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    10 Best Tour Packages in Nepal

    Balaram Thapa
    Balaram ThapaUpdated: Feb 9th 2023  |  Travel Tips

    Are you planning to make a trip to the cities of colorful landscapes, ancient pagodas, temples, and land of vivid culture? You are likely to question your mind about what place on Earth this could be. Yes, we are talking about the land that sits on the lap of mountains and mesmerizing alpine lands. Nepal, a rare beauty, has something to offer for everyone but somehow is biased for those who love getting the kick of a high adventure. Backpacking, hiking, adrenaline-pumping mountain expeditions, river rafting, cycling and mountain biking, bungee jumping, you name it, Nepal has it!

    Everyone has a different version of the city they would like to see and have their own expectations of meeting the country. Yes, the panoramic views of the mountains are endearing, and it is a different experience each time. But as the planning goes, do you ask yourself, what is the purpose of your travel? What is the one thing that you want to tick off your bucket list while in Nepal?

    Firstly, not everyone prefers high voltage adventures; some travelers like to visit the country with their expectations and pace. You could be an active wildlife explorer or find it interesting to delve deeper into the unique history and mysteries of the country. Nepal is a small country in terms of land size, but coming here as first-timers can be quite daunting to get things rolling on the first go! Hence, we present you with a list of the few handpicked best tour packages in Nepal.

    Why do you love the best tour packages in Nepal?

    • Be a part of the best tour packages in Nepal as we guarantee to awaken your taste buds in authentic Nepali palettes, heighten your sense of relief and peace in the city of temples and pagodas; Kathmandu, Bhaktapur, Patan, and Lumbini.
    • Be a part of the hustle and bustle in Pokhara, a hub for tourists, and make a short trip to see the magical sunrise in Nagarkot and Sarangkot, as well as the other UNESCO-listed world heritage sites in Kathmandu valley.
    • Have an exceptional time that offers you splendid views of the vibrant culture in the Khumbu and Khumjung region as you travel to the land of the Himalayas on our exquisite Heli tour!
    • Besides sightseeing in some of the most enigmatic and spiritual sites, you can also enjoy boating and view the mountain ranges in Pokhara.
    • Join the friendly Nepalese and other tour groups as you observe the traditional culture and art in Kathmandu, Lumbini, and Chitwan, Pokhara, and Everest.
    • Enjoy the natural wildlife in Chitwan and the base of Buddhism in the sacred land of Lumbini.
    • A land made up of things one can dream of, the perfect destination to relax and disconnect from regular affairs. Visit the ancient culture in Tansen, the crafted work of artisans in Tansen as you delve deeper, trekking to Ghorepani and Ghandruk to capture the neighboring mountains of the Annapurna and Dhaulagiri range!

    1. Nepal Explore Tour

    Best Tour Packages in Nepal

    Every city in the world has its own set of stories to share. Likewise, Kathmandu is a place that includes some of the holiest spots in Nepal. Situated at an elevation of 4600 ft., it sits perfectly like a bowl in a city of temples. It is pretty natural to feel overwhelmed as you are also likely to get a bit of cultural shock because of Nepal's massive yet diverse culture. As you dive deep into the country's history, you will have a chance to visit the list of UNESCO world heritage sites. Furthermore, the journey takes you to some of the must-see spots in Kathmandu, including shrines, architectural temples, and heads, to witness the magical sunrise in Nagarkot.

    Nepal Explore Tour introduces you to the aspects of the city that cover demonstrations of fine art, a rich culture, ancient history, and the diverse ethnicities of the country. The Kathmandu-Nagarkot-Chitwan-Lumbini-Pokhara is one of the most admired and best tour packages in Nepal. This trip offers you a chance to see Nepal through a different lens.

    2. Everest View Heli Tours

    Everest View tours


    One of the most exciting and luxurious tours we offer, The Everest Heli Tour, with a brief hike to the Everest region, are at par with our other Heli tours. The Everest View Heli Tour takes you to the beautiful home of the legendary Sherpa people in the Khumbu region. The journey initially begins in Lukla and ends at Kathmandu as you traverse the Khumjung region's contrasting landscapes. The morning flight to one of the smallest airports in the world, situated at an altitude of approximately 38000 meters, is an adventure in itself.

    The Everest View Heli Tour is the best and quickest way of exploring the Everest Mountains without tiring oneself of a long trekking journey. It gives you a nice overall view of the magnificent landscapes, presenting you with a world you have never seen. While you are in this region, you will be spending your time at the highest located hotel in the world; the Everest View Hotel cornered by mountains on all sides.  Additionally, you will also visit the Khumjung village and tour the nearby villages and monasteries. The journey is a perfect combination of beauty and the perfect adventure. Thus, come tag along with us in the Everest View Heli Tour, a trip unforgettable and instilled in your mind for years to come!!

    3. Glimpse of Kathmandu Tours


    The capital of the city, cornered by mountains, is one of the most populous regions in Nepal. While you travel to the town, you will likely observe old wooden carvings, metal statues, stones inscribed with manuscripts, mandalas, and scroll paintings dating back to the Licchhavi period. While most people follow Hinduism and Buddhism, as a country, it holds the same amount of love for all its people, unique culture, and religions. For this reason, it pays equal attention to all its seven heritages listed in the UNESCO world heritage. As it is a starting point for tourism itself, many globetrotters ensure they stay in the capital at least for a day. A lot of the tours usually start their journey from Kathmandu.

    While your stay in Kathmandu, if you have extra days to spend, make sure to include Nagarkot in the list of short trips you ought to visit. The journey takes you to some of the must-see spots in Kathmandu, including shrines, architectural temples, and heads, to the surrounding sister Bhaktapur. On this tour, you will also tour around the Kathmandu and Patan Durbar square.

    4. Nepal Adventure Tours

    Best Tour Packages in Nepal: Ghorepani

    Nepal has been heard of as a place for trekking, but trust us, it can be an excellent destination for every holiday. Indeed, a home to Everest, but the land abodes so much more than just mountains and adventures. The ancient history and edge Kathmandu offers can be fascinating to first-time visitors. At the same time, the places closer to the mountains can be equally interesting to visit for a quick or more extended visit.

    The Kathmandu-Pokhara–Ghorepani-Poonhill-Chitwan is one of the most admired and Best Tour Packages in Nepal. This trip offers you a chance to see Nepal through a different lens. Pokhara, a city known to be the land of lakes, provides some of the best views of the surrounding mountains. A lively city assuring you of a good time. It is also regarded for other adventurous activities such as bungee jumping, mountain biking, and many others on the list. Hiking to one of the most loved trails across Ghorepani, Poonhill, and Ghandruk, you will see plenty of the snow-capped mountains like Mt. Dhaulagiri, Mt. Annapurna, Mt. Himchuli, and so on. We assure you Pokhara will never be the first time of many travelers. It is an ideal experience for people coming from all around the world

    After our trekking ends at Pokhara, the tour extends to Chitwan. The largest city in Nepal after Kathmandu, we tour around the area exploring wildlife and the solid green forests. The place is a popular spot for leisure activities added with nature sightseeing and encountering wildlife. The trip finally ends in Kathmandu.

    Want to learn more check out the tours:

    5. Sunrise and Sunset Tour

    Fishtail Sarangkot

    Take on to new horizons with us to witness the magical sunrise and sunset effortlessly painted on a palette of colorful skies. Experience the sun disappear on the orange clouds and above the Himalayas of Nepal. Capture the essence of the rich, bright, serene dawn and dusks of nature in our seven days Sunrise and Sunset Tour. Your mornings and evenings will surely get better as you visit different cities in Nepal, starting with Nagarkot, which is pretty popular among domestic travelers. Nagarkot, located at an elevation of 2200m approximately, is known for its magical sunrise and mountain views.

    The journey takes you to some of the must-see spots in Nepal, including the beautiful Newar town of Bandipur, continuing to Sarangkot hill in the lively Pokhara city. The best time to hop on tour are in spring, autumn, and winter season as the monsoon and summer are usually preferred less as they happen to be a bit uncertain. Nepal is one of the few countries in the world where you can experience all four seasons, from vibrant springtime to excellent autumn times. However, the wintertime also offers nice weather to explore the areas and enjoy the scenic and tranquil mountain views.

    6. Amazing Nepal Tour


    One of the reasons this tour can be included as one of the best tour packages in Nepal for relaxation is how varied and refreshing this package is. We visit some of the world heritage sites listed by UNESCO, the Pashupatinath temple and Swayambunath Stupa on this tour. Both the world heritage site holds great significance for people of the Hindu and Buddhist communities. After a peaceful start in Kathmandu, the land of shrines and temples, culture, and history, you will head straight to Nagarkot. Nagarkot is the place to be for grabbing magical sunrise. The tour further takes you to explore the land of lakes Pokhara. On our way to Pokhara, we take a cable car ride as we visit the "Manakamana temple,” Goddess of Fulfilling wishes.

    The adventure continues in Pokhara, a bustling city, but this could be the perfect getaway for those who prefer quaint places. We take a trip to Sarangkot, a vantage point, to view the mountains such as the Dhaulagiri and Annapurna range on visible days. We visit some other attractions such as the Bindyabasini temple and Devi's fall, et cetera. Optionally we can also choose to boat in the Fewa lake, stroll in the evening and dedicate the night to music and sumptuous cuisines. The later part of the trip continues traveling to the second-largest city in Nepal, Chitwan.

    The drive to Chitwan is a fascinating one with woodlands and beautiful landscapes. The major highlight of touring in Chitwan is undoubtedly a part of the Chitwan jungle tour. You can enjoy canoeing across the river and jungle walk/ Elephant safari, nature walk through the jungle exploring the varied wildlife involved in bird watching. Later in the evening, you will also be a guest of the Tharu community residing in Chitwan and appreciate their cultural dance performance. Your Amazing Nepal tour ends at Kathmandu, as you relax in the colorful city before you depart to your destination.

    7. Kathmandu and Lumbini Tour

    Best Tour Packages in Nepal- kathmandu Monkey Temple

    Get ready to dive deep into an enriching journey with our Kathmandu and Lumbini Tours. The tour presents the iconic landmarks of Kathmandu and some of the holiest sites of Lumbini. You will be able to view some of the most important heritage sites in the valley, such as the Bouddhanath and Swayambunath Stupa, Pashupatinath temple, and Kathmandu Durbar Square. Travelers are likely to see beautiful dispersed all around Kathmandu and Lumbini. We are moving further on to Lumbini, located in the further west of Terai, which abodes the birthplace of Lord Buddha. The motherland of Lord Buddha is symbolized with a stone pillar erected by Indian emperor Asoka. The pillar to date stands with words of where Prince Siddhartha, later known to be Lord Buddha, was born.

    A lot of travelers from around the world come to Lumbini as they pay homage to Lord Buddha. Travelers are likely to see beautiful temples dispersed all around. Lumbini is a delight to your eyes and spiritual senses. It is a great travel destination and offers a variety of attractions relating to Lord Buddha's life. Considered one of the most sacred sites in the world's religions, it serves great importance to Buddhist pilgrims. It is a must-visit site if you want to explore some of Nepal's historic towns and cities.

    8. Kathmandu and Pokhara Tours


    We want to categorize this tour as one of the more luxurious ones that enable you to relax at your own pace. We assure you that you will travel on a five-day trip to two of the most loved cities in Nepal, Kathmandu, and Pokhara. Both the cities are known to be a hub, one for the temples, art, culture, and rich diversity it births whereas the other one for its views. The capital is cornered by four mountains and is the most populated city in the country. It is pretty natural to feel overwhelmed in Kathmandu, as you are also likely to get a bit of cultural shock because of Nepal's massive yet diverse culture.

    As you dive deep into the country's history, you will have a chance to visit the list of UNESCO world heritage sites. The Kathmandu and Pokhara tour introduces you to the aspects of the city that cover demonstrations of fine art, a rich culture, ancient history, and the diverse ethnicities of the country. This tour is your own and has the best of both worlds, one where you can delve deeper with natural landscapes, terrains as well as the rich Nepali heritage. While you travel in these parts of the country, you will see amazing Himalayan views and be engaged in the country's commercial hubs with the best luxury hotels for accommodation.

    9. Best of Nepal Tour

    Poon Hill

    Nepal is travel heaven for people who love to get adventure, spiritual and cultural high. Whether you love the peaceful monasteries and visit the birthplace of Lord Buddha in Lumbini or want to explore the Hindu pilgrims at Pashupatinath, it is a hub for explorers of all races and religions. It can also serve as a perfect place to dedicate some minutes to mindfulness and meditation. Inclusive of a short trek journey into one of the most trekked regions in the country, the Ghorepani and Poon Hill trek. The tour is an enticing one as it definitely makes one of the best and gives you varied experiences in 15 days.

    There are many reasons why exploring the famous cities like Pokhara, Lumbini, Chitwan, Tansen, and the capital could be a short yet one of the best tour packages in Nepal.

    Check out the best of Nepal tours package:

    Our adventure begins in Kathmandu as we tour around Bhaktapur and Kathmandu and take an hour's drive to Nagarkot. We travel to Chitwan for a full-day jungle activity and drive to Lumbini to visit the birthplace of Lord Buddha. We then continue to travel to Palpa and visit Tansen, famous for its ancient culture and people. The place’s major attraction is the local markets and the tranquil environment it provides. The place is widely known for Nepalese traditional cloth; “Dhaka”. The adventure gets steady as we hike to the Ghorepani and Ghandruk region and explore the beautiful lakes in Pokhara, our final destination.

    10. Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tours - 4 days

    Everest Heli Tours

    Love waking up next to the towering snow-capped mountains of Nepal? Join us as we take you on a journey to the grand Everest Himalayas. The tour starts with sightseeing around the valley and Patan and other UNESCO world heritage sites in the area. After the sightseeing, we head on to the majestic Himalaya, where we stop at Kala Patthar to grab the views of the great Everest mastiff and its neighboring peaks. After some time, we head on to the Gokyo Lakes to see the crystal-clear lakes of the Himalayas that resemble the beautiful sapphires.

    The Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour is a perfect blend of the capital's bustling energy and a sweet escape to the Himalayas you cannot afford to miss. It is undoubtedly, one of the best tour packages in Nepal that can be out there. Enjoy life in Kathmandu and fly over the Everest base camp that is almost out there on every globetrotter's list. An unforgettable trip that is worth infinite memories.

    A journey full of tiny colorful alleys, beautiful green villages, and genuine local hospitality as you sip and taste the rich Nepali experience. We guarantee you that it is a country that will see something different every day in Nepal, with different ethnicities residing under the same roof. So, make sure you do a bit of research on your part and look for some of the best tour packages in Nepal before you plan your little escape. This is where you want to visit if you wish to trek, gather some quiet thoughts, and hop on temples and pagodas. You will also see numerous serene, clear lakes and rivers resembling small glazing shiny diamonds. Grab some of the best breathtaking views of the world's tallest mountains and partake in the vibrant Kathmandu lifestyle.


    What is the meaning of your travel to Nepal if you do not see some of the holiest and peaceful sites in the world? Believed to be guarded by the deities and having a strong, steady influence of Buddha, the country is believed to be a land of peace and tranquility. It is an ideal place to spend time alone or with your loved ones. A land that keeps everyone engaged because there is so much to do in Nepal. Traveling in the country is safe; however, it is always better to book with companies worth putting your trust in. A safe journey ensures a secure and better experience, especially for those traveling for the first time. Hence, book that trip and buy the ticket immediately because Nepal's worth a visit once in your lifetime at least!!

    Photo Credit: Suman Raju

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