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    How to avoid travel deals

    Balaram Thapa
    Balaram ThapaUpdated: Jul 23rd 2023  |  Uncategorized

    Are you planning to visit Nepal? And ready to buy coupon thorough deals site then this article might help you to avoid misleading travel deals and fake discount offers.

    Nepal no doubt is one of the most beautiful countries on the earth that any traveler from any part of the earth would love to visit. The grandiose mountain ranges, world heritage sites, perfect natural settings, and friendly people make Nepal one of the most visited destinations.

    Before travelling to Nepal, the travel lovers first browse through different related travel websites and quickly book their trip which meet their interest.  Definitely, reasonable costs matter a lot and travelers spend more time comparing ‘travel deals’.  While browsing, once the interest, services, and fees matches, the keen visitors make a booking. Normally, the travelers get to enjoy better facilities and enjoy their trip taking aid from experienced travel company in Nepal.  However, there are many fraud deals sites which display fake details of the trip packages and in real present very poor value-for-money.

    Below listed are the aspects about which clients should be cautious enough-

    Fake discounts and misleading advertisement

    A lot of the travel deals websites display bulky headings to attract the customers. For instance, “60% off to Nepal”, such sort of advertisement may mislead you and don’t just get attracted seeing the discounts.  You need to be clear that such ads are intended to deceive travelers.  In the name of saving money, travelers end up paying more to get the necessary features like for tea/coffee, meals, sightseeing tours in Nepal.

    You should also keep in mind that ‘travel deals’ may plan your accommodation at a nasty hotel or lodges with that discounted amount. Such unreliable agents do not care about their customers’ safety and satisfaction. They do not even care if the clients will visit Nepal again or not. They hide some basic features and display their “discounted” price and later on charge more for those features.

    A trustworthy travel company bestows best services and clients’ safety is their prime concern. Their only intention is to welcome their guest again and again with the best services they offer including comfortable accommodation.

    Hidden Fees

    Travel deals website hides several fees of the particular trip and later on charge for it. You need to realize the hidden fees.  The moment you start to checkout from the website, the fees automatically begin to add up which includes high credit card fees.

    Inflexibility of travel deals websites

    Travel deals website also time and again force visitors to show arrival and departure dates to assure their discount.  Once you fix the dates, they do not allow you to change it making you believe that it is not possible or asks for additional fees.  An excellent travel company is concerned in presenting high quality customer care service and is flexible enough for changing your schedules.

    Plans extremely fast paced itineraries

    The travel itineraries planned by travel deals website in most of the cases will be fast paced and swift. Tour guides are not concerned about the acclimatization process, your safety, and sightseeing tour. But they are simply concerned in finishing the trip haphazardly and guide the next group.  Plus, the tour guides are often inexpert and don’t give proper information about the sites that you are visiting. Nevertheless, an experience tour operator will realize how much time travelers should spend at each spot and presents a better-quality tour experience.

    Keep the above mentioned matters in your mind to experience the best travel moment. Just be cautious of travel deals websites. Remember, their cheapest prices often don’t stack up and you may ruin your holiday experience.  Instead, choose a trustworthy and experienced tour operator to make your trip a lifetime memorable one.

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