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    Nepal now safe to visit

    Balaram Thapa
    Balaram ThapaUpdated: Jan 27th 2023  |  Uncategorized

    Numerous travel enthusiasts had considered Nepal as unsafe place to travel after the catastrophic earthquake. It would be quite surprising to reveal that Nepal now is actually safe and not all the sets on Nepal are affected by the quake. Without a doubt, the nation endured horrible harms that destroyed several sights. Definitely, you saw the nation in rubbles once but at present it has been restored and now the country anticipates the same flow of travelers that she ever had.

    Presently, it must be revealed that the impact of the tremor just affected 10% of Nepal. This indicates most parts of the nation are yet untouched by earthquake and is in the same condition, in exquisiteness, safety, and possessions. Your decision to visit Nepal at this point of time actually brings every one of us really nearer and contributes to expand tourism sectors. Several recent events held in Nepal these days would convey you to specific truth and possible assurance of your solace and safety in this breathtaking country.

    You need to know that there are unbelievably astounding activities being held at the tremor stricken parts in Nepal. Nepal Government with the help of specialists is working to restore harmed structures. This is the reason there are numerous lending hands working tirelessly in such manner to regain the structures’ unique state giving even better looks. As a consequence of these endeavors, people who have lost their houses in the past because of the disaster now are encouraged to return home. It is totally home-like again. In fact, some people who were living as refugees losing their houses have now found a good place at least if not able to construct houses. Perhaps, you have number of the companions with whom you may be longing to meet with. The cities have completely returned to normal life after constructing or renovating their house with no problems from any one or any circumstances.

    Kids are normally attending their schools even though the disaster struck since many school constructions turning to mere rubbles which barred students to receive education for some time.  Yet, the government in their nobility has supported in reconstruction of most of these schools. Determined individuals as well as varied companies contributed a lot to reconstruct and help student get proper education. The principal and administrators have now returned to normal duties after conducting several programs to regain the status. Now, even international students are welcomed to enjoy safe learning environment.

    Vendors and shopkeepers also have gone back to work awaiting possible consumers. So, if are thinking of buying anything including a memento of the trip to Nepal you can easily buy from the vendors. Shops are also opened again. You may also visit beer bars, restaurants or hotels in Nepal for refreshments. Concerning on multiplexes, doors of these superstores are now open with all necessary goods to satisfy their customers.

    The local village folks, moreover, have resumed their regular life. You can easily notice villagers getting together and discussing under the trees. Meeting these local inhabitants and knowing their cultural and way of life would be fun for travelers while walking through the villages. Traditional music as well as village folk songs sung by locals will also allure any visitor. This signifies the normal life adapted by the villagers now.

    More than 80 % of people depend on agriculture in Nepal and it is considered as prime economic asset for Nepal. And, most of the incomes of this country are generated from agricultural products. After the tremor, the supply of the products have been greater than before as the government is also in coalition with other helping countries. The cost of these items indeed may have increased but the timely involvement of the governmental institutions has supported the teeming masses in this phase. Farmers markets have been revived too in order to make sure that food is available and at a demand driven price. With abundance amount of production good money crops like jute, sugar cane, tobacco, oilseed, and potato, Nepal can be introduced as best set the business of such crops. You need not to be bothered by food crops availability here in Nepal.

    Do you yet remember that out of fourteen highest mountains in the globe eight are in Nepal? Here, Mount Everest, the highest one in the planet allures thousands of visitors every year. Travelling to popular Himalaya regions in Nepal is actually safe now. Kathmandu city, the capital city in addition holds some charming sites enlisted in UNESCO World Heritage sites. In the city, for instance, you can go around Boudhanath Stupa, the largest stupa in the earth which has an outstanding dome crested in white color object, decorated to an awe-inspiring look and is considered sacred by most Buddhists.

    Nepalese people are renowned for their friendliness in the world, in particular in Asia. Their generosity is so obvious which can be noticed in their various ethnicity and diversity. Nepalese totally understand how it feels like to be in a strange land so you need not to be worried about the courtesy. Additionally, there religions teach kindness as a way of showing affection for visitors.

    All you need to do is visit this safe nation to know about it more.

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