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    Top 6 Best Tips and Guide for Trekking in Nepal

    Balaram Thapa
    Balaram ThapaUpdated: Jul 9th 2023  |  Uncategorized

    Trekking in Nepal is undoubtedly one of the best experiences in the world. Not only is Nepal Treks a naturally phenomenal endeavor, but it is also a great opportunity to enjoy unique and exotic cultures alongside the majestic Himalayas. From mountaineering, trekking, hiking, adventure sports and cultural tours to jungle safaris and peak climbing, the things that you can enjoy in Nepal are vast and seemingly endless. As such, planning your next vacation in Nepal is sure to be a worthwhile experience. Planning and preparation for any vacation or holiday is always a given. But if you are looking for tips on how to prepare for your vacation to Nepal, or for a guide to show you how to enjoy visiting Nepal to the maximum, then look no further! Here are top 6 best tips and guide for trekking in Nepal that will help you eliminate any unnecessary bothers or hassles-

    TIP 1: Have contingency days incorporated in your trekking itinerary 

    Due to the uneven land structure of many of the trekking destinations of Nepal, and the unpredictable weather conditions, it is best to have contingency days incorporated in the itinerary as there are chances of flight delays and cancellations. It is among the first tips and guide for trekking in Nepal. Contingency days are also useful for any unpredictable delays that might occur while trekking, like illness or injuries. Having a certain number of contingency days based on what trek you are doing, the time duration and the location, can help you avoid any unnecessary hassles at the end of the trip where you might be tight on schedule to catch your ride back home. Having contingency days will help you get peace of mind when there are looming chances of internal flights being delayed or cancelled.

    TIP 2: Hire Local Guides and Porters

    Among the best tips and guide for trekking in Nepal is to hire the local guides and porters. The local guides are the ones who know more about the best sights and locations, while hiring the local porters can help boost the country's economy. In the far flung regions of Nepal where trekking often takes place, most of the porters earn their livelihood by carrying the weight of the trekkers up and down mountains. Thus, it is best to hire the local porters as it helps in the uplifting of the local village people. Furthermore, hiring local guides will also enable you to learn about the culture and traditions of the Nepali people as well. They provide valuable insight into the lives of the ethnic people, which can make trekking even more fun.

    TIP 03: Always carry local currency while trekking

    There are no money exchange centers in the mountains. Thus, carrying local Nepali currency is the best way to buy things from the shops in the mountains, and to pay for services in the guesthouses. Among the best tips and guide for trekking in Nepal, this is the most valuable, as not carrying the local currency can result in a lot of frustrated hassles. Upon your arrival at the airport, you can have your foreign currency exchanged. Moreover, there are also many money exchange centers in and around the Kathmandu city where you can change the currency before heading out to trek.

    TIP 04: Acclimatize Properly/Beware of Acute Mountain Sickness

    Acute Mountain Sickness, or AMS, is a condition that occurs when your body is unable to handle the high altitude conditions. Symptoms of AMS include nausea, headache and vomiting, and in some cases, may even be quite severe. Thus, it is important to be properly acclimatized while trekking. Proper acclimatization is another important tips and guide for trekking in Nepal, especially if you are attempting a high-altitude trekking trip, like the Everest Base camp. Letting your body properly adjust to the high altitude condition is crucial to make your journey a good and memorable one. As such, it is important to incorporate proper acclimatization time in the trekking itinerary and to not rush ahead with the trekking journey.

    TIP 5: Stay Hydrated

    Among the tips and guide for trekking in Nepal- staying hydrated sounds perhaps the most common practice that one is not likely to miss. However, one often finds that in low-temperature places, how dehydration can easily sneak up on you. That is why staying thoroughly hydrated is important while trekking. Drinking adequate water is not only beneficial to your health while trekking, but it also reduces the chance of getting altitude sick. More often than not, you will have to buy bottled drinking water from the shops in the mountains while trekking. But it is also an equally endearing option to carry water-purifying tablets with you for drinking water. Important to note is that the tap waters in Nepal is not suitable for direct consumption.

    TIP 6: Best to hire a local travel agency

    Hiring a local travel agency is among the best tips and guide for trekking in Nepal, especially if it is your first time visiting the country. What happens when you hire a local travel agency while trekking is- you are likely to get a hassle-free experience? The local travel agency takes care of most of the arrangements in Nepal, like your flight tickets, permits, transportation, accommodation and even sightseeing. As such, you do not need to run around doing everything by yourself. You get a lot more free time in your hands to enjoy your Nepal Trek.

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