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    Discover Why Treks in Nepal Are World-Famous

    Balaram Thapa
    Balaram ThapaUpdated: Jul 26th 2023  |  Trekking/Hiking

    Nepal is a landlocked country between two large nations, with the world's highest peak, Mt Everest, and the beauty of nature. Trekking in Nepal allows you to feel the authenticity of the place for yourself. After all, trekking is not all just relentless walks as the rays of the light and heat that comes from the sun hit you. It also helps to get to know the place, the people, the unknown trails, and finally stumble upon a breathtaking view that makes every bit of sweat worth it. 

    It just so happens that trekking and Nepal go well together. Getting out of our busy schedule of life that weighs us down, you shift into experiencing nature, where the beauty, love, and anger of Mother Nature lies. 

    Treks in Nepal is one such experience that fills you with life. You come across the freshness of the air and the kindness of Nepalese people whom you meet along the way and immerse into their rich culture. You can expect a wide array of diverse trails as there are no other trails as diverse as Nepal's.  

    The geographical structure of Nepal also gives the upper hand in the context of trekking.  The landscape here pleases the trekkers; it directly asks them to challenge themselves, to go wild and be closer to nature. Additionally, the variety of welcoming accommodations within the trails provides you with extra comfort. 

    As you Move Further

    Trekking in Nepal has benefits where you can choose from the diverse vegetation zones ranging from Tropical to above the snowline. Another factor that would make anyone want to trek in Nepal is the wildlife full of rare flora & fauna.

    When you trek in the Himalayas region, you get a glimpse of many rare species. You might just be thrilled at how those beings exist in the mountains, unbothered from the outer crowded world. 

    For days and days, trekking challenges you, throws you through all the difficulties and watches if you can cope and move forward. You are in nature, carefree, wild, and unknown of what surprise awaits you next. The mountains look at you with such intensity that you feel ‘I want to explore MORE!’. 

    The highest peak of the world, Mt Everest, towers over you and you feel ‘Yes, I MADE it’. The religious temples, chaityas, gumbas along the trails give you hope & strength to achieve your goals and keep on moving forward. The sound of lakes and rivers is like the music to your ears.

    Memorable Journey with Welcoming Local

    As you trek, a part of your heart is still remembering those people who were kind to you the other day, who introduced you to new things and people. You get to see whole new lifestyles, techniques, and handmade goods that you never knew were even there.  All the fellow trekkers or the travelers you met and new friends and memories you created, your treasures that can’t be brought with any amount of wealth, something that only you have, something you created for yourself.

    The unconditional generosity of the Nepalese people fills your heart. Also, do not forget the brainstorming mysteries that fill your brain. You’ll see that every day can be beautiful if you just let it be. You can create numerous stories that others will read and cherish. 

    All in all, trekking in Nepal means exploring, leading, and being the main character of Nepal’s amazing diversity. This journey becomes unforgettable as you traverse unique trails in the warm locale of the Himalayas.

    History of Trekking in Nepal

    Looking at the history of trekking in Nepal, it began with a British adventurer named Bill Tilman in 1949. He was the one who managed to get permission from the king to trek into the Helambu, Kali Gandaki, and Everest regions. Since then, traveling in Nepal most definitely means trekking here as well. 

    Mt Everest (8848.86 m), also addressed as Sagarmatha, has promoted trekking, full of thrilling experiences for travelers with the most appealing views. In the present context, trekking in Nepal has been widely recognized in the world as a “world’s trekking paradise.”  Nature lovers and adventure seekers see Nepal as the place where their hunger for adventure would thrive. 

    After a century of origin, trekking in Nepal now has better infrastructures that provide travelers satisfaction, comfort, and thrill. The green forest that gives your eyes peace, waterfalls that soothes away all your pains, worries, and sufferings, and of course, the cultures that provide you with hope, faith, and beliefs. 

    Nepalese’s Hospitality to the Travelers

    While you are at it, it is best for the trekkers to want to rouse up and have a lifestyle change. You surely want to hang out, encounter locals, and get familiar with their day-to-day activities and culture. 

    Amongst all the options, homestay is definitely the safest, best, and cheapest option. It’s where you get to have a good amount of insights and experience authenticity. 

    The famous saying that Nepalese people follow is "Atithi Devo Bhava'' which suggests "Guest is God." Hence, when you travel to Nepal you are sure to have an amazing time. The local residents always honor travelers with excellent hospitality and provide them with authentic Nepali meals (the famous Dal Bhat). 

    Another big part is the respectful and friendly interaction with them. They shall smile and lighten the mood to make you forget about the physical pain you endured while trekking. 

    Besides the homestay, you can find well-equipped lodges too. They are warm and comfortable for travelers to rest up well. Few lodges even offer attached bathrooms and Wi-Fi.  

    They are also the best place for travellers to socialize with fellow travelers. They usually have a big common kitchen for all to share the experience, get more information on the trailing routes, and make new friends. 

    WELL! If you’re thinking about the heavy baggage, no worries at all. You can hire a local sherpa/porter to carry your luggage. They are amiable kind, humble, and will support you in every way possible. 

    Hiring porters also means supporting local businesses, as most people in the Himalayas fully depend on tourism for their living. Besides that this will help you to have a good experience in the place without getting lost and trouble. You will no longer have the route confusion and rather get straight toward your final destination.

    Experience the World’s Best Treks in Nepal

    There are many best treks in Nepal that provide you with close-up views of mountains and magnificent scenery. However, there are some best of the best options to gain the fullest trekking experience.

    Among the best of the best, first comes a classic like Everest Base Camp Trek which takes you over 5000m passes for two whole weeks. It is a real challenge for travelers but it is the most beautiful trekked route. With the challenges, we also get to come face to face with spectacular mountain views and the culture of Sherpa. It falls among the extreme and difficult treks.

    Also, there is Manaslu Circuit Trek which provides everything you expect from the best of the best. You get an awesome view of the valleys. It takes 14 days to complete the trail and you can extend it up till 21 days. It is a comparatively less crowded trek. On a side note, it is a remote trek and you might have problems with basic accommodations.

    The next notable trek in Nepal would most likely be Annapurna Base Camp Trek. It is unique from the other classic treks as it has a more vertical view which allows you to see the mountain above you on raising your head. The trek leads you from the lush pastures to the Alpine forests and concludes in Manang and Mustang.

    Rara Lake Trek, by name, we can guess what is the major attraction of the trek, the Rara Lake. It takes about 10 days to finish the trek which starts from Jumla. By the end of it, you will have traveled through the complete wilderness and have very new experiences, gaining knowledge and unforgettable life lessons through it. 

    Besides these, there are tons of other treks in Nepal that let you fully experience trekking and fill you with life and energy. Each of these treks leads travelers to new and different destinations having extravagant scenes and spectacular beauty as Nepal is blessed with Mother Nature.

    Does trekking let you explore the culture of Nepal?

    Definitely, yes. Why? How? The multi-culture, multilingual, and multi-ethnic country of Nepal, truly provides the trekkers with only the best. As the trekkers go off the trail, pushing themselves further both physically and mentally, at some point in the journey, they are rewarded with excellent views followed by architectural structures.  

    Nepal is a secular country. The majority of the population are Hindu. So you get to see multiple temples, gumbas, and palaces along the trails in the Himalayas as well. 

    If luck is with you and it's some kind of festival then congrats! You can observe and be part of their rituals. The heartwarming communities of Tamang, Sherpa, Gurung, etc all have their own sets of values and rituals that are passed down from generation to generation. Hence, it is good to be familiar with the respective culture if you are traveling in Nepal.

    Thus, trekking in Nepal is a wholesome adventure unlike any other experience you ever had. The surreal biodiversity and wide varieties of cultures, norms, and values of the people make your trek attractive as compared to others.

    When to Trek in Nepal? What is the Best time to Trek in Nepal?

    The season between the summer and the winter, Spring (March to May) is considered to be favorable for trekking. From the past years, it is safe to say that it is much clearer during this season. Also, you can take a good look at Nepal's national flower, Rhododendrons. Their colorful range would be all around the hills along with other rare flowers like orchids, blue poppies.  

    The fragrance of the flower fills the air and you can let that freshness inside you. The stable weather makes it easier to make plans and carry them out. 

    Another absolutely best time to trek in Nepal is Autumn (September to November). The sky and the scenery both are clear which makes the trekking trails gorgeous. The peaceful environment after rain washes the dust. Also, you shall witness the harvesting of major crops from various hamlets making the mood joyful. 

    The longest holiday in Nepal, Dashain and Tihar, also falls around that time. Hence, it would be a time full of fun for all. Trekkers can join families and be part of the happy moments, creating happy memories with the people of the trekking regions. 

    Summers and winters aren’t bad, either. However, spring and autumn are the ones most preferred by trekkers and travelers.

    Is Nepal the Best Place to Trek? 

    For any travelers who are looking forward to trekking. Hiking in Nepal would be the wisest decision. Nepal’s trekking infrastructure has progressed a lot in the past decades and it provides trekkers with excellent services. 

    The lodges on the trails provide trekkers with all the basic necessities. There is good security for the travelers and for having proper information. You can even hire a guide who will guide you to your destinations and suggest places to visit. 

    Along the trail, you come across varieties of communities, cultures, and lifestyles. Nepal is the country with the world’s highest peak; from various trails, you get a view of majestic mountains like Mt Everest, Mt. Annapurna, and Mt. Dhaulagiri. Each of those views is heavenly to one's eyes. So, Nepal is on the bucket list of many trekking and traveling enthusiasts.

    Hence, trekking in Nepal is a bewildering and ‘must-have’ experience for anyone out there. You get to meet & greet outstanding localities, witness their culture, and immerse in the views of the incredible Himalayas. 

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