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    Top 5 Best Reasons to choose Everest View Trek

    Balaram Thapa
    Balaram ThapaUpdated: Feb 9th 2023  |  Short treksTravel Tips

    Everest View Trek, a joyous short trek in Nepal's Khumbu valley, is an exciting and rewarding journey. Although the journey is short, travelers are blessed with a fantastic blend of rich natural and cultural aspects. It is a non-tiring short trek that entails bewilders of the world's tallest mountain in closeness. It is extraordinarily intended for individuals who would prefer not to experience the tribulations of arduous trekking journeys. And it is understandable, too, because trekking is quite time-consuming. Anyone looking for a small gateway in the Nepal Himalayas, here are the top 5 Reasons to choose Everest View Trek for your next amazing adventure.

    A quick escapes to the foothills of Everest

    Everest View Trek

    Reaching the lap of Mount Everest is a dream of every mountain lover. However, it is not possible for everybody. For some, a lengthy journey might not suitable, or some just can't fit it in their schedule. Besides, any long journey in the Everest region is not favorable for everybody.

    So keeping that, Nepal Hiking Team came up with Everest View Trek. A short and sweet trip full of life experiences and beautiful mountain sights. The journey takes each individual up to Tengboche monastery, standing at the height of 3860meter above sea level. All through this trek, trekkers can capture the grandeur of the Everest range and its surrounding peaks. The panoramic and breathtaking views that are prevalent in this trek are genuinely a blessing sight to behold. Besides that, visitors can taste the widespread charming culture of the Sherpa community settled on the foothill of the valley. Henceforth, it is a great sweet escape that allows you a great taste of the mighty mountains.

    Suitable journey for people of all ages


    The highest altitude one will reach in this trek is 3962m, and, i.e., at Everest View Hotel, this height is achievable by anybody. Therefore, even if you are a kid, adult, or elderly person, this trek is suitable for your body. Besides that, the journey entails one acclimatization day at Namche Bazaar, which helps your body accommodate the high altitude. This trip does not include days where you have to walk for hours and cover 400-500 height in one day. As it is a short trek, it smoothly progresses and does not cross 4000m altitude. All in all, Everest View Trek is an overall easy trek. The journey indeed takes place in one of the world's highest regions; nevertheless, this trek lets you enjoy its most refined beauty smoothly.

    Panoramic scenes of Everest massif


    Walking with the mountain views is one of the perks of this fantastic trek. From the moment you reach Lukla, stunning sights of the mountains will be visible to your eyes. All through the journey, you will walk amongst the big mountains accompanying you. However, the mesmerizing sight of Everest is seen from Namche Bazaar onwards only. There are a few other vantage points around Namche where you can view the most impressive Everest range pictures. Syangboche airport and Everest View Hotel are few vantage points near Namche Bazaar that offer breathtaking sights Ama Dablam, Everest, Cho Oyu, and Pumori Lhotse Nuptse, and many more. In brief, this trek incorporates impressive views of the Everest range within a short time.

    Hike to Everest View Hotel

    Why choose Everest view trek

    Isn't the photo above mesmerizing and astounding? Everest View Hotel with the towering peaks of the Everest range is in the picture. Imagine you at the balcony of this hotel and overlooking the Everest region's grand and strong mountains while enjoying a warm cup of tea or coffee. Even the thought of being here is so serene and beautiful. Think about how splendid that experience would be in reality. And to give the taste of this excellent experience, a short hike to Everest view hotel is included in the journey.

    The hotel sits on the ridge facing the Everest range; Hotel Everest View is an extraordinary establishment that blends gracefully with its dramatic surrounding. When you are at the Hotel Everest View, it epitomizes the adventurous spirit of the Himalayas. Located within the Sagarmatha National Park in Nepal, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, visitors can get an awe-inspiring 360-degree view of the mighty peaks.  The hotel is a perfect place to admire the stunning landscape filled with evergreen shrubs, fir trees, and rhododendron forests. With a view of Mt. Everest from the balcony, visitors can immerse in this mesmerizing scene in luxury.

    Taste the fantastic Sherpa Culture


    Everest View Trek lets individuals dwell on unique Sherpa culture while passing the towns and the settlements en route. While passing the sparsely settled town, travelers understand the individuals' lives and their lifestyle at such a segregated spot. Besides learning about their life in the mountains, the journey offers the perfect opportunity to appreciate the community's fantastic arts and culture. The community follows Buddhism; hence, travelers can see their influence on their décor and the artwork performed on the furniture. Besides, the gumbas, Mani walls, monasteries, chortens, monasteries, and sanctuaries all hold an extraordinary criticalness that adds a great feel. All in all, the trek grants a chance to taste the rich Sherpa culture without travelers excessively suffering any difficulties. Hence trekkers can agreeable do this trek.

    These are some of the Reasons to choose Everest View Trek. One will learn the journey is much more beautiful once they are on the trail themselves. Moreover, if you would like to add more adventure to your journey, you can always contact the Nepal Hiking Team's support team. They will help you create the perfect trip you have envisioned.

    All in all, it is a beautiful trek that contains all the regular excellence the area has and allows trekkers to experiences the Himalayan authentic culture. With flawless perspectives of the perfect mountain tops like Everest, Nuptse, Thamserku, Ama Dablam, and Lhotse, the Everest View Trek makes your trekking experience a blissful memory. Most of all, it is an easy way of learning and experiencing the intricate Himalayan culture and mountain peaks.

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