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How to Prepare for Trekking

A simple guide on how to prepare undergoing trekking in general…

Trekking in Nepal has become one of the most adventuresome activity to do for many people for their vacation. Indeed, with Nepal’s canvas of Himalayas in the north, undergoing trekking is an amazing experience. In this article, we are going to be discussing about the preparation (How to Prepare for Trekking) it takes for trekking journeys.

In order to get your body prepared for trekking, you would need to make sure that your body levels up to a good physical state. You can achieve so by exercising on days before your trekking journey is due. Because most of the trekking trails tend to follow high elevations, preparing your body physically helps for it to adjust on higher altitudes as well. For example, on the Everest Base Camp Trek, the maximum elevation that you would be reaching is 5,545 meters. With the regular elevation of only 1,400 meters of Kathmandu Valley, the Everest Base Camp Trekking subjects you to more than four thousand meters rise in altitude. Because of this, many people tend to suffer from altitude sickness and exhaustion. Thus, in order to prepare your body for trekking to higher altitudes, you would need to exercise daily. Exercises like doing squats, running, long-distance walking and swimming helps to build your body’s stamina. The regular workout and movement of your body tends to have a positive effect on the internal biology as well. For example, when you trek on higher altitudes, the amount of Red Blood Cells in your body increase. This happens because your body is compensating for lack of oxygen on higher altitudes. When you work out daily and exercise, it helps to prepare your body for exerting more energy required during the trek. As a result, when the time comes for undergoing the trekking journey, you would be able to cover longer distances and not exhaust yourself on a faster rate. It is a known fact that when you are well and feel healthy and fit, you will enjoy the trekking journey even more. So regular physical exercise helps to go a long way for trekking.

It is important to consult your doctor/physician as well before undergoing trekking journeys. Having a checkup and consulting your doctor about your upcoming trekking journey will help you be prepared about your body’s reaction and adaptation to a different elevated environment. Counseling from your doctor about any medications that you might be taking regularly and how that is going to affect you overall is an important factor to consider with regards to your health before trekking. After all, being fully prepared about all aspects reduces the chance of any nuisance and mishap while on the trek.

Another aspect that you need to prepare for trekking is the aspect of trekking equipment. Proper and adequate trekking equipment are a must for any trekking journey. Without the proper equipment, the trekking journey tends to get more difficult than it actually is. Any experienced trekker will tell you that proper trekking equipment are the reason the trekking journey through the snowy mountains paths are even possible. In regards to equipment, the following are a must in order to get fully prepared for trekking.

A relatively light duffle-bag or a rucksack.

While preparing for trekking journeys, it is important to know that carrying a light duffle-bag is easier and convenient than carrying a heavy luggage. Of course, a heavy luggage on the mountainous terrain isn’t a plausibility. For that, preparing a light duffle-bag with only the essential belongings and equipment is required on the trekking journey. The duffle-bag may contain your clothes, your equipment and other miscellaneous items. Keeping the bag as light as possible with only your necessary equipment makes the trekking journey more convenient.

Down Jackets and Sleeping Bags.

Down Jackets are essential clothing items that all trekkers travelling to higher elevations must have. Carrying sleeping bags that keeps you warm and snug at night is also another essential item that you must carry also. While preparing for the trek, these equipment helps you stay warm and comfortable against the cold weather of the mountains.

Hiking Boots

You cannot undergo hiking without hiking boots. Hiking boots are essential in order to navigate the uneven trails of the trekking journey without leaving the possibility of twisting your ankles on the dangerous terrains. Gaiters, good Hiking Boots and Camp Shoes make the trekking journey better and safer. It is also a relatively far better option to try on new hiking boots before the trekking journey to prepare yourself for it. It helps you prepare for trekking as you would be able to feel comfortable on your shoes beforehand and will be able to hike with ease as opposed to buying or renting new hiking shoes moments before the trekking journey and then finding out that little inconveniences like unfit shoe-size and the comfortableness of the shoes makes for a rather bitter-sweet trekking journey. Usually, its small unnoticeable things like these that make all the difference.

Other equipment that are required for the preparation of the trek more or less include thick warm woolen clothes that are usually water-proof and accessories like headlamps, trekking poles and a personal medicine kit. Making sure that the medicine kit contains drugs for altitude sickness and dizziness is another essential note to remember.

Apart from equipment and making your body ready for high elevations, another preparation that is required from you is the knowledge about drinking water. Usually, drinking water isn’t provided exclusively to the trekkers. For drinking water, trekkers and travelers have two options; buying drinking water from the shops in the mountains or opting for bringing their own water-purifying tablets with them. It is recommended to bring water purifying tablets as it is a better option, if only for the environment. Thus, while you are preparing for trekking on the mountains, you must be prepared for drinking water options and the fact of what is available.

Electronic equipment are other items that are usually carried by trekkers and travelers. While preparing for carrying your electronic equipment to take with you for trekking, you have to make sure that the equipment’s charging sockets are compatible with the ones at the tea-houses and lodges in the mountains. More so than not, the majority of tea-houses and lodges on the mountains of various regions of Nepal tend to be styled with three plug sockets. This three plug socket style is also called an “indian-style” adaptor. Remembering to pack an Indian-style adaptor with you lets you free yourself from the hassle of not being to plug in your foreign electronic equipment into the sockets.

Apart from the above-mentioned aspects, preparation for trekking takes planning about other matters as well. Matters like extra money, visas, permits and tickets should also be well thought out. If preparation for trekking is done precisely and accurately then your trekking journey is bound to be an amazing experience.

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