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    Tips on Choosing Right Tour Operator in Nepal

    AdminUpdated: Oct 22nd 2023  |  Travel Tips

    Enjoy the perks of choosing the right tour operator for significant reasons.

    Planning is often the most challenging part when you think of traveling—deciding what to see, when, how, and how can be a highly complex process, especially if you're going for an adventurous trip.

    But there are ways to deal with the fuss.

    By booking with the right tour operator, you entrust the tour operator with your travel plan, and they know the country in the palm of their hand. And get entertained by our best guides with exciting details and fun facts about trekking in Nepal.

    How to choose the right tour operator in Nepal?

    Choosing your travel destination for your next holiday can be a daunting decision that can give a brief outline of your entire adventure, like where, how, when, and why? In today's time, responsible travel matters when you are traveling solo or with friends. The right tour operator is a rewarding way to enjoy your dream destination.

    Nepal is a diverse nation with incredible travel and trekking destinations. Therefore, if your next travel destination is Nepal, you should prepare ahead of time and look for the right tour operator, as it takes much pressure off from planning where to go. So the right tour operator will lessen your burden and help you make responsible travel decisions.

    Does the tour operator have a government license?

    Ensure that the tour operator has a government license or not because if you choose a government-registered travel agency. Although it is required to have a government license for all tour operators, more the less it's also essential that the company is registered under the Ministry of Industry, Commerce, and Supply in the Department of Small Cottage Industries.

    All trekking organizations in Nepal must be associated with the Trekking Agencies Association of Nepal (TAAN). Likewise, they also have to register with Nepal Tourism Board (NTB) under the government of Nepal. The travel agency cannot operate a business if the companies are not associated with these organizations.

    And for your kind information, the Nepal Hiking Team is registered under all the above authorities (Link).

    Experience in the Tourism Industry

    Does your tour operator have the relevant expertise?

    Experience in the tourism sector matters when you decide on a particular tour operator because years of experience tell a person how knowledgeable a person is in the related sector. For this, it required you to find out the number of tour operators' experience in tourism. Experience is reflected in the kind of services they offer to the clients. With the rapid transformation in the tourism sector, many tour operators run responsible and sustainable tourism practices; however, not all can deliver the same kind of service, so the experience will determine the consistency of providing the best services to the clients.

    And Nepal Hiking Team is simply the best due to its many years of existence in the tourism market and the quality service provided to the clients. Years of experience make a difference. The tenure and the experience can indicate its standards, but only if it continuously improves its services and trekking experiences.

    Health and Safety concerns, an important decisive factor

    Stride has you covered with all sorts of reviews of tour companies to help you decipher if you will enjoy traveling with them. However, health and safety always come first wherever you are, so always check on a tour operator's health and safety considerations.

    Trekking can be too strenuous and may affect one's physical health if you have any physical restrictions; therefore, always read through the health and safety considerations first. Also, understand the precautionary measures your tour operator takes during uncertain times like severe altitude sickness while trekking or any unpredictable accidental events.

    Ask what the safety standards are for the company and what it does to implement its policy. Ensure that the company has high and up-to-date safety standards and is adequately equipped for all treks. You can also learn about a company’s health and safety standards by visiting its website, emailing its previous customers, or checking online reviews.

    For the Nepal Hiking Team, the health and safety of our clients come first, and we prioritize safety at the top. We have reliable, competent, and medically trained professional trek leaders to help you deal with any adverse situation on the trek.

    Certified trekking and tour guides, are they certified? Learn about them ahead of time

    Ensure the tour operator is professional and straightforward in communicating the correct information. As much as it's essential to check whether the tour operator has a government license or has completed the registration process under umbrella organizations such as the Department of Tourism, Nepal tourism board, or the Trekking Agencies Association of Nepal, it is equally important to check if the tour operators have certified guides or not. It not only guarantees your best experience but also adds up to your welfare when trekking. Ensure you have a reliable, competent, and medically trained professional trek leader.

    It would be best to have full assurance that your trek leader can handle any adverse situation on the trek.

    And Nepal Hiking Team is a good team of professionals working in this area.

    Is the tour operator locally well-staffed?

    Human resources matters a lot when it comes to travel and tour companies. To give your clients an excellent experience, You need to look into different aspects such as airport pick up to drop off local and experienced trekking guides. For this, a tour operator must have many professionals working for the company. Nevertheless, be assured that Nepal Hiking Team will satisfy you from your very first day to your last day in Nepal. Our people will serve you in the best way in every nook and corner of your travel time with us.

    Does your tour operator have a local trekking team leader or a guide?

    Another significant aspect is to know whether your tour operators hire a local team lead or guide. And, YES, our team has experienced local trekking staff from all over Nepal. For Nepal, our local team leads or the guides are Nepalese, and for your Tibet and Bhutan tours, we provide you with a local travel guide who will assist you best.

    How does the tour operator look after the welfare of the trekking staff?

    When it comes to trekking, especially challenging treks in Nepal, as a tour operator, it's significant that you care for the well-being of trekking guides and porters. And, it's a shared responsibility for you to know what kind of benefits your tour operator offers to the people working in the company.

    Is the tour operator budget-friendly or not?

    It's another critical question to ask yourself whether the travel package offered by the tour operator is budget friendly or not. We all know that a genuine tour operator will provide the best range of services and facilities at a very affordable price. So, check for the price of each trekking package and compare them because most travelers will expect the travel cost to justify the kind of experience they receive when on travel. However, in some cases, looking for cheaper packages may bring disappointment your expectations. So, travel with Nepal Hiking Team to get a decent arrangement for what your trip is worth.

    And carefully check the trip cost and inclusions to avoid any hidden charges. Make sure the trek’s price covers all or most of your requirements.

    We all love a bargain but only choose companies that stand out as cheap, as they might not be able to provide you with complete customer satisfaction, and your trip might fall apart, giving you an unpleasant travel experience.

    In that case, Nepal Hiking Team offers you the best packages on your budget.

    Ask the company what its unique Selling Points (USP) are and how it differs from other tour operators.

    In this competitive market, it is key to know the unique selling point because many tour operators have the same kind of packages, but as a traveler, you should expect to receive a return for what you pay for, a complete satisfaction that brings memories to your life when complete your trekking journey.

    To discover the uniqueness, complete your journey as an adventurer with us. We assure you that you will take away a piece of Nepal when you return to your home country.

    Does the tour operator offer a wide range of different alternatives?

    Nepal is filled with diversity; it's not only the highest mountains of the world that you would like to discover and the travel destinations but there's more to it. Know what other great alternative travel packages your travel operator offers, like a cultural tour, jungle safari, local museums and parks, religious destinations, world heritage sites, or what activities are there?

    As a traveler, you want to make the most of your travel, so come on, and let's board this adventure ride with the Nepal Hiking Team. Not just this, it is one of the staple qualities of the right trekking agency for the entire fundamental arrangements identified with traveling. So, let us know your travel plan, and we will arrange the best possible package for you.

    Rightful tourism practices, does your tour operator follow them?

    Find out if your tour operator is focused on a social cause and minimizing the global impact of good eco-friendly practices. While most of us will probably continue traveling, a responsible tour operator will prioritize ways to reduce and balance nature's ecology for social and natural prosperity.

    Responsible social practices and ethical measures will help to foster the natural beauty of any region, and we, as one of the leading tour operators in Nepal, give utmost importance to it. You may come across many tour operators on an online platform, but as a part of the Nepal Tourism Board, we suggest you thoroughly study the tour operator you are booking with.

    Accomplishments and achievements: does your tour operator have any?

    While reviewing the tour operators to manage your trip in Nepal, look for agencies that have been previously recognized with awards and achievements because, for any tour operator, a significant amount of hard work and effort is required to be recognized in the related field. And, if you see any notable achievements and awards, you need to enquire if they are genuine. It is the most straightforward approach to becoming acquainted with your chosen tour operator.

    Let us inform you that Nepal Hiking Team has continuously been regarded with a Certificate of Excellence from 2012 to 2019. It has also been placed in the Certificate of Excellence Hall of Fame, an accomplishment a solitary bunch of organizations has to do, and we are gladly a part of it. Also, Trip Advisor has presented Nepal Hiking Team with a Certificate of Excellence from 2012 to 2022, which is an accomplishment that only a few tour operators in Nepal have achieved.

    Portable Altitude Chamber (PAC), Does the tour operator use it?

    Ensure your safety with safety equipment that the tour operator uses, so it is crucial to find out if your tour guide training is up to date with the Wilderness First Aid refresher course. And before you progress through your trekking journey, ask questions to determine if your trek leader knows how to operate such equipment because prior knowledge is essential before handling such safety equipment.

    Nepal Hiking Team has knowledgeable trekking leaders and is well trained in safety measures. We provide the Portable Altitude Chamber on clients' requests.

    Do you know someone who has been on a trekking journey in Nepal?

    If so, it is easy to collect correct information, so grab all the information from friends or family members who have traveled to Nepal for trekking. The information that you gather will be your first knowledge about the place and trekking destinations, as they might have some recommendations or exciting stories to share with you. So, expand your knowledge or Nepal Hiking Team will be happy to share the email addresses (with their consent) of the travelers who have been on a trekking journey here in Nepal in situations with no family or friends who traveled to Nepal.

    Fixed group departure or small group determine what the tour operator intends to offer.

    Get preliminary information or communicate your travel plan beforehand to your tour operator about a fixed group or small group departure so that you remain away from hassles later as you are ready to start your trekking journey. Nepal Hiking Team will listen to your words and work them out per your interests and choices.

    What are the best deals and offers the tour operator offers you?

    As an international traveler, you might be interested in the best deals and discounts the tour operators offer, so find out the best deals and offers before booking. Weigh the pros and cons because, at times, discounts might not cover what you are looking for, so ask questions to find out what is included in the offered best deals or discounts. Nepal Hiking Team, however, assures you that our deals are reasonably priced and the best ones you could ever get anywhere else. Cheaper deals may lead to disastrous experiences.

    Never settle for average. Communicate your interests. Does the tour operator see your interest?

    Most tours will take you to the country's famous highlights, such as Mount Everest and Pokhara. But if you have specific interests, you're better off with a well-designed personalized tour, which you can discuss with the tour operator before you embark on your journey. So, it is suggested that you find the right tour operator who can tailor the travel package to your interests and needs. And, for the Nepal Hiking Team, we never compromise on these two things. We want your interest to sway you with beautiful memories for the coming years.

    All-guided vs. free time: does the tour operator have a good balance of these two in the offered packages?

    Some tours are planned to minor details, while others allow much free time to the travelers. Although a  fully-guided tour allows you to see most of the country, it is vital to have some free time as it can give you a good balance between daily treks and me-time. So, ask and communicate what you want and get the trekking package personalized as per your comfort and need.

    Nepal Hiking Team is happy to serve you and will give you the best assistance in tailoring your trekking package. Trekking can be strenuous for many, especially for beginners, so in situations, you may prefer your me-time to give yourself some time to rest, so communicating your needs is crucial.

    Personalized recommendations are crucial. Does your tour operator give one?

    Your trip, your way!

    Find the best things to do wherever you’re going. Leave no highlight undiscovered. Unleash your energy and experience the best things in Nepal. Get below the surface of Nepal like a local to the experience- a kind of adventure. So, ask for recommendations and see if the tour operator answers your queries on time and assists you in the best possible way while following all the norms of being a responsible traveler.

    Clients’ testimonials and reviews

    Access to the internet makes it easy to learn about any company, hence making the traveler's life much easier in picking the right tour operator. The testimonials and reviews easily accessible from the company's websites provide insightful knowledge while making decisions.

    Some notable public forums are Trip Advisor, Tour Radar, Trust Pilot, and many more. So the toss is in your hands; choose the right one, and Nepal Hiking Team assures you of complete customer satisfaction. For more information, check our Trip Advisor page and read our reviews.

    We recommend you read reviews and testimonials from our previous clients. Some testimonials will include the reviewer's email address, and you can always write to inquire about an individual's experiences with Nepal Hiking Team. Of course, most people are busy with their everyday lives, but one or two reviewers may respond to you with helpful information.

    Our reviews on TripAdvisor are commendable as there are about 1.4K reviews from our clients with positive comments and only a few suggestions for us to work on for the future.

    Our other review, which has crossed about 150+, is on TourRadar. These reviews boost our morale, and we promise to deliver the best to our old and prospective clients.

    The reviews on Book Mundi are about 100+ plus, and we expect to get more in the future with more travelers booking with us.

    The reviews on Google have been inspiring to us, and it is nearly 100 + so looking forward to more reviews. We are open to suggestions just as to the positive comments we receive.

    Travel Partners

    We have travel partners all around the globe, but we can’t disclose them here due to their privacy. We shall provide it upon request. So, remember us if you require any information on our travel partners, and we will provide you with our assistance.

    Press Media

    We have been recognized and featured by hundreds of Press Media, including Fox News, NyPost,, WashintonPost, Entrepreneur, USA TODAY, HUFF POST, etc. So, get on this journey, and if you still need more information about Nepal Hiking Team, then find us on the above press media. After reading it, we assure you that you would be happy to choose us. Find some free time and read!

    Incredible experiences — that's what we're all about. You'll find an unbeatable travel experience. Focus on having a great time with Nepal Hiking Team.

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