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    Mani Rimbu Festival

    Balaram Thapa
    Balaram ThapaUpdated: Feb 1st 2023  |  Festival

    Mani Rimbu festival is an eminent celebration of local people of Tibetan and Sherpa people, which falls on the tenth month of the Tibetan Lunar schedule. And praised this festival from the first day to the nineteenth day of the month. It usually falls from late October to mid-November, which celebrates unbelievable occasions.

    The festival features masked dances, prayers, chanting, and dramas. The festival also takes place six months later at a nearby Thame Gompa. The large crowds of westerners attend the ceremony as well.

    Why is the Mani Rimdu Festival Celebrated?

    Mani Rimdu Festival is celebrated to remember the victory of Buddhism over the existing Tibetan Bon religion. During the festivity, one can see several parallels for all its travel of pre-Buddhist belief and practice; Mani Rimdu is permanently a Buddhist celebration. In its visionary dramaturgy, we can see the core principles of the Buddhist religion worked out. The main rituals of Mani Rimdu belong to the most profound system of Tibetan meditation.

    How is the Festival Celebrated?

    During the celebration, priests camouflage by putting on veils and executing ceremonial dances. Through these ceremonial dances, it is accepted that figurative evil spirits are crushed, excused, or changed over to Dharma protectors. The move communicates Buddhist shrewdness on different evaluations – from the easy to the quickest.

    The first day of the celebration is called Wong. On this day, the blessed 'Mani Rilwu' (heavenly pills) and 'Tshereel' (pills for long life) are offered to each member in the celebration.

    On the second day of Mani Rimdu, named 'Cham,' emblematic evil presences are vanquished, driven out, or misshaped to Protectors of Dharma. During this celebration, tea contributions viewed as 'Ser-Kyem' to Dharma monitors like Mahakala are finished. The contribution of sacred nectar is made in a few different services as well.

    Likewise, the last day is Fire Puja – 'Jinsak', which is acted in the yard to respect the divine force of fire and the Gods of the Mandala for protecting the world from any pulverization.

    Mani Rimbu celebration is joyfully celebrated in the Tengboche religious community in the Khumbu district. The veiled fiends, prayer flags, plays, and broad suppers make the whole environment colorful and energetic.

    The most indispensable piece of the celebration is accepting gifts from Rinpoche and the move performed by monks. The nineteen days festivity closes following a three-day open party where various Sherpa individuals get together for the earth's prosperity.

    When are the dates for the Mani Rimdu festival in the year 2022?

    The Mani Rimdu festival for 2022 is observed from 8th November to 10th November.

    Is this festival celebrated only in Nepal?

    No, the Mani Rimbu festival is celebrated in Tibet as well. However, in Nepal, it is only celebrated in the Everest region, particularly in the Tengboche monastery and in Thame Gompa.

    Visit Nepal this fall and experience the heavenliness of the Everest area with this striking celebration. Aside from the marvelous perspectives on Everest, Thamserku, Lhotse, Ama Dablam, and plenty of different pinnacles of the Khumbu locale, you will get the opportunity to encounter a remarkable combination of interesting Tibetan Buddhist culture. Visit the most noteworthy cloister and celebrate in the brilliant condition with priests and Lamas.

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