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    15 Best Tour Packages in Nepal

    Balaram Thapa
    Balaram ThapaUpdated: Dec 9th 2023  |  Travel Tips

    Nepal, the Himalayan country, has something for everyone. From snowy peaks to fertile plains and deep lush valleys, its colorful landscapes offer a range of adventures all year round. Tour packages in Nepal are a great way to explore different aspects of the country comfortably.

    Still shrouded in its ancient culture, Nepal has a conglomeration of religious sites, a multitude of temples and pagodas, and many important historical sites. Its humble lifestyle offers a glimpse of the innately content lives of its people, leaving onlookers in awe and seeking solace for themselves in this holy land.

    Whether you visit Nepal for the first time or keep coming here repeatedly, you will always find exciting things to do in Nepal on every visit.

    Nepal has something for everyone. Let's find out!

    From high-paced mountaineering expeditions to leisurely safaris in the national parks of the plains, you have a variety of activities to choose from.

    Thrill seekers will get the most out of our hiking and backpacking tour packages and mountain expeditions. Other exhilarating adventures are bungee jumping, paragliding, mountain biking, canyoning and river rafting.

    There are tour packages specially designed for wildlife explorations. Short day trips are also a popular option to visit the historical sites of Kathmandu.

    For an in depth understanding of various Nepal Tour Packages, we have hand picked15 Best Tours in Nepal for your convenience. So, you can scan our list and choose the most suitable tour package for you and your family. You can count on us to deliver your most fascinating holiday experience!

    Highlights of our 15 Best Tours of Nepal

    • We provide standard guided tours of Kathmandu, Bhaktapur, Lalitpur, Lumbini and many more. Being a part of the best tour package in Nepal, you will make the most of your holiday while enjoying authentic Nepalese food and culture.
    • Apart from visiting Kathmandu's UNESCO World Heritage sites, you will stop over at popular destinations of Nepal, such as Pokhara,  Nagarkot, Sarangkot, Chitwan, Lumbini etc
    • The exhilarating experience of the famous Khumbu and Khumjung regions on our luxury heli tour!
    • Our Pokhara trip will take you lounging on Lakeside, canoeing on Phewa Taal, and watching mountain views from the hilltop of Sarangkot
    • You can have group trips with friendly Nepalese and foreign nationals on your tour of Kathmandu, Lumbini, Chitwan, Pokhara, Everest Base Camp etc
    • Along with national monuments and other historical sites of Kathmandu, Bhaktapur and Lalitpur, you will also visit the ancient sites of Tansen, which is famous for craftwork and weaving Dhaka, a popular fabric used in making hats and garments.
    • Our trekking packages will have a range of difficulty levels for you. The Ghorepani - Poon Hill trek in the Annapurna region is the easiest and most suitable for first-time trek.

    Let's discuss our 15 best Tours and trekking packages in Nepal below.

    Nepal Explore Tour

    Explore Nepal Tours-Lumbini, and amazing culture tours of nepal

    The city streets of Kathmandu and its intricate network of alleys can get overwhelming for first-time visitors. Walking around the city, you will come across many historical monuments and temples dating back hundreds of centuries. Roadside stalls and teashops at every nook and corner of the city will give you a taste of Kathmandu's famous street foods. You will experience a friendly vibe at these teashops. They also serve the most delicious cup of steaming hot masala tea!


    Situated at a height of 4600 ft. above sea level, Kathmandu has a diverse culture. You will find different ethnicities living harmoniously in this bustling old city. The world heritage sites of Kathmandu are legendary historical and religious sites; the story behind their origin will fascinate you for sure.

    With the Nepal Explore Tour, you will discover these fascinating aspects of the city, along with its rich culture, history, and different ethnicities.

    Another more elaborate Nepal tour will be the Kathmandu-Nagarkot-Chitwan-Lumbini-Pokhara tour package. On this tour, you will visit Nagarkot, - the famous sunrise viewpoint, Chitwan - home to the biodiversity of the Terai region, Lumbini - the birthplace of Lord Gautama Buddha, and Pokhara - Kathmandu's favorite gateway destination.

    Everest View Heli Tour

    Everest Heli Tours

    Our Everest View Heli Tour is a unique way to explore the Everest region with minimal hiking expeditions. It is the perfect way to visit the Khumbu region quickly, saving precious time.

    Beginning the tour with a flight to Lukla (2,846 m), gateway to Everest, you will visit many quaint Sherpa villages, such as Khumjung, on the trails of  Sagarmatha National Park. You will end your tour with a return flight to Kathmandu.

    Everest View Heli Tour is ideal for you to get the perfect view of Mt Everest and other Himalayan mountains from proximity. You will spend the night at one of the world's highest hotels, Hotel Everest View (3,962.4 m). While in the Khumbu region, you can explore nearby Sherpa villages. Interacting with locals, you will gain first-hand knowledge about their culture and traditions.

    Tengboche monastery is the oldest sacred site of the Khumjung region. On this tour, you can visit this ancient Buddhist monastery and enjoy the holy ambiance with the Buddhist monks during their daily prayer sessions.

    If you crave a memorable tour in the serene land of Sagarmatha, the Everest View Heli Tour will make it possible for you

    A Glimpse of Kathmandu Tours

    Kathmandu Tours - Boudhanth Stupa: Top Tour pacakge in nepal

    Our Kathmandu tours will include visits to all the UNESCO World Heritage sites. Being a country of different ethnicities and religions, we have monuments belonging to these ethnicities. You can see how much effort we have put into preserving our rich and diverse heritage.

    From intricate architecture to metal and stone statues of Buddhist and Hindu Gods, you will find many interesting artifacts when visiting famous destinations in Kathmandu. Ancient manuscripts, scroll paintings and wooden carvings adorn the museums of Kathmandu, Bhaktapur and Lalitpur.

    Although Nepal is famous for its Himalayan trekking trails, many tourists love to spend a few days or even weeks in the city, admiring its holy sites. They also include short day trips to nearby tour destinations, like Nagarkot, Panauti and others.

    Other places of interest included in Kathmandu Tours are;

    Bhaktapur - home of the newars (the indigenous people of Kathmandu valley), it is famous for its ancient palaces and courtyards, 

    Patan - another Newar town spotting a multitude of well-intact Stupas and majestic Buddhist Temples frequented daily by the Buddhist population of Kathmandu.

    Nepal Adventure Tours

    Nepal Adventure Tours - Family Trip to Poon Hill

    As we said earlier, Nepal has got something for everyone. All you need to do is choose the perfect adventure tour and discover Nepal's mystical destinations.

    Suppose you are looking for a well-packed itinerary that combines a city tour,  a hiking trip,  and a jungle exploration, our Kathmandu-Pokhara. In that case, Ghorepani-Poonhill-Chitwan offers one of the Best Tour Packages in Nepal.


    Pokhara, a city of lakes, has clear mountain views and a more relaxed atmosphere than Kathmandu. It has a string of restaurants and bars on the Lakeside of Phewa Lake, a popular joint to get together with friends or meet new faces. Adventurous activities of the region include mountain biking, paragliding, bungee jumping and cave explorations.

    Generally, a visit to Pokhara is combined with a connecting trek through Ghorepani, Poon Hill, and Ghandruk. This trek is popular among first-time trekkers who seek a moderately easy hiking activity. Once on the top of Poon Hill, you can get an enchanting view of Mt. Dhaulagiri, Mt. Annapurna, Mt. Himchuli etc.

    The last destination on this itinerary is Chitwan. Its rich biodiversity makes it perfect for safari and birdwatching trips. Dwell among the Tarai region's lush green tropical forests and canals for a completely rejuvenating experience in Nepal. 

    Your trip will end with a drive back to Kathmandu.

    Click here for more info on the "Kathmandu-Pokhara–Ghorepani-Poonhill-Chitwan tour package."

    Sunrise and Sunset Tour

    Sunrise and Sunset tours

    A few places in Nepal are famous for its spectacular sunrise and sunset viewpoints. The first, of course, is Nagarkot situated at a height of 2,175 meters. A modest village perched on a hilltop is the popular gateway for city dwellers. Plenty of hotels and resorts in Nagarkot provide excellent accommodations and meals. The peaceful village is a perfect hideout to seek solace among nature. 


    Our Seven Days Sunrise and Sunset Tour will take you to Nagarkot, Sarangkot and Bandipur.

    Sarangkot is the spot for paragliding. At a half an hour drive from Pokhara Lakeside, Sarangkot is also a great viewpoint to watch mountains like Dhaulagiri (8167 m), Machhapuchhare (6997 m), Annapurna II (7937 m), and Lamjung (6983 m). You can also get a clear view of Pokhara city and its Phewa lake. You can spend a night or two in Sarangkot to enjoy the beautiful sunrise and sunset views from its watch tower.

    The third destination is Bandipur, a secluded Newar town on the way to Pokhara. It is a 5 hours drive from Kathmandu. With no motorized road connecting this village to the Prithvi highway, it has remained relatively isolated until recently.

    The ideal time for the Seven Days Sunrise and Sunset Tour is autumn, winter and spring. The clear sky and minimal rainfall render a perfect view of the mountain ranges and sunrise from these hilltops.

    Amazing Nepal Tour

    Amazing Nepal Tour covers the highlights of Nepal.

    We begin with a city tour of UNESCO World Heritage sites, such as Swoyambhunath Stupa, Pashupatinath Temple, etc. Swoyambhunath is renowned as a self-manifested Buddhist stupa. On the other hand, Pashupatinath is Nepal's most revered Hindu temple. Every year, Hindu devotees worldwide visit Pashupatinath to pay homage to Lord Shiva.

    After a recreational tour of Kathmandu, we move on to Nagarkot, the sunrise viewpoint of central Nepal, an hour's drive from Kathmandu.

    Amazing Nepal Tour's next destination is Pokhara, the gateway to Annapurna trekking trails. On our drive from Kathmandu to Pokhara, we will also visit Manakamna - the sacred shrine of a goddess who fulfills the wishes of its devotees. The cable car ride to the shrine of Manakamna is Nepal's first commercial cable car service. It began operating in 1998.


    Once in Pokhara, you have loads of fun activities to choose from. There are adrenaline-spiking sports like paragliding, mountain biking and bungee jumping. Or, you can lounge at Lakeside, watching colorful canoes floating upon Phewa Lake under a clear blue sky. Some famous tourist spots of Pokhara include Shree Binyabasini temple, Devi's Fall, Peace Temple, Gupteshwar Gupha, Barahi Temple, Begnas Lake etc.

    A short trip to Sarangkot is a must when visiting Pokhara. It is the starting point for paragliding. From this viewpoint, you will see Pokhara on one side, and the Annapurna ranges on the other.

    Our Amazing Nepal tour concludes with a visit to Chitwan, the fertile plains of Nepal's Tarai region. Exciting things to do in this area include jungle safaris in Chitwan National Park, canoeing along canals inhabiting various species, Elephant safaris, bird watching etc.

    You will also observe the lifestyles of the Tharu community, the largest ethnic group of Terai, by attending their cultural dance shows and visiting their villages.

    Kathmandu and Lumbini Tour

    The Kathmandu and Lumbini Tour package is the best choice for travelers seeking a respite from their hectic city lives. This itinerary combines visits to sacred places of Kathmandu, such as Boudhanath, Swoyambhunath and Pashupatinath, with a visit to Lumbini, the birthplace of Lord Buddha.

    Lumbini is one of the sacred Buddhist pilgrimage sites of Nepal. It is a 9-hour drive from Kathmandu, but you can opt for domestic flights that take just half an hour to reach. The main attraction of Lumbini is the Mayadevi temple; it is built on the spot where Lord Buddha was born in 623 BC. The Ashoka Pillar, built in 249 BC, is another significant landmark commemorating his visit to Lumbini.


    Many other temples and monasteries were later built around the Mayadevi temple to symbolize the devotion of Buddhist associations worldwide. Being very close to the Indian border, Lumbini is also famous for goods imported from India.

    The Kathmandu and Lumbini Tour package covers most of the famous tour destinations of Nepal, thus becoming the ideal choice for those who want to visit the main attractions of Nepal within a short period.

    Kathmandu and Pokhara Tours

    Kathmandu and Pokhara are the twin cities that attract most tourists for their charms. While Kathmandu has lots to offer regarding monuments, museums, durbar squares, and historical and religious sites,  Pokhara is well known for its scenic views and recreational activities.

    Our Kathmandu and Pokhara Tour will give you the perfect combination of exploring Nepal's diverse culture and history and having the best vacation visiting Pokhara's many tourist destinations.


    The Lakeside, famous for its charming restaurants and bars, is a perfect place to unwind after traveling around on your day trips.

    Hiking to Sarangkot from Pokhara Lakeside (30 30-minute drive) will give you a splendid view of Mt Dhaulagiri, Mt Machhapuchhare and others. You can opt for a paragliding ride back to Lakeside!

    Site seeing in Kathmandu will include World Heritage site visits, including Boudhanath, Swoyambhunath and Pashupatinath. Visits to Durbar Squares of Kathmandu and Lalitpur are also included.

    As for accommodation and transportation, you will stay at luxury hotels with the best facilities. They will be within walking distance from the main attractions of the city.

    Best of Nepal Tour

    For those of you who want a more elaborate tour covering most of Nepal's tourist destinations, we recommend the Best of Nepal tour. It is a combined tour of major highlights of Nepal spanning 15 days. During the tour, you will visit the best sunrise viewpoints, national parks, historical towns, favorite tourist cities, most frequented trekking trails and many more. 


    If you are looking for a Nepal tour that involves sightseeing and a trekking adventure, which is what Nepal is most famous for, Best of Nepal is the ideal tour package for you.

    Following are some of the places you will visit on this tour.

    • Kathmandu and Bhaktapur - the UNESCO World Heritage Sites, Durbar Squares, Museums etc
    • Nagarkot - a peaceful village on a hilltop, which is the best viewpoint to see sunrise and sunset
    • Chitwan - you can have a relaxing jungle safari at Chitwan National Park
    • Lumbini - on a short trip to Lumbini, you will visit the most sacred Buddhist pilgrimage site known exclusively as the birthplace of Lord Buddha
    • Palpa Tansen - Tansen is the administrative district of Palpa. It was the capital of the Magar Kingdom in ancient times. Located on a hilltop, Tansen has many historical sites such as Tansen Durbar, Rani Mahal, Rambha Devi temple, etc
    • Pokhara - Pokhara is the gateway to Annapurna trekking trails. Besides being a tourism hub, it has many thrilling activities.

    At the end of the tour, you will undertake a moderately easy trek on Ghorepani and Poon Hill route and come back to Kathmandu via Pokhara. Ghorepani and Poon Hill trek are the most frequented trails of Nepal.

    Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tours - 4 days

    A quick helicopter tour of the Everest Base Camp (EBC) is a convenient way to experience the majestic Himalayas. Our Everest Base Camp Heli tour - 4 days will take you to the foot of EBC quickly.

    The itinerary consists of a Kathmandu Valley tour and a tour of other destinations of Khumbu valley. If you love to spend time among gigantic mountain ranges, you will surely love the Everest Base Camp Heli tour.


    The Kathmandu Valley tour will take you to various city historical sites, such as Patan Durbar Square, Bhaktapur Durbar Square, and other UNESCO World Heritage sites. While in the city, you will come upon esthetically pleasing temples and pagodas bustling with devotees carrying out their daily rituals. The diverse ethnicities of Kathmandu become more apparent once you visit these holy sites.

    You will then board a chopper to fly over Khumbu Valley. Your first stop will be the Kala Patthar (5,644 m), a perfect viewpoint to watch Mount Everest and other Himalayan ranges up close. The trek to Everest Base Camp will lead you to the gateway of Sagarmatha (8,849 m), the world's tallest mountain. 

    The second destination of the tour is Gokyo Lake (4,700 m - 5,000 m); these lakes are commonly known as turquoise lakes because of their blue appearance. Gokyo Lake is a sacred pilgrimage site of both Hindu and Buddha dharma. During the auspicious day of Janai Purnima, a Hindu festival, hundreds of devotees visit the lake and dip in the holy water.

    A perfect blend of enjoying Kathmandu's bustling city life and an escape to the Himalayas, the EBC heli tour will give you an unforgettable trip experience for life.

    Everest Base Camp Trek

    Everest Base Camp Trek - Best Tour packages in Nepal by Nepal Hiking Team

    Nepal's most popular trekking package is the Everest Base Camp (EBC) Trek. If you have to choose just one trekking trip in Nepal, it must be the EBC trek, for it has the most spectacular view of Mt Everest and the Himalayan ranges.

    The trek starts and ends at Lukla Airport, one of the world's tiniest airports. Situated at a height of 2 846 meters, it has a short runway, making it a dangerous spot for aviation. However, trekkers on the way to Mt. Everest fly to Lukla yearly for their EBC trek.


    Apart from the lovely trails and picturesque views of the Khumbu region, filled with glaciers, alpine forests and suspension bridges, you will encounter many Sherpa villages on the way to Mt. Everest. EBC trek will allow you to familiarize yourself with the Khumbu region's local culture and get cozy shelters at the quaint teahouses along the way.

    On this trek, you will hike up to Kala Patthar (5644 m), the best viewpoint to watch Mt. Everest and its surrounding mountain ranges. Gorakshep is another landmark that you will reach just before the EBC. It is the highest elevation for your overnight stay on the route to Everest Base Camp.

    Proper fitness training is necessary if you plan to undertake the Everest Base Camp trek. Because of the high altitude you are trekking, you must have proper acclimatization days to prevent Acute Mountain Sickness (AMS).

    Annapurna Base Camp Trek

    Annapurna Base Camp Trek

    One of Nepal's famous Base Camp treks is the Annapurna Base Camp (ABC) Trek. This trekking trail leads you to the foot of the world's 10th-highest mountain, Mt Annapurna (8,091 m). You will also trek along Poon Hill, which is a popular spot to watch beautiful sunrise over the Himalayan ranges.

    Although not as daunting as the Everest Base Camp trek, the ABC trek offers an equally exhilarating thrill and adventure.

    Your trek will begin and end at Pokhara. On the drive to Pokhara city, you will get a closer view of Nepali lifestyles and ethnicities. Especially on the trails, you will get a chance to mingle with the locals of the region, who are mainly gurungs, tamangs and magars.

    A brief itinerary of the Annapurna Base Camp Trek includes a drive to Pokhara from Kathmandu, which takes almost 6 hours, and another road trip to Nayapul from Pokhara, which takes around 90 minutes. You will begin hiking towards Tikhe Dunga on the first day of the trek. Then, to Ghorepani the following day.


    Upon reaching PoonHill, you will capture a beautiful sunrise over the Annapurna ranges and descend towards Tadapani. Passing over villages like Chhomrong, Dovan and Deurali, you will reach the Annapurna Base Camp (4,130 m) via Machhapuchhare Base Camp (3,700 m). You will then trace your steps back to Pokhara.

    You can visit Jhinu Danda for a hot spring bath on your return journey. It is believed to have healing powers. Your trek completes with a drive back to Kathmandu.

    Manaslu Circuit Trek

    Manaslu Tours of Nepal

    Based in Nepal's northern Himalayan range the Manaslu Circuit Trek is a famous trekking trail of Gurkha District. Spanning over 15 days, this trek will take you on a remote trail towards Manaslu Base Camp (4,750 m). Further on, you can get a clear view of Mt Manaslu (8,163 m), the 8th highest mountain in the world, from Larkya La Mountain Pass.


    If you are looking for a tour package combining a Kathmandu tour with a trekking trip over Manaslu Valley, the Manaslu Circuit Trek is the best choice. It offers an off-the-beat path for trekkers seeking a peaceful, natural hike. The varied landscape leading to Manaslu Base Camp will also provide an exciting escape from the hectic city life.

    Some highlights of the trek are

    • A visit to the Manaslu Conservation Area
    • Enchanting view of Mt Manaslu, Himlung Himal, Ganesh Himal, and Annapurna II
    • Exploring remote ethnic villages of Gurung, Tamang and Tibetan ethnicities

    Annapurna Circuit Trek

    Annapurna Circuit Trek

    A popular tour package of Nepal, Annapurna Circuit Trek, takes you to the Annapurna Conservation Area (7,629 km²), Nepal's largest conservation area.

    After a drive from Kathmandu to Jagat, Lamjung, you will commence your trek to Dharapani.  Passing over the villages of Chame and Pisang, you will reach Manang (3,519 m). Trekkers trailing these routes take a rest day in Manang to acclimate themselves to the high elevation.


    Moving on, you will visit Yakharka, Thorong Phedi and the famous Thorong La Pass (5,416 m) before reaching Muktinath. Muktinath is a sacred pilgrimage site for both Hindus and Buddhists.

    The later part of the trek will take you on the route to Ghorepani - Poon Hill trek, which will culminate at Pokhara. You will then drive back to Kathmandu.

    Some highlights of the trek include

    • Witnessing the rare wildlife of Annapurna region, such as musk deers, Himalayan tahr etc
    • Catch a glimpse of Mt Annapurna, Mt Dhaulagiri, Mt Manaslu and others
    • Visit the hot springs of Tatopani

    Langtang Valley Trek

    Langtang valley Trek - Leading tours package in Nepal

    In the Rasuwa District of Bagmati province, Langtang Valley is a popular trekking joint in Nepal. The Langtang Valley trek starts and ends at Syabrubesi, a quaint town in the Langtang region. It is an 8 hours drive from Kathmandu.

    Beginning from Syabrubesi, the trail passes through Langtang National Park and moves to Ghodatabela. You will reach the old Langtang village, destroyed in 2015 by the 7.8 magnitude earthquake.


    Mundu is another bustling village you will come upon this trek. It has lodges, a health center, coffee shops and more. Your final destination will be Kyanjin Gompa, famous for its spectacular view of the Langtang mountain range and the Yak cheese factory.

    Tsergo Ri (5,050 m) is another challenging hike on your trek. You will get a panorama of the Langtang Valley and the snow-covered mountains from its summit.

    The last part of your trek will take you back to Syabrubesi from Kyanjin Gompa via the same route. You will end the tour with a road trip back to Kathmandu.


    A trip to the Himalayan kingdom of Nepal will always fascinate you and keep you coming back for more adventures in the future. Whether you are into adventure sports or merely need an escape to a quiet place to unwind, Nepal has everything you may need for a vacation.

    From the Himalayan mountains, lush green valleys, and gushing rivers to dense tropical forests, you have many options to choose from. If you are not that interested in sports, you will still find it enchanting to visit Nepal's historical and religious sites.

    But the best of all that we have to offer is our warm hospitality and genuinely friendly people. Hence, we recommend visiting Nepal and making lasting memories with your dear and near ones. We hope our list of 15 Best Nepal Tours provides you with the necessary information regarding Nepal Tours.

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