5 Reasons to choose Langtang Valley Trek

Langtang Valley Trek indulges you in a serene trek in the world’s most beautiful valley. Its easiness and fewer crowds make Langtang Valley Trek popular among travel enthusiasts. Even though there aren’t Himalayas of 8000m, Langtang Lirung’s picturesque mightiness is astounding. The snow peaks surrounds Kyanjin Gompa village and as you ascend higher towards Langshisa Kharka shrines you’ll see beautiful 360 degree views. Langtang valley has seen immense improvement in the lodges and tea houses since the 2015 earthquake. Tourism is gradually in the rise. The locals have worked hard to re build the lodges to welcome tourists. Their dedication and genuine warmth towards the trekkers has made Langtang Valley Trek a serene escapade. Even though this trek is closer to Kathmandu, Langtang Valley Trek is wilder than it seems. Anyone from moderate level of fitness can successfully enjoy this trek. Here are 5 reasons to choose Langtang Valley Trek for your next adventure.

#Spectacular views

Even though there are no Himalayas over 8000m here, but Langtang Lirung’s immaculate beauty is enough to take your breath away.  Langtang Lirung is a show stopper dominating the landscape of Kyanjin Gompa village. From the start of the Langtang Valley Trek you’ll enjoy the snow capped hills peaking through the trees. From the shrines of Langshisa Kharka, the views of the Langtang Lirung decorating the valley is ornamental. If you’re a climbing enthusiast, you can opt for Yala Peak (5500m) or Naya Kanga which requires a permit to for climbing. You’ll also see a huge wall between the valley and Tibet and as you look at the south there you can see the Ganchenpo also known as the Fluted Mountain.

#Wildlife and dense forests

Everyone loves colorful flowers and greenery. In Langtang Valley Trek, you’ll come across dense rhododendron forests which you’ll enjoy immensely. This forest is even glorious in the spring season. You’ll also encounter dense oak and bamboo forests. The forests present a splash of greenery and peacefulness which is immaculate to walk through. As you continue on your trek you’ll visit a national park where there are several animals you can see. Monkeys, wild deer, falcons, lizards and several others keep you entertained on your trek. If you’re lucky enough, you might get a glimpse of the endangered animal; red panda.

#Easy access and fewer crowds of people

Langtang Valley is situated 120 km north of Kathmandu. The condition of the roads from Kathmandu to Langtang valley is moderate. You can take a bus ride from Kathmandu which takes around 8-10 hours to reach Langtang valley or even take a car. There is also an alternative trekking option from Kathmandu via Helambu and Gosainkunda Lake, but this might be a strenuous option.

Langtang Valley Trek is one of the treks which has seen drop in tourism due to the 2015 earthquake. But, now with all the new improvements tourists have started to flock towards its beauty. Unlike Everest Base Camp Treks, Langtang Valley Trek doesn’t have traffic jams or unavailability of lodges. If you’re some who loves enjoying the nature in peace and serenity, this is for you indeed.

#The warm hearted people

Nepalese are by nature the warmest people you’ll ever come across. For us, our guests are a form of the divinity. The locals of Langtang treat you with gratefulness as you step into their lodges and guest houses. The locals will greet you with the Nepalese kind heartedness and genuineness. Ever since the 2015 earthquake, the lodges have been rebuilt and improved. The earthquake had caused a drop in the trekkers in this region. However, now with the hard work of the people they have re built the tea house to welcome the guests. The local’s hard work is visible in their gentle hospitability. Now that the Langtang Valley Trek is slowly gaining its popularity back, it is the perfect time to meet the locals and create new bonding.

#Diverse cultures and landscapes

Nepal is a country with several ethnicities living together in harmony. During your Langtang Valley Trek you’ll come across the warm hearted people of diverse cultures. You’ll find blend of Newar, Tamang and Sherpa cultures. The different ethnicities live together in the Langtang valley celebrating each other’s religion.

As you initiate your trek through the lower region of Langtang, you’ll see dense forests and wildlife. The Tamang ethnicities cultivate on steep terraces. The greenery with the Himalayas in the backdrop is breathtaking. As you move along you’ll see waterfalls, yak pastures, glaciers and homes of the locals.

Langtang valley holds a special place in Nepal. Even though you aren’t aware about its history, spending time here with the Himalayas and the locals, you’ll gain deeper insight. You can know the real life of the locals here under the beautiful snow Himalayas. Langtang Valley Trek is undoubtedly an adventure you should go for.

Interested in Langtang Valley Trek? Nepal Hiking Team is happy to organize your 10 days Langtang Valley Trek or you can also go through our Langtang Gosainkunda Trek or Helambu Trek.

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