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    Autumn Season

    Balaram Thapa
    Balaram ThapaUpdated: Jan 27th 2023  |  Uncategorized

    Witnessing the breathtaking Himalayas as well as terrific natural setting in Nepal will be a dream come true experience. This reverie would be even better if the weather favors you rightly bestowing clear visibility then you may consider trekking in Nepal autumn season.

    Nepal has basically moderate climate, with four main seasons -spring, summer, autumn and winter. Amongst all, autumn is the best season to visit Nepal. The climate during this season is amazingly pleasurable and so is the setting. Monsoon ends as autumn begins inviting winter. Autumn in Nepal begins from mid September to November.

    Another reason for choosing autumn to visit Nepal is that you will have clear visibility during theses months. Definitely travelers seek out clear mountain visibility while trekking in Nepal. Therefore, visitors choose autumn since the views of mountains as well as surroundings are clear. The weather during this time is dry and clear and neither too scorching in the Terai plains in Nepal and nor excessively freezing in the high elevation. In fact, during these months, the days are warmer and nights are pretty cool. But the bright sun makes the day pleasant. The temperature ranges around 20° C while it may fall to 5° C at night at the elevation between 1000 m and 3500 m. The temperatures range from 20° C during day and falls to negative degree at higher altitudes. Although the nights are chilly in the peaks yet the weather during day time is temperate and pleasant. Mornings are by and large, clear with clouds coming into view and disappearing to display spectacular glittery skies.

    Talking about the months between Decembers to February, the weather is rather cold and can be smoggy in the early morning. This weather is normally preferred by those who love to enjoy chilly weather and avoid crowded trekking routes. Talking about monsoon, you may be bothered by the clouds covering the mountains and grubby trails often contaminated by leeches.

    Regarding the climate of Nepal, it differs with its topography ranging from tropical to arctic. Plus, the hilly regions are pleasant almost all year around during day time while winter mornings and nights are rather chilly. The Terai  (plain) region lies in the tropical part of Nepal and has a humid and hot climate where as during winter night temperatures decline just more than freezing. Besides, the Himalaya region over 3,353 m embraces alpine type of climate with a considerably lower temperature. The Kathmandu Valley, located at the elevation of 1,310 m has a moderate climate with middling summer and winter temperatures. The temperature may rise to approximately 27 degrees Celsius during summer while it may drop to 2 degree Celsius in the winter.

    Autumn furthermore, is the time of merriment since Nepal celebrates the major Hindu festivals Dashain and Tihar also named as ‘festival of victory’ and ‘festival of lights’ correspondingly. Dashain is the festival rejoiced for 10 days and every day is celebrated with a few ritual ceremonies while, Tihar is celebrated illuminating houses beautifully with numerous oil-wick or modern lamps. You may also get to observe Chhath parva dedicated to Sun god for prolonging lives on earth and worshipping sun to provide his constant blessings.

    So why delay? Plan your vacation for Nepal in autumn since it is the best time to travel and take delights from natural and cultural marvels of Nepal in a pleasant weather.

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