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    Post Earthquake safe and unsafe treks in Nepal

    Balaram Thapa
    Balaram ThapaUpdated: Jan 27th 2023  |  Uncategorized

    The devastating earthquake destroyed several tourist attractions of Nepal, however, at present reconstruction process is going on to regain the strength again. Nepal encountered the upsetting earthquake in April 25, 2015 of 7.8 magnitudes and endured around 265 aftershocks of local magnitude around or more than 4 magnitudes as recorded by National Seismological Center, Nepal. The quake killed around 8,659 people and almost 3.5 million people were left homeless. After more than year, now, the aftershocks have been completely decreased and the devastation caused by the earthquake is gradually being reconstructed or renovated.

    Popular regions like Annapurna Region, Mustang Region and Everest Region were declared as post-earthquake safe trekking areas. While, the devastating tremor destroyed two of the main trekking routes of Nepal: Langtang Valley Trek and Manaslu region trek. Also, several hotels in Manaslu trekking trails have been shattered, by and large in the Arughat Bazaar to Samagaun region. Langtang region too has been devastated. Here a 2-3 km large avalanche damaged the areas such as Chyamki, Mundu, Thangsyap, and Ghodatabela. At present, reconstructions are being held in these regions and though the regions were closed for some time, you can now book your trips to these treks. We have resumed our regular program in these areas too.

    Distressed by the devastation, we would like to convey our deepest sympathies to those affected by this tragedy. Nepal has been aided via different local and international medium in this condition. A lot of people and different organizations have donated moneys and other necessary stuffs for the relief funds. After more than a year too homeless people have not acquired permanent solutions. To help them regain their normal lives, they need long term solutions. And since most of the people in the affected areas are occupied in tourism sector, the most efficient way to assist them is to help the tourism in Nepal thrive.

    Visit Nepal for a cause and let’s lend a hand.

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