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    Ten Best Reasons to Visit Nepal

    Balaram Thapa
    Balaram ThapaUpdated: Feb 1st 2023  |  Travel Tips

    Nepal is a place tucked between the gorgeous mountains of the Himalayas and the lush jungles of the Terai, the land of Mount Everest and the birthplace of Lord Buddha. It is the land with 123 ethnic groups, a country that does not believe in tall buildings but would rather dwell in nature.

    This country represents a wide range of travel options with its exceptional natural beauty, gigantic mountains, astounding adventurous activities, and many more. Trekking in Nepal has been the most popular travel preference among travelers all over the world. So, read this article for ten reasons to visit Nepal.

    It has endured a huge distress on Saturday 25th April 2015 due to the earthquake which could hardly be conceived in the correct terms to point up the consequences. The tremor was quite devastating. In the major cities particularly like Kathmandu, ancient construction carrying historical and cultural worth were destroyed while some trekking trails were badly affected. Looking at the pictures shown in media, travelers from all around the world might have concluded that Nepal may not be as mind-blowing country as it used to be. However, to this point, Nepal has aimed to recover and the reconstruction process is persistently going on. Owing to the ten obvious reasons, you have to visit Nepal.

    1. The Charm of Nepal has never been less Impressive

    Even after the devastating tremor of 2015 leading to a horrific disaster, Nepal has not lost its charm and beauty that makes the country popular. The enormous mountain ranges along with the highest and the most famous one being– The Mount Everest (8848 m) still is unaltered and beautiful as ever. The country also displays her rich jungles and thick woods that always attract travelers. The sparkling waterfalls seen at diverse location is unparalleled.

    Even though there were some damages done by the earthquake, Nepal however, bears the glory and is in the process to recoup the spirit. Out of about ten national parks in the country, only one was affected by the disaster. You can still visit Nepal and enjoy by witnessing almost extinct one-horned Rhino along with the silent and relaxing jungle walks.

    2. There is never less of Beauty to Witness here in Nepal

    Nepal is a land with eight World Heritage sites (declared by UNESCO). The tremor of 2015 was very catastrophic due to which, the cultural heritages were destroyed leaving very few major national heritages in the real state. So, until and unless you come and visit the places, you will never know the real fact. The beautiful country has never lost its glory. Though some heritages like, Patan Durbar Square, Kathmandu Durbar Square, Bhaktapur Durbar Square were severely affected by the earthquake, their renovation and reconstruction are going on rapidly, and some of them now are completely restored.

    3. Nepal means Festivity to you

    Nepal is a country with 123 different ethnic groups, and has a distinct culture and tradition to show off. Exploring the places with a unique culture, and their different way of living is a kind of heavenly bliss.

    Apart from the stunning landscape, Nepal also welcomes visitors with its numerous cultures and unique traditions. Also, a lot of festivals are celebrated to strengthen the tradition and inculcate its real value. Different groups of people have different values and celebrates different festivals, so, visiting Nepal will be your best choice if you wish to experience and celebrate these cultural festivals.

    4. Very Short Distance to Travel within Nepal

    Different places in this country aren't that far. The cities are vividly connected so, one has to travel very short distances to reach any cities or, villages they want. One of the fascinating things about Nepal is the impressive interconnections of the main roads and the underpasses. These trails simply make the vacation a thrilling one as one isn't restricted by long distances, and also the trails are safe.

    5. Traveling by Air can be Amusing

    The international, as well as domestic airports in Nepal, haven't been affected by the 2015 earthquake. These airfields don't have any possible risks for passengers. As a result, traveling by air can be safe, and comfortable. You won't have to walk long distance. Just travel comfortably with no fears and collect beautiful memories.

    6. Reasonable Costs

    Planning to travel Nepal would be the one you will never regret and one of the best decisions. Visiting, one of the most beautiful countries in the world at a reasonable price will be surprising for you. You may also enjoy ordinary discounts offered by a range of lodges or hotels and several tour operators and experience the most out of your trip without being bound due to high prices.

    7. Trekking in Nepal has not Changed its Panache

    Trekking in Nepal has always been an all-time favorite vacation alternative for trekkers all around the globe. Despite the devastating earthquake, Nepal has never lost its beauty and gloried. Only 2 of the 35 trekking trails have endured some damages, which were just a minute part. The renowned trekking routes including the highest peak in the world, Mount Everest is still standing unruffled. The Everest Base Camp Trek is still safe. Your trekking experience can yet be thrilling with no uncertainties.

    8. Diseases are Away from the Borders of Nepal

    Nepal is safe, secured, and far from any epidemic diseases. And, this has turned out to be possible only because of medical services that have been efficiently supplied. The doctors, as well as other health representatives, have always given their best for the citizens, and foreigners in Nepal making this country a healthy one. Therefore, diseases are way far from the borders of Nepal.

    9. The world is in your palms in Nepal

    Because of the 2015 earthquake that hit Nepal, watching the country via media might have made you think that you would drop the idea of visiting the country anymore as everything seemed to be destroyed. And if you visited Nepal, you would lose the contact with your loved ones. If so, then you surely have a misconception. The earthquake did not affect the towers and the control rooms of communication. Phone calls through landlines are still possible in the cities of Nepal.

    Just keep in mind that you won't ever get disconnected from your loved ones in any form. For research, and other specialized purposes, the internet is always there for you. You will always have access to the satellite to look at the daily news or tune in to chosen radio stations.

    10. Symbol of Hostility

    Due to the wounding earthquake, Nepal has been through so much loss including loss of resources and needs quite a long time to restore completely. Currently, restoration and reconstruction processes are in progress and homeless individuals and families who have lost their homes are also remodeling their houses. Government and private schools, companies, tourist resources, hospitals, etc are also being reconstructed.

    So at this point, your visit can contribute to flourishing tourism or as donations to fill in for needy people in the country. Nepal and its generous people who require help will truly cherish your visit.

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