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    Nepal Earthquake on 25th April 2015

    Balaram Thapa
    Balaram ThapaUpdated: Jan 27th 2023  |  Uncategorized

    The devastating Gorkha earthquake which hit Nepal in25th April 2015 brought large chaos in the country. The tremor caused loss of over 8000 human lives with 16000 injuries. Words are not enough for Nepal Hiking Team to express intensely disappointed situation caused by this destruction. The team expresses deepest condolences for lost lives and we pray for the fastest resurgence of the victims.

    To reduce a pinch of consequences caused by the earthquake, volunteers and other helping hands are offering much-needed relief funds as well as other necessary items to the survivors. We, Nepal Hiking Team also participated to lend a hand during the big crisis in our country.  We are truly distressed about the news that our guides and porters too have lost their home. We are a family at work for so long that we too have to help them to bring them out of this problem. In addition, our clients who are also like family members are lending hands to support them.

    Nepal Hiking Team, for the purpose of helping earthquake victims has formed earthquake relief fund. We plead for financial help from our family members who are capable to aid and offer funds to the needy. NHT is playing a role of connecting bridge between our members and would like to appeal to help in the best possible way. You can help out by providing any sort of funds including personal assistance or societal help. You can send the fund to bank account or Western Union as per your convenience.

    Pay To: Nepal Hiking Team Pvt. Ltd

    Current A/c: 01902280040018

    Paying Bank: Himalayan Bank Ltd.

    Account Type: Nepalese Currency (NPR.)

    Branch: Thamel

    Bank Street Address: Tridevi Marg, Thamel, Kathmandu, Nepal


    You may also invite your relatives and friends for the donation. Your little help can make huge difference in the lives of victims.

    With small effort, NHT organized a relief giving out program at Jyamrung-1, Dhading on 4th and 5th May 2015. We distributed foods and tents for 40 families who were deprived from getting minimum relief from government at that point of time. However, NHT planned to extend the helping hands and looked forward to acquiring further helping hands. The details of funds and relief materials are posted frequently in our Facebook page (Nepal hiking team- earthquake relief fundraising campaign).

    The aftershocks of Nepal earthquake have now dropped off and people are to regain their normal life. We are beleaguered hearing that “Nepal is now safe to visit” published on Times news. Since, a moment cannot last forever, Nepal too is moving ahead towards renovation and regaining of normal life passing the disastrous situation. The tremor destroyed the houses, cities, some cultural heritages and more, leaving a lot of the mountains, jungles, flora and fauna, and trekking trails unchanged. The quake did not actually destroyed entire Nepal. The autumn trekking expeditions planned in September is nevertheless safe and the holiday packages and other travel options in Nepal can also be organized safely.

    This natural disaster has actually united people. People from all around the globe are helping Nepal. The most helpful and sustainable medium of help would be through tourism. Let’s make a trip to Nepal for a cause and let’s get involved and motivate people. We welcome you for the vacation that you have already booked or planning to visit Nepal. We assure you with excellent service, satisfaction and safety.

    “Let’s Save Nepali people from this adversity, let’s thrive the tourism in Nepal for helping Nepali, Lets Visit Nepal again.”

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