Tea house and Camping Trek

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Tea house and Camping Trek

With regard to accommodation, trekking can be classified into two different types, including tea house and camping:

Tea house Trekking

In Tea house trekking, trekkers stay at the comfortable hotel, guesthouses or lodges available at the location where you stop for overnight. A number of tea house are opened en route to almost all famous trekking trails. You can stay at the tea house, enjoy the yummy meals from the menu, take a shower and relax after long walking hours.

Go for a trek with the company of a guide who will take care of your satisfaction and a porter who will carry your backpack. Nepal Hiking Team is all-time available to confirm your booking at best tea houses available which serve delicious meals. Nevertheless, an additional sleeping bag must be carried although the tea houses have comfy beds.

Camping Trekking

Camping Trekking is a truly awe-inspiring way of trekking where you set up tents at the perfect location for your accommodation. For this type of trekking, you need to be accompanied by a professional guide, porters and a cook.

A guide will give abundant information and take care about you. Porters will bear all your baggage and install the tents for you. The cook will prepare delicious meals for you. During Camping Trekking, you just need to carry a small bag with your water bottle and camera.

Camping Trek can be done anywhere in Nepal but most people choose to go camping trek in remote and isolated areas. Sleeping bags are must for this trek. You can also carry packed food since porters will carry it or you can also enjoy varieties of food cooked by porters.

In general, price for camping trekking is higher than tea house trek since there is several hidden cost in camping trek. NHT ensure to present an unforgettable trek be it tea house trek or camping trek

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