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    5 Unexplored Treks In Nepal

    Balaram Thapa
    Balaram ThapaUpdated: May 16th 2023  |  Trekking/Hiking

    Did you know Nepal is a country popular for its various trekking packages? Amongst these diverse treks, there are some treks that are unexplored. Which are these treks? We'll state below in a moment. 

    These treks are less explored by the trekkers, and they are missing out on the beauty of what it has to offer. We want you to explore these hidden regions so that you can experience the unexplored beauty of Nepal. 

    So, without any further ado, here are 5 unexplored treks in Nepal. 

    Let's start! 

    1. Mardi Himal Trek 

    Mardi Himal trek

    Maximum Elevation: 4200m 
    Best Time: March-May and Sep- Nov 
    Accommodation: Teahouses 
    Difficulty Level:  Easy to Moderate 

    Mardi Himal Trek is a fantastic trekking package that is short, easy, and perfect for beginners. The trek leads you to the green paths that lead to different villages and gives you an opportunity to indulge in the rich Nepalese culture. 

    On the trek, you'll traverse a beautiful route that is well-maintained. As you hike, you'll always be surrounded by magnificent landscapes, terraced farms, and Annapurna ranges.

    We have two packages- a 9-day and an 8-day package that you can choose from.

    Best Features 

    • Immerse yourself in nature as you stroll through dense rhododendron forests.
    • Take the relatively quiet and peaceful roads and enjoy the beauty of the surrounding area.
    • Enjoy a leisurely chat with the locals and learn more about their lifestyle, culture, and traditions.
    • Enjoy local Nepali dishes along the way, including dal bhat (a dish of rice, green vegetables, and lentils).
    • With the majestic mountains of the Himalayas as a backdrop, this is your chance to spot some wildlife.
    • Experience spectacular mountain panoramic views from the top. Cross several suspension bridges and enjoy breathtaking views along the way.
    • Watch the beautiful sunrise over the Himalayas from the top. 

    2. Khopra Danda Trek 


    Maximum Elevation: 3640
    Best Time: March-May and Sep- November 
    Accommodation: Teahouses 
    Difficulty Level:  Easy to Moderate 

    The Khopra Danda is an off-beaten trail where you'll set off on a silent route away from the crowd. The trek offers an opportunity to witness the beauty of nature and the true beauty of Nepal. 

    On the trek, there are different villages that are mainly inhabited by Gurungs and Magars. Additionally, the ones that'll make you in awe are the different viewpoints- Mohare Danda, Khopra Danda, and Munde View Point. All these viewpoints offer splendid views of the Annapurna and Dhaulagiri Ranges. 

    Top Attractions 

    • Discover the beautiful Gurungs-Ghandruk Village and visit the Gurung Museum.
    • Take a walk through the lush forest and admire the beauty of the rhododendron forest.
    • Enjoy the great outdoors and soak up the beauty of the Annapurna Conservation Area.
    • Trek along the route of the Annapurna region and get a glimpse of Dhampe, Himalayan Taal, and Tibetan Argali.
    • Enjoy spectacular views of the Dhaulagiri, Hiunchuri, Machhapuchhre, and Annapurna ranges from Munde's viewpoint. Discover Nepal's local delicacies, such as dal bhat, momo, and chow mein.
    •  Interact with and learn about the Gurung and Magar tribes. They are the most populated area in the area.
    • Trek to the famous Kopra Danda and be mesmerized by the views of Dhaulagiri, Annapurna South, and other mountain ranges.
    • Learn and learn about Gurung culture and way of life. 

    3. Mohare Danda Trek 

    Mohare Danda

    Maximum Elevation: 3313 m 
    Best Time: March-May and Sep- Nov 
    Accommodation: Community lodges/Teahouses
    Difficulty Level:  Easy to Moderate 

    The Mohare Danda Trek is an incredible package that has all the features packaged inside it. The trek is a beautiful blend of nature and hiking. The Annapurna region has abundant natural resources that make it enriching. 

    The trek starts from Kathmandu with a scenic drive to Pokhara. Then the hike begins, where you'll pass some beautiful villages, mainly Beni, Nangi Village, and the famous Mohare Danda.

    Major Features

    • Explore the vibrant city life in Pokhara.
    • Indulge in the Nepali cuisines on the trek.
    • Learn about the rich culture and traditions of the Gurungs and Magars.
    • Take a climb to Mohare Danda and enjoy panoramic views of the Annapurna Range, Dhaulagiri, and other snow-capped peaks. 
    • Enter the Annapurna Conservation Area - home to various breeds of birds and animals.

    4. Tamang Heritage Trail 

    Maximum Elevation: 2607m 
    Best Time: March-May and Sep- Nov 
    Accommodation: Teahouses 
    Difficulty Level:  Easy to Moderate 

    The Tamang Heritage Trail is an exciting package that takes you to the mesmerizing Tamang villages. The route leads to the Langtang region, which is rich in nature. Throughout the route, you'll be followed by the sounds of the Langtang rivers and waterfalls. 

    It is a trek for beginners and especially for those who love to enjoy a different culture. We'll take you to different Tamang villages where you can get a chance to interact with local Tamang villagers. 

    Special Highlights 

    • Enter Langtang National Park and enjoy the wilderness of Himalayan Park.
    • Relax in the hot springs on the way. 
    • Pay a visit to Thuman village for a shamanic performance and spectacular views of the Langtang Mountains.
    • Interact with the villagers (Langtangpa) and learn about their culture, traditions, and dialects.
    • Get stunning views of the Langtang Mountains and other snow-capped mountains.
    • Admire the architectural features of the stone houses. 

    5. Pikey Peak Trek 

    Pikey trek

    Maximum Elevation: 4,302
    Best Time: March-May and Sep- Nov 
    Accommodation: Teahouses 
    Difficulty Level:  Easy to Moderate 

    Do you love trekking on silent routes? If yes, then Pikey Peak is the perfect trek for you. This unexplored trekking route leads you to the Everest region, which is famous for its majestic peaks and nature. 

    This 9-day package is filled with activities that take you to the Sherpa villages and let you experience the hidden beauty of this region. 

    Major Highlights 

    • Get off the beaten path and enjoy nature in solidarity.
    • Take this opportunity to experience the spectacular panoramic views of the Everest Mountains.
    • Capture golden sunrises and sunsets in the stunning mountains of Pikey Peak.
    • Explore important religious shrines and ThubtenChoeling Monastery along the way.
    • Meet a local Sherpa and learn about their lifestyle and culture. Enjoy the local cuisine of the Sherpa community.
    • Explore Ringmo, famous for its apple orchards and its products.
    • Hike to Chiwon Monastery perched on a cliff with panoramic views of the valley.  


    With this, we've reached the end of the 5 Unxplored Treks in Nepal blog. We hope you enjoyed reading the blog and learned many features of these different packages. 

    Which one is your favorite trekking package? Comment below and let us know your thoughts on this. We're eager to hear from you. 

    If you liked any of these packages and want to join us for the trek, send us an inquiry, and we shall reach out to you immediately. 

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