Chitwan Jungle Safari Tour

Chitwan Jungle Safari Tour

Nepal’s biodiversity and its wild life is an integral part of the country’s countenance, along with its myriad of cultural and traditional diversities and land topography. The difference in the landscape and the elevation of Nepal results in a variety of biomes and natural spheres that occur at all parts and locations of the country due to the presence of contrast in the altitudinal gradient. To protect its flora and wild life, Nepal has established a network of 20 protected areas consisting of 10 national parks, three wildlife reserves, six conservation areas and one hunting reserve. Among the ten national parks, two of them have also been listed under the UNESCO Natural World Heritages list. They are the Chitwan National Park and the Sagarmatha National Park. Famous for its amazing Jungle safaris and being a habitat to many of the country’s endangered animals, the Chitwan National Park is perhaps one of the most famous national parks of Nepal. You can have a wild taste of the wilderness with the Chitwan Jungle Safari Tour and experience Chitwan’s wide expanses of natural landscape and woodlands. The lush forests of Chitwan National Park and its parameters consist of many wild animals and rare floral abundance along with ethnic villages and old traditional settlements of the local people of Chitwan. The Chitwan Jungle Safari Tour is a great way to get yourself be immersed into the cornucopia of Chitwan National Park’s natural riches and its ethnic opulence. The first national park of Nepal, Chitwan’s translation literally means “the heart of the jungle”. Established in 1973, the national park of Chitwan covers an area of 932 square kilometers and is located at the subtropical inner lowlands of the Terai of south-central Nepal. Ranging in altitudes from 100 meters in the river valleys to 815 meters to the Churia Hills, the Chitwan National Park consist of the Narayani-Rapti River system forming a natural boundary with the land’s human settlements. The Chitwan Jungle Safari Tour is a great way to observe and look at close sights of animals like one-horned rhinoceros, Bengal Tigers, Langur monkeys, wild boars, sloth bears, jungle cats, pythons, crocodiles and a vast variety of avifauna, all while riding the back of an elephant through the verdant woods.

Moreover, along with the elephant ride through the forest, the Chitwan Jungle Safari Tour also includes many more adventurous activities like canoeing, exploring the ethnic Tharu villages and having a visit to the national park’s animal breeding centers. Have a relaxing and euphoric nature walk along the Rapti River as you surround yourself to the ambiance of exotic birds filling up the sound of the air with their chirping. Rejuvenate your mind and soul as you excurse peacefully through emerald woods and watch dainty birds perched atop tree branches. Have fun playing with the elephants as they bath in the cool waters of Rapti and know about how the national park makes preservation of its animals, birds, mammals, amphibians and reptiles possible by visiting their breeding and nurture centers. Tour the variegated grasslands and the forests of the park on Jeeps and encounter the jungle’s wild cats and giant beasts in their natural habitat. Look at sunset views from the bank of the Rapti River and get close to the Tharu people’s culture and their traditional practices and customs as you visit the villages and settlements. Cleanse your aesthetics with a tranquil boat ride on the river as you surround yourself with nature’s best features and amazing natural hallmarks of the national park. The Chitwan Jungle Safari Tour truly is a perfect way to really get acquainted with the natural wild life and biodiversity of Nepal in the most comfortable and thrilling way. The pulchritude of Mother Nature in her finest form is something that really has to be experienced at least once, especially in the rapid modernization and commercialization era we are living in today. The Jungle Safari Tour offers a perfect way to do this and presents an experience that really incorporates the collective multifarious facets of Chitwan to give you a manifestation that will forever remain in your minds.

Chitwan Jungle Safari Tour Activities

Chitwan Jungle Safari Tour

Elephant Back Safari

Rhinocerous Grazing

The Elephant Back Safari is a highlight of the Chitwan Jungle Tour, where you would be trudging the woodlands perched atop the back of an elephant. Look at the sights of the woodlands as you sit on the elephant back and enjoy your mount as the animal lumbers along with slow bated steps. It is an amazing experience unlike anything that’s ever existed and presents the opportunity to really enjoy the feel of what it is like to be a part of the forest and nature. It is also a great way to spot rhinoceroses as they graze on shrub bushes and grass. Make out smaller jungle civets hiding among the tall tussocks and experience the wonders of the woods in its most pristine and exotic form. Follow the mahout as he instructs the docile elephant with his feet and savor the elephant’s soft feel and its convex back. The soft eyes of the elephant and its endearing disposition will have your hearts captured in no time.

Nature Walk

Rhino sighting on nature walk

Experience the tranquility of the woods and nature’s undisturbed charisma with an exciting nature walk through the forests of Chitwan. The trained naturalists and park rangers take you to principal points where the deer and sloth bears reside, giving you the opportunity to observe these amazing animals up close. You will also be getting information on these animals, along with the park’s unique floral aspects and their beautiful natural sense of character. It is an endearing prospect and presents the opportunity to early perceive and be conscious of how utterly heavenly and absolutely fascinating forests can be.

Bird Watching Tour

Nature watching

Chitwan is one of the best destinations for Bird Watching. Every year, bird watchers and conversationalists survey and observe the wide variety of bird species of the park. Chitwan also has a recorded 543 species of birds in its woods, much more than any other protected area in Nepal and two-thirds of Nepal’s globally threatened species. The park’s alluvial grasslands are important habitats for many critically endangered birds and the park is one of the few known breeding site of globally threatened birds of prey. Some of the more commonly spotted birds of Chitwan include cormorants, storks, hornbills, kingfishers, grey-headed eagles, sunbirds, Floricans, flycatchers, peafowls, geese, egrets and parakeets among hundreds of others.

Boating/Canoeing Trip


Canoeing on the Rapti River is a great way to experience the multitude of Chitwan’s emerald woods in a relaxing and rejuvenating way. It is also a great way to spot water-birds and crocodiles, marsh muggers and gharials that occupy the river banks. The ancient dinosaur-like crocodiles and gharials of the Rapti River present quite a ferocious sight and most of these ancient reptiles can be seen basking in the sun, lying stiff as woods and lumber, waiting for their prey to come close so that it can pounce upon their surprised self and drag them under water to feast. The Narayani-Rapti River system and many of its smaller tributaries and oxbow lakes flowing throughout the forests of Chitwan are also a habitat to about 113 recorded species of fishes.

The Elephant Breeding Centre

The Elephant Breeding Centre

The most docile and amenable animal of them all, Elephants are the most beautiful and sublime creatures to ever grace the Earth. Their bellowing trumpets, flappy ears and boisterously joyful way of greeting other elephants with trunks entwined is a sight that melts the heart away. There really is a great mystery lying behind the gray visage of the animal, an ancient life-force that is delicate and mighty at the same time, commanding the silence ordinarily reserved for beautiful desolation. The Chitwan Jungle Safari Tour will take you to Hattisar, where you can have demonstrations about how the elephant’s meals are prepared and how the animal eats in the Elephant Breeding Centre. You will receive much information about the nature of the elephants and their habits. This centre, established in 1985, lies about 3 kilometers west of Sauraha on the far side of the Bhude Rapti River and is visited by many people who want to look at the elephants and their baby calves. The Elephant Breeding Centre also provides many of the elephants for the Jungle Safari. While here, you can watch how the mahouts prepare sweets for the elephants from molasses, salt and rice wrapped in grass- called Kuchiis.

Elephant Baths

elephant bath

The elephant bath is perhaps one of the most memorable activities of the Chitwan jungle safari. You can get in the cool waters of the Rapti River and help the elephant bath. More often than not, the elephant sprays a shower of water out of its trunk and it is a jovial way to make everlasting memories with the beautiful beast. Elephants tend to have baths more in the summer than in the winter as the waters offer a refreshing zing in the summer rather than in cold winters. The excitement of playing with the elephant in the water is a prospect that brings out the inner child and presents the feel of what it was like to be a little child with no worries. It truly is an experience that will leave you with a smile on your face and your soul feeling lighter.

Elephant Briefing

Elephant briefing program

The elephant briefing is a way for the park rangers of Chitwan to convey information and knowledge about the elephants. The nature experts will inform you about various facts pertaining to the gentle giant and their life in the wild, their domestication and the differences between the African and the Asian elephants along with many other intelligence. You can also learn about how the mahouts train the elephants and how riding these animals are possible.

Tharu Village Tour

Tharu Village tours

The village of the Tharu people in Chitwan is a great place to learn about the people’s culture and tradition. The Bhada Homestay Village at Chitwan is a beautiful village of the Tharu people where you can observe the daily lifestyle of the people and get to know about their customs and rituals up close. The ethnic indigenous people of the Himalayan foothills, Tharu people are said to have migrated from the Thar Desert to Nepal and are among the oldest ethnic groups of the country. The fine mud and lattice houses of the Tharu village are fascinating to see and the Tharus are renowned for their artistic take on everything, specially houses and buildings. The walls are often times decorated with relief plaster sculptures and windows in geometric patterns. The Tharu women also wear exotic beautiful jewelry and traditional Tharu costumes during the time of celebrations and festivities. The tour of the village can be done on bullock-carts and local Tharu delicacies can be enjoyed.

Tharu Cultural Tour

Tharu Culture

The Tharu Culture Show is a great experience where the Tharu community of Chitwan put on a cultural show of folk dance and music. In the evening before dinner, Cultural shows light up the stage and offer a unique presentation of Tharu tradition, theatrical art and beautiful display of Tharu costumes and ornaments on the performers.

Jeep Drive

jeep tours

The Jungle Safari isn’t complete without a Jeep drive through the verdant woods of Chitwan! The drive through the grasslands, across rivers and forests of Sal and Sisau to the headquarter of the National Park- Kasara, is an adventurous way to really take in the inertia of Chitwan’s natural elements. Kasara also has a Gharial Hatchery Farm where crocodile eggs are brought from the wild and the baby crocodiles are raised safely before being released into the wild again.

The Sunset View

Sunset view chitwan

Watching the sunset view from the banks of the Rapti River is a relaxing and an exhilarating opportunity to soak in the land’s beautiful features. The reflection of the red setting sun on the waters of the river as it ripples along is an ethereal sight.

Special Tours

The special tour is a journey of a day-long hike to the Churia Hills or other parts of the park. Travel deep into the jungle and encounter chances of glimpsing rare and elusive animals that are inaccessible on regular places.

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