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    5 Best Short Hiking in Nepal

    Balaram Thapa
    Balaram ThapaUpdated: Feb 9th 2023  |  Short treks

    Short Hiking in Nepal are perfect alternatives to long trekking journeys. As Nepal is a diverse country, there are many options for things to do here. In particular, the Himalayas of Nepal are very famous. After all, Nepal is home of eight of the ten tallest mountain peaks in the world. It is a multicultural country as well. Identically, it is a country of great natural beauty.

    Coupled with amazing trekking journeys, Short Hiking in Nepal are also very popular. Owning to their easy nature and the involvement of natural beauty, many people prefer doing this. Short Hiking in Nepal are also a great way to rejuvenate and take time away from the busy and bustling every-day life. As a matter of fact, much of the short hiking trails are situated near major cities, which makes them easily assessable.

    They do not require strenuous trekking. In contrast, short hiking trails are easy to do. You can enjoy the natural beauty of the hiking trails in peace and tranquility. You can revel in the distant views of Nepal’s Himalayas. Moreover, you can recharge yourself as you take a leisurely walk in Nepal’s countryside. Together with the natural beauty, you can also enjoy the wildlife and biodiversity of the locations. In the same fashion, the ethnic culture of the people is also a part of Short Hiking in Nepal.

    Among the many short hiking trails, we have picked five of the best hiking trips that you can do in the winter. Here are our top five best Short Hiking in Nepal-

    Dhulikhel Balthali Hiking


    Duration: 2 Days

    Best Time to do the trip: January to May and September to December

    Price: USD 350.00 per Person

    The Dhulikhel Balthali Hiking is among the best Short Hiking in Nepal. It takes you to some of the most pleasing hiking destinations near Kathmandu. You can explore the greenery of Kathmandu’s outskirts. The terrace farms and the lush hiking trail are quite serene. You can enjoy the views of the mountains as well. Furthermore, the Namo Buddha Monastery is also Dhulikhel Balthali Hiking’s major attraction.

    Dhulikhel is a famous destination for respite near Kathmandu. It is known for its lush and pristine environment. The Himalayan backdrop also makes it even more appealing. It is a great opportunity to enjoy the Karyolung Himal towards the east and the Himalchuli to the west. You can truly revel in the glory of the Himalayan scenery of Dhulikhel.

    As you enjoy the natural beauty of this short hiking trail in Nepal, you can also equally experience the cultural aspects of the destination as well. The Namo Buddha Monastery has its own religious importance. According to Buddhist Mythology, Namo Buddha is the place where the great prince Semchen Chechen sacrificed himself to fulfill the hunger of a tigress that was unable to move due to hunger and weakness after giving birth to her young cubs. Unable to let the tigress suffer, the noble prince sacrificed himself for food. Thus, the Namo Buddha Monastery is a symbol of sacrifice and generosity.

    Daman Hiking Tour

    Duration: 2 Days

    Best Time to do the trip: January to May and September to December

    Price: USD 295.00 per Person

    The Daman Hiking Tour is another popular Short Hiking in Nepal. You can enjoy the breathtaking view of Mount Everest on the tour. Aside from Everest, many other prominent mountain peaks like Annapurna, Manaslu, Mount Cho Oyu, the Ganesh Himal, the Dorje Lakpa, the Langtang Himal, and the Gaurishankar are also seen. The Daman Hiking Tour takes you to the famous vantage point near Kathmandu- Daman. Together with being a vantage point that provides panoramic views, it is also a place of amazing natural beauty.

    The village of Daman is located 80 kilometers southwest of Kathmandu at a height of 2,100 meters. A view tower in Daman offers a 360-degree view of the Himalayas. Similarly, the view of the lush village, accompanied by a waterfall and pine forests are also quite majestic from the Daman view tower.

    Particularly in the winter season, Daman is covered in snow. Due to this, you can see many people visiting Daman because of the appeal of snow. Owing to its easy accessibility from Kathmandu, it is the best place to enjoy the beauty of snow-clad mountains without long and tiring walks. Daman Hiking Tour equally offers much the same features as those of long trekking trails. The major difference is that it can be accomplished in easily in a short period of time.

    Chisapani Nagarkot Hiking- the most relaxing among the Short Hiking in Nepal

    short hiking in nepal Nagarkot

    Duration: 3 Days

    Best Time to do the trip: January to May and September to December

    Price: USD 250.00 per Person

    The Chisapani Nagarkot Hiking presents many highlights of Short Hiking in Nepal. It is a great way to get yourself close to the mountains while still staying relatively close to the capital. It is an ideal trekking option for travelers who would love to rejoice in the natural beauty of the environment close to the city without having to travel long distances.

    You will walk along rough trails that enter the Shivapuri National Park via a watershed. The woodlands surrounding the hiking path offer beautiful experiences of being close to nature. The park’s biodiversity is also a prominent notable feature. Walking up the stone-carved path, the acreage opens up to snow-covered mountains towering in the distance.

    Then the hiking trail descends down to Chisapani. You can experience views of the mountain peaks in a most comfortable setting while hiking to Chisapani. The way to Nagarkot is even more beautiful with the abundance of green foliage and panoramic views of the mountain peaks. The rolling hills and the forests that cover the terrain are the main highlights of the hike, along with amazing panoramic views of the Himalayan peaks.

    It is among the most rejuvenating Short Hiking in Nepal. The panorama of the mountain, the natural environments, and the small villages along the hike make the Chisapani Nagarkot Hiking a perfect short getaway!

    Kakani Nagarkot Hiking

    Kakani Hiking

    Duration: 8 Days

    Best Time to do the trip: January to May and September to December

    Price: USD 630.00 per Person

    The Kakani Nagarkot Hiking is among the Short Hiking in Nepal that includes all the interesting places near Kathmandu. You can enjoy all the popular vantage points near Kathmandu like Kakani, Chisapani, Nagarkot, and Dhulikhel. Apart from the mountains, you also get an opportunity to walk through the famous Shivapuri National Park. The monastery in between the route of Shivapuri and Chisapani also adds to the cultural hallmark of the natural exploration.

    Kakani Nagarkot Hiking can be the best journey for bird watching, photography, and nature exploration. The top of the Shivapuri hill is the highest point of the short hiking journey where you can see the view of more than sixty mountains.

    Sarangkot Short Hiking in Nepal


    Duration: 5 Hours

    Best Time to do the trip: January to May and September to December

    Price: USD 90.00 per Person

    The Sarangkot Hiking is among the Short Hiking in Nepal that is situated in the Annapurna region near Pokhara. As a matter of fact, Sarangkot is a beautiful village above Pokhara that offers outstanding views of the Annapurna panorama. You can enjoy the mountain peaks of the Dhaulagiri, Machhapuchhre, the Nilgiri, and many other neighboring peaks.

    The view of Pokhara city from Sarangkot, with the Phewa Lake embedded right beside the city, is quite gorgeous. Owing to its location, Sarangkot is also a starting point for zipping flying and paragliding adventures. The short hike begins with a drive to Naudanda. Then Magar and Gurung settlement is passed on the way to Sarangkot. Together with the mountains, the sunset view and the twilight panorama of the Pokhara city from Sarangkot are notably gorgeous also.

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