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    Earthquake Relief Fund Distributed

    Balaram Thapa
    Balaram ThapaUpdated: Jan 26th 2023  |  

    We, Nepal Hiking Team, take pride in organizing NHT Guides and Porters Earthquake Relief Fund Distribution Program on 05th June 2015. Regardless of all the difficulties, we have come across- fear of aftershocks, the concern of family's safety living in the earthquake-affected home, and the risk of working in an office with some cracks earthquake endeavored to collect funds for our needy staff. Besides, all our customers' benevolence and generosity who helped us in such a situation inspire everyone.

    With our determined efforts concerning the fundraising campaign for our staff, we are overwhelmed to announce that through the campaign, NHT has raised USD 51,920.00 (including gofundme). We are delighted to aid our guides and porters near and far. Analyzing personal income, background, and the damage caused by the earthquake, we distributed the fund offering more to the most needed ones. We even planned to provide the funds to those who could not attend today's program. We have now entered our second phase to collect funds. It is difficult to reconstruct in monsoon, and we are very excited to accomplish this phase and plan a distribution program in late September. The immense pleasure of witnessing the glow in our staffs' faces brought hope to recover soon. NHT, along with its big-hearted clients, will carry on lending a hand with the hope of complete recovery.

    We also feel proud of those who provided aid to needy ones and stood firm when the ground kept shaking. We are grateful to our clients who assisted us in spreading good words about Nepal. We are happy to be able to regain our strength and hope from the crumbles. We have moreover welcomed more guests who provided relief to our staff. We are pleased about the good words they have spread about Nepal. NHT team and Mother Nature jointly are now ready to continue our regular plan of treks and tours. We welcome you to Nepal, which is now safe to visit and witness the extremes of loveliness.

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