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    Free package to news reporters

    Balaram Thapa
    Balaram ThapaUpdated: Feb 1st 2023  |  Uncategorized

    Nepal, no cost for international journalist, join our free package.

    Nepal veils and preserves exquisite natural beauty and is popular all around the globe for it.  Nepal actually is one of the smallest countries in the world set in the lap of massive Himalayas. Nepal holds a charm that allures millions of travelers annually. But the upsetting earthquake in Nepal has brought insecurities among the visitors overshadowing the charisma that the picturesque Himalayas and natural setting possess.

    A responsible tour operator, Nepal Hiking Team is playing a vital role to endorse tourism in Nepal ensuring that Nepal now is a safe place to visit. We have in fact kicked off a free trip packages to the news reporters globally in order to circulate the reports about the safe status of the country all around the world. Arranging free package to the journalists, Nepal Hiking Team anticipates regaining the position of welcoming a huge number of visitors yet again in Nepal which still possesses stunning and breathtaking landscape.

    The natural calamity has killed around 8,700 and dismantled homes and historic temples roads etc.  Yet, the exceptional unity amid all Nepalese is the inspiring factors to conquest the consequences of the disaster.  At this point of time, reconstruction is in progress and people have got back to normal life. Nepal Hiking Team, at this point is also endeavoring its utmost to flourish tourism field in Nepal letting the world know that Nepal is now a safe place to travel.

    There are also a number of media reporting the tragic moment in a misleading way creating fear among travelers. The earthquake had actually badly affected the epicenter area as well as nearby areas. Langtang and Manaslu region, in particular were affected but at present those areas has been made easily reached for camping trekking. Other regions are still on the same and safe condition. For instance, the Everest and Annapurna region, the popular routes for tourists has not been affected by the quake.

    Nepal Hiking Team would like you to know that Nepal isn’t as unsafe as depicted by some media. In fact, if you are fascinated to visit Nepal, just let us know. After visiting, you can know the condition in real then after you can promote to rest of the world.

    We are working to help Nepal to regain its charm all over again. We will sponsor any of the top 10 packages of Nepal as free package to the international journalists including food, lodging, guide as well as all the air and road transportation charges. Just visit and report the correct information to flourish Nepal’s tourism once again.

    Our country needs your help! Hope you will co-operate!

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