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    Tea house and Camping Trek

    Balaram Thapa
    Balaram ThapaUpdated: Jul 23rd 2023  |  Travel Tips

    Trekking can be classified into two different types in terms of accommodations- Tea house trekking and Camping trekking. We at Nepal Hiking Team are here to give you some insight on both of these trekking:

    Tea house Trekking

    The whole concept of Tea house trekking is for trekkers to stay at a comfortable hotel, guesthouses, or lodges available at the location where they stop for an overnight stay. You can find several tea houses on almost all of the famous trekking trails in Nepal. You may stay at the tea house, enjoy the yummy meals from the menu, shower, and relax after long walking hours.

    Go for a trek with the company of a guide who will take care of you and a porter who will carry your backpack. Although the tea houses have comfy beds, additional sleeping bags must be carried.

    Contact us anytime to confirm your booking at the best tea houses available.

    Why Tea House Trek?

    Tea house trekking offers a chance to relax after a long walking journey and have the delicious meals of your choice while enjoying the outstanding view from the Tea house.

    Since most tea houses are owned and managed by locals, staying at one will give you a glimpse of the cultures and the way of life of the locals in the Mountains.

    All these tea houses have a common area with a wood fire burning in the center. Hundreds of tourists from all over the world visit these tea houses. Thus, it allows you to meet these people, exchange stories, and warm up before preparing for the next day's trek.

    After long walking hours, you can enjoy a hot shower in some tea houses and stay warm in your cozy room.

    Tea House Trek Limitation

    Although the tea house trekking has many advantages, it also has drawbacks. Some of the limitations of the tea house trek are:

    Unlike the hotels in city areas, most tea houses in Nepal don't have a pre-booking facility. The rooms are distributed on a first-come, first basis. Hence, you must reach there to get a room in one of the tea houses in the mountains.

    Again, unlike the city hotels, most tea houses in the mountains have only a cash policy in exchange for their hospitality. They don't have the pos-machines and, thus, can't accept credit cards.

    Most tea houses in the mountains have a shared squat toilet instead of a Western-style toilet or an attached bathroom.

    Popular Tea house Trekking

    Since tea house trekking provides a comfortable stay, it is popular in different regions of Nepal. Some of them are:

    In Everest region

    In Annapurna region

    In Mustang Region

    In Langtang Region

    Other regions

    Camping Trekking

    Camping Trekking is truly an adventurous way of trekking, where you set up tents at the perfect location and enjoy your stay while sipping tea in front of a gorgeous view. Being accompanied by a professional guide, porters, and a cook is a must for this trek.

    Each three will help you in their own way throughout your trek. The guide will provide you with plenty of information and ensure your safety throughout the trek. Porters will bear all your baggage and install the tents for you. And The cook will prepare delicious meals for you. During this trek, carrying a small bag with a water bottle and a camera is highly recommended.

    Camping Trek can be done anywhere in Nepal, but most people camp in remote and isolated areas. Sleeping bags are a must for this trek. You can also carry packed food, or you can also enjoy varieties of food cooked by porters.

    Since there are several hidden costs in a camping trek, it is relatively more expensive than the tea house treks. However, we ensure to present you with an unforgettable trek, whether a tea house or a camping trek.

    Why Camping Trek?

    Going on a Camping Trek in Nepal will allow you to explore the remote and exotic areas of Nepal. It will give you a chance to spend time in out-of-the-way places, away from the crowds, concrete, and cables.

    One of the many advantages of the camping trek is that, unlike the tea house trek, you can be accommodated for an overnight stay in the area of your choice. And you don't have to worry about being unable to get a room because of overcrowding.

    Camping trek allows you to connect with nature and experience a completely different lifestyle than your daily life back home. You can have the whole natural experience and discover your hidden self. It is also great for stress reduction.

    Camping Trek Limitations

    Although Camping Trek is great in many ways, however, it has its limitations as well:

    The main downside of this trek is that it often implies a low comfort level. Sleeping in tents for days will surely make you miss the comfort back home. And you may sometimes even have to take a natural leak on this trek.

    Since there are several hidden costs, going on a Camping Trek will be relatively more expensive than the Tea House Trek.

    Also, Going on a Camping Trek requires you to sleep in a tent on the ground. Thus, it is sure to give you back problems and insufficient sleep.

    Camping Trek highly depends on the area's weather conditions and will be somewhat problematic in the rainy season. Since the camping grounds will be muddy and filled with dirt, it will be challenging.

    Popular Camping Trek

    The camping trek was practiced way before the Tea House Trek. Thus, it is considered a traditional form of trekking. When the Himalayas in Nepal were not so developed, people often went on a Camping Trek.

    Some of the popular camping treks are:

    Suggested Camping Trek:

    At the End

    Whether it's a Tea house Trek or a Camping Trek, both will give you the experience of your life and allow you to remember the trip for years in the back of your mind. The feeling of adrenaline rush you will get throughout both the trek is something you'll never forget. Experiencing any of these treks will help you discover yourself and be forever in your mind. Remember us for any one of these treks. We ensure you the best accommodation to suit your best interest.

    Which one of these treks do you think is the best and will be more adventurous? Comment down your thoughts regarding the accommodation of the trek.

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