

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Bhoto Jatra

The legend of The Bhoto Jatra

Posted By Nepal Hiking Team | 02 Jan

Before we begin the story, you might want to know what a “Bhoto” is, yes. Well, it’s a vest. “Bhoto” in Nepali translates to “a vest”. “Jatra” means “Festival”. And so, you will read the story of the festival of vest. Yes, you read that correctly, we have a festival for a vest here, and […]

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Nepal: A Land of Diversity

Posted By Nepal Hiking Team | 27 Dec

Albeit being a small country sandwiched between two larger ones, Nepal has the most colorful divergence as divergence come. With varying land topography all differing from one another to the very differences in the cultures the people follow, Nepal is a hotspot for marvelous visits. The eyes can feast upon various natural sites which are […]

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