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    Top 5 Best Heli Treks in Nepal

    Balaram Thapa
    Balaram ThapaUpdated: Feb 9th 2023  |  Heli Hike

    Want to experience the brilliance of the mountain but don’t have the time? Then no worries, because we have the perfect alternative to enjoy the awe-inspiring mountain vistas in a brief time. With Heli treks in Nepal, individuals can relish the mountain galore and enjoy being on the mountain trail simultaneously. Trek through the world-famous trekking routes, and finish off the journey with a breathtaking helicopter ride over the mountains, valleys, glaciers, and cliffs. All the more, Heli treks are flexible not only for travelers with limited time but also for seniors.

    All the more, Helicopter tours are exceptionally pleasing. While resting in the comfort of a helicopter seat, appreciate the views of the heavenly mountains from the top. Besides, Helicopters are the perfect medium to reach any remote corner of Nepal. Although walking to any beautiful place in Nepal is doable, it comes at the cost of squandering time and energy. Thus, in such conditions, Helicopter tours in Nepal work like magic. Offering a smooth journey and beautiful memories in a short length, the heli trek is one of the appealing things to do in Nepal.

    Here are some of the top 5 best Heli Treks in Nepal. All treks on this list allow you to admire the scenic mountain vistas from both the ground and the clouds.

    Everest Base Camp Heli Trek

    Top 5 Best Heli Treks in Nepal Everest Base Camp

    Every trek enthusiasts are familiar with Everest Base Camp Trek. In fact, it might be on their bucket list as well; after all, it is a world-famous trekking route. Now, imagine the experience of exploring the world-famous trekking route from the ground and the air. It ensures a phenomenal experience if we have to put it in simple words. Everest Base Camp Heli Trek entails walking with the mountains and finishing the journey with an exhilarating helicopter ride. The journey lets visitors immerse into nature and the great outdoors and admire them while settling into a comfortable heli ride.

    Everest Base Camp Heli Trek is a fantastic 11-day journey in the world-famous Everest region. This moderate hike seamlessly meanders through little Sherpa towns and eventually to the magnificent Everest Base Camp. In this enthralling journey, take into the breathtaking sights of Everest, Cho Oyu, Nuptse, Lhotse, Ama Dablam, and many more peaks from the ground. Also, when flying back to Kathmandu from Gorakshep in a helicopter, soak the sights f Himalayas from above. It is a well-deserved journey that promises entrancing scenery and memories; hence, it is first on the list of top heli treks in Nepal.

    Everest Base Camp with Gokyo Lake Heli Trek

    5 Best Heli Treks Gokyo

    The incomparable beauty of Gokyo Lakes is simply breathless. Adding this finesse with a wonderful EBC trek and topping it off with a heli ride only elevates the beauty of this captivating journey. This journey requires the previous skill of trekking because it involves crossing Cho La pass. Hence, it is quite a challenging journey- at least for rookie trekkers. This adventurous hike takes trekkers to the turquoise lakes of Gokyo and bustling Everest Base Camp at once. Like the rest of our Heli treks in Nepal, the trip concludes with a scenic helicopter flight over the Everest massif. From the comfortable seat of a Helicopter, gaze down at jagged peaks, icy aquamarine lakes, and dense pine forest. Imprint the scene in the memory for a lasting impression.

    All the more, this particular trekking trail is unlike the standard EBC trek. The route encounters less traffic; hence hikers can enjoy the natural magnificent in isolation. As the route experience less traffic, trekkers also get to have an insightful look at the lives of locals living in the secluded areas of the Khumbu region. Overall, besides the excellent mountains, vistas, and pristine lakes, this journey is a whole combo of insightful trekking experience and thrill. In conclusion, it is a wholesome package of beguiling trekking ventures and a fantastic helicopter tour over Khumbu valley.

    Langtang Valley Heli Trek

    Langtang Gosaikunda trek

    Absolutely stunning and fascinating, Langtang Valley Heli Trek is the next destination to consider for scenic helicopter tours in Nepal. This particular journey is probably is the shortest one on the list. It is 8 days journey that traverses through the stunning landscape of Langtang valley and its colorful town. And like the rest of the Heli treks in Nepal, this beautiful journey ends with a fun heli ride back to Kathmandu. Trek through the beautiful Tamang and Sherpa towns witnessing religious significance on the trail. Langtang Valley is an entirely Buddhist town. Mani walls, chortens, gumbas, prayer flags decorate the trekking trails showcasing the heavy influence of their religion.

    Himalaya’s views are visible from the get-go to the end of the Langtang trekking venture. The journey begins from Syabru Bensi, which forgoes many Tamang and Sherpa towns before resting at Kyanjin Gompa. Hike for few hours from Kyanjin Gompa to watch the arresting views of Langtang massif from Kyanjin Ri. Kyanjin Ri is a vantage point where spectacular sights of notable Langtang Ri and Dorje Lakpa are visible.  In addition, it is a wholesome journey to experience the unique culture and awe-inspiring scenery with an outstanding helicopter ride.

    Annapurna Base Camp Heli Trek

    Annnapurna Base Camp Heli trek

    Another on the list of best heli treks in Nepal is the famous Annapurna Base Camp Heli Trek. This a complete packed trip that involves the freshness of Mother Nature and astounding mountain scenery. The trek goes along dense sub-tropical forest allowing visitors an excellent time to mingle with the natural surroundings. At the same time, the journey also incorporates meeting locals from diverse ethnic groups. Seeing diverse cultural variety is uncommon in Nepal but not on the Annapurna Base Camp Trek. People of different ethnic backgrounds inhabit the foothills of Annapurna. Thus, one can experience cultural vibrancy along with natural beauty. Walking past ethnic rural villages, the journey eventually reaches the foundation of Mt. Annapurna. While at base camp, admire the vistas of mountains surrounding Annapurna. And afterward, hop on the waiting helicopter, capture the views of the trekking trails once again from the air.

    Set off on a glorious 9 day Annapurna Base Camp Heli trekking adventure. It is a complete package of hiking in Nepal and enjoying authentic and diverse cultures at once. As well as flying over the delightful scene of the Annapurna region. Nowhere else can travelers enjoy such authenticity and chilling thrills from the safety and comfort of their seats. Breathtaking vistas that await onboard is easily the best once-in-a-lifetime experience. Thus, it is one of Nepal best heli trekking journeys.

    Upper Mustang Heli Trek

    Mustang Heli trekking

    Last on the list is the incredible Upper Mustang Heli Trek. Glide through the remarkable Trans Himalayas of Nepal enjoy the Grand Canyon-like landscape and unique culture. Upper Mustang is Nepal’s hidden treasure tucked away in the shadow of the Annapurna massifs. Here, travelers can experience the purest form of Tibetan Buddhism; thus, trekking to Upper Mustang is a rare privilege. Besides its attractive religious grounds, the place itself is engrossing with its corroded hills and spectacular rock formations. Trekking to Upper Mustang is like traveling back in time because the region is so out of touch with modernity. Additionally, high mountains and a harsh climate produce a semi-arid and spectacular landscape in contrast to the white shining ridges of the Himalayas.

    This phenomenal journey navigates remote white chalked villages such as Jomsom, Kagbeni, Ghami, Tsarang, and many more. It eventually brings travelers to the walled city Lo Manthang- which is also the capital of the Mustang kingdom. The beautiful traditions are reflected in the cloisters, Chortens, and Gumbas along the route. Overall, the inclusion of a helicopter flight over the vast plains and Trans Himalayas enhances the already thrilling experience. Thus, interested in seeing some of Nepal’s most remote locations, the 13-day Upper Mustang Heli Trek is for you.

    Final words

    Join in a marvelous Heli Trek in Nepal and applaud the breathtaking mountains scenes from both land and air. These excursions are not only about enjoying mountains in comfort but also about having an emotionally fulfilling time. Hence, helicopter tours in Nepal are worthwhile, so if you wish to go on a life-changing journey, pick anyone from the list and embark on a lifetime experience.