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    Nepal: A Land of Diversity

    Balaram Thapa
    Balaram ThapaUpdated: Feb 1st 2023  |  Uncategorized

    Albeit being a small country sandwiched between two larger ones, Nepal has the most colorful divergence as divergence come. With varying land topography all differing from one another to the very differences in the cultures the people follow, Nepal is a hotspot for marvelous visits. The eyes can feast upon various natural sites which are beautiful and soul-inspiring, and then the rest of our body can then proceed to enjoy the vibrant culture and people Nepal has to offer.

    Diverse is a term used in this context not only for a limited subject; when calling Nepal “a land of Diversity”, it is applied to almost every aspect the country is bound to. With three regions, all different in climate and vegetation- to the economy and the lifestyle of the people, Nepal has the offerings of being in the stage where one embraces the new modern era of fast paced developmental works on different fields, and yet still not losing the melancholic touch of the rich history the country is founded upon.

    “We are a single Garland of a hundred different flowers”, this is one of the verse of our National Anthem, and what’s a better way to describe the ethnicity of all people living within the country in peace and harmony, each with their own unique traditions and customs, their own festivals and their own legends and lore, than to remember our roots and the abode where our hearts lie. With one hundred and twenty five languages spoken in the country, Nepal is no less than any other when it comes to hospitality bestowed to people who visit, where the experience of being filled with brilliant travel places with exciting history and a sundry array of local culture and myriad eminence in diversity.

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