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    Top 7 Things to do in Kathmandu

    Balaram Thapa
    Balaram ThapaUpdated: Feb 9th 2023  |  Heritage Sites

    Kathmandu is one of the oldest cities in Nepal. There are many things to do in Kathmandu- from exploring the world heritage sites to reveling in the beauty of the colorful bazaars. It is a city of wonders and is ever-moving. You can find yourself hackling with the local shopkeepers in one instance while enjoying the serenity of old temples in the next.

    Things to do in Kathmandu are not lacking. You can always find yourself something to do, somewhere to explore or visit, or someplace to enjoy. From leisurely tours of ancient historic buildings to adventurous rafting in the white-water rapids of the many tributaries that flow close to the capital, Kathmandu is a trove of bustling pandemonium. If you are looking for things to do in Kathmandu, then you have come to the right place! Here are our top 7 picks for things to do in Kathmandu that you are sure to enjoy-

    1. Mount Everest Helicopter Tour

    Heli Tours

    Nepal is a Himalayan country, blessed with an amazing string of colossal giants. The Himalayas of Nepal is as mesmerizing to look at as they are thrilled to experience first-hand. The Mount Everest Helicopter Tour is among the most thrilling things to do in Kathmandu. Daily helicopter flights take off from the airport at regular intervals. The view of the Everest Mountains from the helicopter is definitely worth everything! The aerial views of the snowy giants of the Khumbu are stunningly beautiful.

    The flight takes place early in the morning from the airport’s terminal, and you fly within 200 meters of Mount Everest and many neighboring peaks. The helicopter normally refuels at Lukla and then to the Syangboche airstrip. From Syangboche, you can also explore Namche Bazaar and visit Kalapatthar- the most famous vantage point in the Everest region. After a great ride, you return to Kathmandu as the trip ends.

    2. Things to do in Kathmandu - Panoramic Mountain Flight

    Mountain Flight

    Just like Everest, Nepal is a country that is blessed with many tall Himalayan ranges. A panoramic mountain flight is a perfect way to spend your day in the capital. A panoramic mountain flight definitely takes the cake among the many things to do in Kathmandu. A comfortable and marvelous flight over the Himalayas is a must during your visit. The pristine landscape and the tranquil ambiance of the snowy terrain exemplify how diverse Nepal’s topography is. It is an utterly convenient way to get close to the Himalayas like never before!

    3. Trishuli River Rafting Tour


    The Trishuli River is one of the major rivers of Nepal. It has many tributaries that flow through many different parts, including the capital. Trishuli connects Kathmandu to the famous lakeside city of Pokhara. Likewise, it is a beautiful destination for rafting. From the fast-paced white rapids to the various dips and turns, Trishuli River is a much sought-after site for adventure lovers.

    Furthermore, while rafting, you can also enjoy the beautiful natural scenery of the river-side. The river's water is also a pretty shade of white and translucent. The peaceful surrounding of the river blended with the thrill of rafting makes for a contrasting and enjoyable combination.

    4. Visit UNESCO World Heritage Sites

    day tours

    Visiting the UNESCO World Heritage Site is a more culturally invested activity among the many things to do in Kathmandu. After all, Nepal has one of the densest concentrations of World Heritage Sites globally. More than 5 Heritage Sites are located within proximity in the Kathmandu Valley alone.

    Owning its uncanny nature, you can visit all UNESCO Sites in the valley. The UNESCO World Heritage Sites include the three Durbar Squares of Kathmandu, Bhaktapur and Lalitpur, the Pashupatinath temple, the Bouddhanath Stupa, and the Pashupatinath temple.

    Identically, the three Durbar Squares of the cities are major sources of ancient Newa architecture of Nepal. They each have old monarchial palaces of the past Shah Kings and many statues of various gods, temples, and old buildings. The doors and windows of the temples are all ornately decorated with amazingly intricate wood carvings. The statues and pillars present a beautiful dexterity of stone masonry and metalwork. They reflect Nepal’s glorious past in a very melancholic manner.

    Moreover, the Pashupatinath temple is a revered Hindu temple located by the banks of the Bagmati River. Sometimes, you can also observe the cremation ceremony of the Hindu people taking place in the temple. Likewise, the Bouddhanath Stupa is the largest Buddhist Mandala in Nepal and the world. You can enjoy the serene atmosphere of the stupa and can take in the giant towering Gajur.

    Similarly, the Swayambhunath Temple is a temple held sacred by both the Hindu and the Buddhist people of Nepal. It is also known as “the Money temple” because of the many monkeys. The temple is located atop a hill and surrounded by the beautiful champak woods. Enjoying the blend of nature and culture are among the major things to do in Kathmandu that you can enjoy pleasantly.

    5. Visit the Garden of Dreams

    garden of dream

    The Garden of Dreams is a large expanse of land decorated with beautiful foliage. It was restored with the help of the Austrian Government. Originally, it was a private garden belonging to the late Kaiser Sumsher Rana, but then it was opened publicly in 2007. It has a nice pool of lotus flowers, and the pace is frequented both by tourists and local people. Moreover, the garden is located next to the Kaiser Library- the largest library in Kathmandu.

    6. Visit Thamel



    Visiting Thamel is almost like a rite of passage among the many things to do in Kathmandu. Thamel is a colorful sprawl of various shops that sell trinkets and artifacts- from clothes to jewelry. Thamel also has many hotels and agencies; it is the hub of “all things tourists” in Kathmandu. Moreover, there are many continental restaurants and food courts to enjoy many Nepali food palates. You can shop for many things in the wide variety of shops at Thamel and can enjoy the colorful display of material beauty along with the location.

    7. Visit Asan and Indra Chowk Bazaar

    Top 7 Things to do in kathmandu

    Asan and the Indra Chowk Bazaar are great places for amazing shopping experiences. They are authentic Nepali bazaars that present a huge variety of souvenirs. One of the best features of Asan and Indra Chowk are the tight-packed street-shops and the bustle of haggling shoppers. Items of brass and copper with great craftsmanship are found in the shops, along with fresh fruits, spices, and many other condiments. Visiting one of the most famous and well-known original Nepali markets should definitely be on top of your things to do on the Kathmandu list, which is why it deserves its spot here.

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