How to Choose Right Tour Operator in Nepal

When it comes to traveling, most people tend to go with hiring a travel operator. This not only makes traveling safe, especially for first-time travelers to any place, but also makes things a lot easy. Travel Operators manage and co-ordinate everything related to your travel package, from the arrangement of the hotels and the accommodation booking to transportation and guidance to even the preparation of travel permits. As such, it is very important to hire a good and reliable travel agency. In today’s world, the mass market is saturated with many options, but despite the sheer number of availability, it is important to choose a travel operator that will really put in effort and make a difference in your travel experience.

Correspondingly, traveling to any place in modern times is not only a matter of just visiting the renowned sites. Nowadays, traveling has been revolutionized and most people aspire to really enjoy and experience the culture and various different attributes of any place they visit. As such, hiring the right tour operator plays a significant role in how the traveling experience will turn out. For the most part, travelling involves a lot of preparation in many different areas, and this can be quite time-consuming. However, having a travel operator arrange everything saves a lot of time and also leaves the visitors to enjoy the place rather than worry about mundane things like permit preparation or last-minute hotel bookings. Retrospectively, the best tour operators in Nepal have certain features that make them reliable. Here, we will be discussing how to choose the right travel operator-

Are the staff and guide local?

One of the major features to look out for while choosing a tour operator, especially a tour operator in Nepal, is to see if the agency has local staff. We at Nepal Hiking Team have our staff and guides from various parts of the country who have been involved in the travel field for many years. Hiring the local staff helps in the local economy and in growth. The local people also make for the best guides as they are the ones who have the most extensive and first-hand knowledge about the places you visit. Our guides are local not only in Nepal, but in other countries that we offer tours in as well, like Tibet and Bhutan.

Do the guides and porters benefit through the agency?

Another factor to look out for while searching for a reliable tour operator in Nepal is to find out if the guides and the porters who are hired during trekking journeys are benefitting and have rights or not. It is important to hire a responsible travel agency who will safeguard the rights of the local people who do heavy-lifting as part of the field-work while in the fields.

Are the tour prices reasonable?

Perhaps one of the burning questions of all budget travelers is the price and if the journey is worth the money. As such, while choosing the right tour operator in Nepal, it weighs in to research the price. A good travel agency will present reasonable prices that cover a good range of services. More often than not, cheap prices can result in the dwindling of services and the quality, which can ultimately spoil good vibes and memories of traveling. That is why, researching the price and making sure that you are getting a good deal for what the travel is worth is just as important in terms of the services you will be getting, which in turn can be based on the location and what is available.

Does the Tour Operator cover various options of traveling?  

It is best to choose a tour operator in Nepal that covers a wide range of traveling options, from trekking to cultural tours to jungle safaris to various adventure activities, as we offer in Nepal Hiking Team. Not only that, it is one of the staple attributes of a good tour operator to do all of the necessary preparations related to traveling while the customers only enjoy good times without any hassles or bothersome ordeals. Choosing a good tour operator greatly reduces the amount of leg-work that customers have to do. It can be quite hassling to stay in long queues to get documents and if it’s the first-time traveling, then it can be confusing and time-consuming as well. That is why it is best to let the tour operator handle everything while the customers are left to only enjoy their travel experience without problems.      

What about social causes or responsible tourism practices?

Another proud hallmark of a good and reliable tour operator in Nepal is to see if they are committed to social cause and help in the uplifting of the local society. Responsible tourism practices and being eco-friendly certainly helps in the perseverance of the cultural and natural treasures of any location of travel. Since the tour operator is one of the major players in the travel field, it is important that they practice ethical procedures and follow responsible social processes while operating their business so as not to have any negative impact through tourism.

Are there any achievements?

Part of choosing the right tour operator in Nepal is looking for any achievement certificates or rewards the agency has been given or recognized for by a reliable source. This is one of the easiest ways to get to know the operator you will be hiring as it takes a lot of effort and time to get recognized for good work in the field. Thus, it is a sure way to know that the agency is a responsible one that has been highlighted for its hard work. Nepal Hiking Team has been awarded the Certificate of Excellence since 2012 to 2019 consecutively and have also been placed in the Certificate of Excellence Hall of Fame, which is a feat that only a handful of  agencies have managed to do- among which we are proudly a part of.     

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